Spider Drone Review – Cheap 5.8GHz FPV – GTeng T901F – TheRcSaylors

Buy the Spider Drone here – http://www.goo.gl/q5Yc8t

The GTeng T901F is a 5.8GHz FPV Drone that is completely RTF! It’s also known as the Spider Drone, which seems perfect for the upcoming Halloween! Nate and Abby of TheRcSaylors will show you everything you need to know about this rc quadcopter from the unboxing so you can see what comes in the box, all the way to a full flight review!


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wardope says:

Fpv without Goggles. are like Sleeping without a pillow. it just doesn’t feel right.

gonzo gary says:

saving me money every show.

melvin hunt says:

great video & review

Rays RCs says:

Got this as my first drone, rather nice to learn with, I’m ready to go up a level. What is the nest step up in terms of camera quality. Asking as I can’t afford a high end drone. But can a drone with a better camera be had for not much more money?, what would you recommend? not worried about FPV, have it on this drone and I spend 95% of the time just looking at the drone anyway. So really want something with a better camera what brand to go for

AddictWithAPencil says:

I’m looking for a less than 100$ 5.8 fpv. would you guys recommend this quad?

Ivan Ilic says:

Can u guys make review of fpv monitor and all setup how to connect pfv camera with monitor and that stuff

george aura says:

to be very disappointed is too strong just cuz the props, just change them

Ruudy L says:

No box bashing???  very disappointing.   I have a few  Nano quads that pop the props, tiny dab of Super glue, on the tip of the prop shaft, problem solved. Not too much glue otherwise the motor gets stuck, be careful.  Similar props from another brand also can work

scott firman says:

it seemed to do ok,yeah doesnt like wind,dont know too many that do. I like it. Seems like FPV is good,how much range? Popeye really likes it! Seems durable,mabe ? A drop of superglue takes care of the loose prop issue. Thats how I always remember them. well thats sad that it didnt make the Nate list. Its way too windy here. Thats the way that goes.

Meet†heBible says:

You guys are setting the bar pretty high. I hope you can keep it going. Great work you three. -COLE

4thGloryMonday says:

just ordered the fq 77 somethig the $20 dollar quad u guys recently and after seeing the the tx n this quad was gonna order at end of vid. well was awesome up to the 9 minute mark bow in gonna sleep on it and fix the prop issue from the get-go, u guys think u might semi permanently re-attach the props and maybe giver another go? i still wanna give this one a shot based on the tx alone, it is so slick, great job guys

Golden Phoenix says:

it is too bad that did not work out for you. An thanks for the information ” Keep them Flying”

Michael Thompson says:

Pity it started out so well.
Not my cup of tea, but they can’t all be either.

george aura says:

I wanna see y’all do a how to and review on the hubsan h501s pro version

bruce roberts says:

Would love to to see you do a ornithopter Nate!

Curtis Renshaw says:


neal4254 says:

hi please if it is in your reach please do a review on the eashine wizard x220

R Lindsey says:

That is pretty awesome. Thanks for the review!!

mediamaker2000 says:

It’s no good. The only thing Gteng has that works is the FPV watch

Tyson Scott says:

Dental floss comes in handy for propellers that come off . Great video .

Miguel Neto says:

I think i am gona buy one

Gregory Johnson says:

Man Nate / Abby , until those props flew off I was about to cash in.. That’s to bad, I really liked that video quality … And for the price… Not bad at all.. Still, another great review you guys!!!

Soulcommander says:

send it back!

wizstick 22 says:

they stared speeding up

Shaka Zulu says:

Hey Nate do you still fly your xk x100. If so have you tried inverted flight yet? Look at popeye!, get em popeye, get em, lol! any body ever have a quad fly away? i have a blade 350qx and a quanum nova. Both gps quads, but i’m afraid to fly em because of the fly away situation. Hey Nate maybe you can ask the question. If anyone has had a fly away? what brand of drone? and how often? Might make for an interesting topic. Thanks you two are amazing.

Toni L says:

the trans looks like the turnigy evolution!!! but on the evolution isn’t a monitor, it’s only a display.

alfonso Pina says:

Yes, it is a view finder…It’s a spy view finder 😀

Michel Gaudet says:

Hi guys. Got the photo. Thanks. Regarding the video, please try to not fly with the house as a background… not good video for showing the device. I’m just saying’ as an ex photographer/videographer. Quad sure is something I am glad to find through you… GLUE THEM PROPS… lol.

MaxMakesIt says:

TheRcSaylors could you please do a review on the Inductrix FPV RTF version?

Mike Sutton says:

The buy it link doesn’t work?

George Bamber says:

is the camera pointing down

goofy 1 says:

Could you please review the jjrc h31?

Boban Stanisavljević says:

Hey, did you try with spare props, I had the same problem with Floureon H101, but when I put the spare props, they didn’t fall of anymore. 🙂

Tyson How to do it says:

Hi I what 1

Sarge Monday says:

Well, “return to home” kinda worked. It headed for your house which is your home right? ;^)

The Rc Hunter says:

It must be a fault on these my friend had one did the same thing with the props…For some reason after a couple of flights the prop shaft goes soft and strips so any prop even new props just fall off……….WHY WHY WHY do the chinese make such crap and decide its worthy for the market……

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