Sunly Alpha Cam GPS 4K Selfie FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This highly portable little selfie FPV quadcopter includes GPS, 4K camera, and electronic image stabilization that works relatively well. Find it here

– Comes with nice carrying case and two batteries.
– Includes GPS/GLONASS for outside stabilized flight, and optical/IR sensors for indoor stabilized flight. Also includes altitude hold for vertical stability.
– Easily transportable. Case can easily fit in a backpack or even a small bag or large purse.
– 4K / 13MP camera,
– Built in 16GB media storage. Can download video via either USB or by WiFi directly to your phone or tablet for easy uploading to social media.
– Electronic image stabilization (@1080p resolution only).
– Long potential flight time per battery of up to 20 minutes.
– In flight FPV video and quadcopter control is conducted via SUNLYFLY 2.4G/5G WiFi app, available on Play here and iTunes here

– Overheats with extended flight. Flying in 80 degree F air temperature, my Alpha would give an overheat alert after approximately 6 to 8 minutes flight time. This requires landing, removing the battery, and letting the quadcopter cool down (about 15 minutes) before flying the remaining voltage of the battery.
– A lot of the promised features of this quadcopter have not yet been incoroporated into its app software. These missing features include Auto Follow, 360 Circle Mode, Asymptotic Mode, Panorama Mode, Voice Control, and Facial Recognition Selfie.

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Lars Martin Tangen says:

5ghz wifi got 2X the speed of 2.4ghz but also only 1/2 the range, so for short flights the 5ghz would be the best option

Hong Rong Ng says:

too bad it has no dedicated controller

peter d says:

Great video as always i like this pete uk

SeBy DocKy says:

What  are your firmware/app version ?

Ryan Schumaker says:


chris ortiz says:

does anyone else think that this is a dji phantom 4 clone

mr. vain vice says:

just like the dji spark but cheaper think I might give this a try

Sarge Monday says:

This one is a FAIL in my book. You can only fly it in the winter! :^(

Mitch Papworth says:

Hi nice video as always, it shoots nice video but the over heatings a bit boring. looks like a baby phantom.

TechrJA Google says:

Spark Clone?

Randy Kristianto says:

this drone really has potential. shortlist it.

Video-Drone says:

It is cute, but at this price Spark still seems to be a better buy (also has a fan built to cool it too).

chuck6730 says:

The price is almost as much as the Yuneec Breeze which is better.

Abdulrahm 112 says:

Nice Ifind these one Great is it Budget One ?

TheAarowsmith says:

It over heats after 8 minutes in 80 degree weather? And it cost almost $400. OK I’ll pass.

david teddy says:

no tx….is a big no no…what is with this generation that wants control everything with touchscreen…..

Route 66 Flyer says:

Great video as always 101, watch all of them and your “school” series got me into flying and was a great help when I started out.
Maybe it’s being old and poor but I just don’t get the point of spending $325.00 to take your own picture, that’s all these “selfie” UAV’s are good for. People are really that vain to throw that much money around?
I can see getting a good drone if your into extreme/action sports or such but a $325.00+ rigs isn’t going to do the job.
Just an old man venting. LOL

*Dance the Skies*

md 95tsi says:

Looks like a mini Phantom 4 lol

GrisDismation says:

Great review! Nice and stable video quality on that lil quad. Nice Shirt 🙂

Marcus Keeler says:

At this price point you’d have to be mentally challenged to buy it over a breeze or, at the top of the tree, the Spark.

wolf11 says:

to be honest for the price it looks cool it sounded cool but when it overheats and doesn’t have the feature to supposed to have it’s a huge fail in my book so big pass I would like to see you do a review on this one because I just saw it before and looks kind of cool actually just a collectible type of event but maybe you can do a review on it this is what it’s called

KaiDeng K130 Alpha Mini WIFI FPV Folding Arm RC Quadcopter

huskrman 1 says:

does it feel hot when it says to land maybe modifying the top with more vent holes would help to get better circulation says:

thanks for testing! at least we can make up our minds about his one.
for me it would be acceptable for perhaps half the price…

JoshCraft287 says:


J & J True Outdoor Adventures says:

Neat little drone!!

Spiron says:

from this price range, better buy the UpAir One, you can just use an editing software for warp stabilization to avoid the shakes from the gimbal.

wayne jones says:

I don’t like wifi or phone controlled quads and always fear the app will crash or the phone or the quad will crash lol.

Drone FPV And Review says:

Your videos are well made and I find them very helpful when I’m deciding to buy a new drone.

Max Simpson Payne43 drone a game says:

any chance you can do more airplanes

Michael Paustian says:

wir sind mega Fans von dir.Nicht nur das du immer wieder Produkte gut erklärst,nein auch das du in meinem alter bist,und zeigst das youtube nicht nur was für jugendliche ist.100 daum hoch.Schau mal bei uns vorbei,haben auch ein Kanal

Donnie johnson says:

Mini phantom

Kenneth Lottman says:

What’s the range on this quad? Will you do a second video of it’s maneuverability?

Quadcopter 101 says:

You can *find it here*

Bill Somrak says:

Well, you beat SeBy on this one … he just got his and will be putting up a review soon, but, I expect to hear a few “it is not amazing .. in my point of view” .. ha ha! Good for Eskimos and some Canadians, EH? Software seems still buggy if it crashes. It has potential, but I wish they’d have done a complete R&D on it BEFORE releasing it. Despite costing a bit of $100 more, I think the DJI Spark is light years ahead of this one “in my point of view” 😉 Thanks for showing it .. kind of neat, but still needs some work.

ethan vasquez says:


Big drone flyer77 says:

looks cool

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