SML Movie: Jeffy’s Drone Review

So…why was this a JEFFY video again?

Dragon Valley 1 – Freedom Planet


RasZZe says:

Honestly. 1.5/10. It’s an abysmal video. For starters, it was super mean spirited. They treated Brooklyn Guy badly even though he didn’t deserve it. And that was the whole second half of the video. Not to mention the new character sucked. The first half was also really boring and the jokes were bad. One of my least favorite videos from SML ever.

ThePokèmonPig says:

In my opinion, I really didn’t like this video. It was good at the beginning, but as soon as Brooklyn Guy came to the house, the video went downhill FAST. For basically the rest of the video it was pretty much just Brooklyn Guy moping around and, in my opinion, none of it was funny. There’s also something about the ending that just isn’t sitting with me. Overall, it’s just a 5.5/10.

ImSoporific says:

That 9/11 joke tho

The Dmoney Show says:

2:35 people who want jeffy dead

Julian Gasca says:


Joshua Giboney says:


OMG LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!! – presumably Logan when he made this.

Derpceus says:

Bronx Dude and Brooklyn Guy were good, but that’s about it.

N Heyliger says:

I completely agree with this score

President Plush 69 says:

Love The ending tho

The X-Treme Gamer 2000 says:

Logan needs to stop clickbaiting. He’s deliberately using his Jeffy fanboys to get more views which is really scummy.

Thedragon lover95 says:

The ending was the best part here

Xenofilms productions says:

Ok you reviewed the sequel to Jeffy plays ball

Prowl Prime says:

Isn’t there supposed to be rankings for the characters and the jokes and I think the plot to

Blue Kirby says:

Nice review

The Gaming Blader says:

Damn im early

Ros_ ChiefMatt says:

Stop being negative you fucking snowflake

Falco is OP says:


Kathya Hurtado says:


i like cookiess so much yea i do so much says:


MλFDOMiNUS says:

Have you’ve seen that cool MAFDOMiNUS Movie?

элита волк says:


RasZZe says:

I like the videos you don’t like and don’t like the videos you like. Huh

Maruigi2 says:

for SML reviews, do you dock points for being clickbait?

[Idk] Slons says:

i learnt from this video how to crash a plane

Lonely Melon says:


Marimaster101286 says:


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