SwellPro SPLASH DRONE (Waterproof Drone) – Review – [Flight Test / Pros & Cons]

Enjoy part 2 of my Splash Drone review. Get the Splash Drone here: https://goo.gl/L5dtSc
Gopro 4 Silver or Black is compatible: http://amzn.to/2hvRMOn
SwellPro Race Drone: https://goo.gl/Jn0Bcd
I use Power Director 15 to edit my vids: http://amzn.to/2ftrZ8I

Part 1 with Unbox, Inspection & Setup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1oKOypgt-w

My SwellPro Race Drone Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_S2ILKgmmI


Carl A says:

Hey Dustin,
Great review. It seemed to fly steady for the most part except for the part when you took it off gps and it dropped like a rock when you pushed it fast forward. Am sure if you’re a newbie it would hit the ground hard, and those drones are expensive. Lucky you who lives close to the ocean. If I did, I might get one. Looking forward to when you test it in water. Excellent vids lately!

Yayat Hidayat says:

Happy new year!

motohead2707 says:

Hey could you please test the hubsan h301s spyhawk? (The Mk2)
I ve heard a couple good things anout it but nobody did test it properly.
It would be nice if u could do a test like u did of the parrot disco.

trucker RAy says:

hey bud ? can we istall 2 original battery to the 502 s hubson please advise i got the range mod is work perfect just wanna see if u recommend the battery on the 502 s

abowch zey says:

I think it dips down when you tilt forward since when it goes in water it needs to be able to go down

Carson Ohland says:

Hey Dustin. Love these videos 🙂 Do you think you could do an unboxing and test flight for the Cheerwing CW4? I believe it is a lower priced drone but I have heard good reviews. Probably would come better from you! Thanks.

Brian Vandenberg says:

where are they sold

John Jenkins says:

HUGE improvement over the Original Splash Drone!!!!:). Not a DJI But it is Waterproof!!:)

ACES on the Go says:

Good Review and Flight Test

Justin J. says:

it seems like a decent drone but other than the fact that it’s waterproof I feel like you can get a much better performing drone for the same price point or less. I think I’d rather go for a DJI Phantom 4 or Mavic but I’m sure the waterproof feature will be really handy for the right person….Solid review like always!

Trevor G says:

Awesome video man!

RT drummer says:

I LIKE IT…………………

kolton nebeker says:

how much was it

SETtheHOOK says:

Hey Dustin…..thanks for the fantastic video !

Opp op says:

Good video

kolton nebeker says:

so does some one send the dromes to you or do you buy them?

ziggyzbeak says:

Better than the old one cheers

Feri K. - Aerodron says:

beautiful video – Happy New Year

SongoLand says:

nice one friend! looks awesome big like!

nottydevil 1904 says:

Once Again, another great review

Maui Cliff Diver says:

Dustin! We have to test this out cliff jumping!

minecraftm891 popular says:

hey nice video man I saw the ocean test nice video to maybe you check out my chanel

kolton nebeker says:

does it have a retern to home button

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

It’s an interesting machine. It certainly isn’t a DJI so I’m looking forward to the wet tests as that is what it is designed for.
Good review as always

Aaron Roach says:


Bill Somrak says:

Interesting test. Most things seemed to work fairly well. The barometric altitude hold is pretty ineffective, especially when in motion. Biggest problem I see is no battery telemetry to give you advanced warning about the state of the batteries. For example, on the DJI UAVs, you have both the battery voltage displayed, along with that line which shows when you are getting too far away to make it back with the given battery left. The flight time seems to be about 15 minutes tops, so you need to plan everything pretty efficiently to get in whatever you have planned. We’ll wait for some kind of water test in the future. Cheers.

Zotar says:

This craft seems pretty solid. Drops in altitude a bit but it’s waterproofed so it’s easy to forgive.

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