Skydio R1 review: It could change drones forever

No tricks. What you’re about to see is real.

Unboxing Skydio, a drone that flies around obstacles –

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James leclaire says:

how long before it’s weaponized?

eleven0xi says:

Lol $2,500

MacHineJXD says:

MY pet Drone coming soon to theaters

Rudix says:

You can buy a paramotor for half the price

Jorge Anthony says:


Ole Martin Ruud says:

We just need to stream that video footage to a VR headset and then we could live our lives in third person

InternetExplorers says:

This is really impressive from Skydio. I can only see it getting better and better.

Josh McCullough says:

This is awesome. I wonder if it could keep up with me in my S. 🙂

Rick Russell says:

Why rely on optical tracking at all? Just give the user a transponder they can clip on to jacket or collar? It seems like they are solving a problem that doesn’t need a solution.

zakiducky says:

This thing has better pathfinding in the real world than NPCs do in many video games, where the environments are often predetermined or at the very least the entire 2/3D environment data is available to the pathfinding characters in procedurally generated worlds. Quite impressive. Would have liked to see a bit more on camera quality in this video, however.

Gabrulo says:

This is amazing, you made some pretty difficult test, and for me it worked very very well! The forest was full of obstacles of different size and it followed you since it becomes too hard to understand where the branches was, but until then it makes a really good job, for me is a perfect product

Dan says:

Your ass is fat, please eat less

nz rockdj says:

$2500 stick it up your ass .. my wife can follow me around with her camera for nothing.

Infinite one says:

We should be sending these to other planets in the solar system to survey and collect data.

Silentil says:

And 7 minutes of battery life lol…

Du bist wie ein T-Rex, grosses Maul aber kein Bizeps. says:

but will it downhill?

Luke Weller says:

Why don’t they incorporate a physical wearable tracker? Like an rfid bracelet or something.

smallpicture says:


Daniel Rudolph says:

With the addition of a proximity alerting wearable (app or freestanding) I think this would suffice the current range of what most would seek to cover with such a device.

This was a wonderful video and review. Thanks, Subbed.

kerimalp karahan says:

Just get a phantom 4. It’s cheaper and better

What4Time2Be ALive says:

GTA 6 looks great

assam ahmad says:

Wow new GTA graphics are pretty good

Carol Stevens says:

Finally, the police will have a way to listen in on Holocaust deniers saying the don’t believe in the Holocaust!
The future looks very promising!

J Bayliss says:

Wow this guy is a gaycunt

Nine says:

The trackijg is the sellinh point here. I feel like the camera is really, really lackluster for the price.

anavan7 says:

George Jetson’s Flying Camera

Irwin Pang says:

I like to see dji response as they probably has something already ready.

Harry Laurent says:

Cool drone. The feature is nothing new though, my DJI Mavic Air already has the ability to follow me. Who knows maybe these guys have improved it?

Joe N says:

Can it follow and track you if you were in a crowded area of people?

Kayti Anthony says:

I’m getting motion sickness from my desk.

Noo Bie says:

Next: Jarvis Drone that can talk and do what Jarvis can.

Fredrik Riefenstahl says:

The footage looks like garbage tho

Clarence N says:

The future is here! A lot of capabilities for this follow mode!

Alex Cryshan 1611 says:

What’s the ROI on that thing?

CezDmX says:

The future is here…

Neceros says:

If this is true we are now in another age of surveillance.

Kendrick Todd-Wessels says:

Fat Arse!!

MrLordgiblet says:


Nic De Houwer says:

Doesnt this eat through its battery on two minutes? With that computing and navigating?

Ryan Smith says:

Finally. With this and VR goggles we can have IRL 3rd person view.

Rosson311 says:

Good job on how far you have come. Stay honest and humble.

SoIoCreep says:

This will be great for shooting homemade porno movies.

Naveen Sajja says:

How long it can fly with that battery?

Armadillo says:

I heard 25 dollar and was like “HOLY SHEEEEITTT!”. Then I rushed to their website without hesitation only to find out that it was 25 hundred dollars 🙁

Bronislav Pupkov says:

Its crazy

epik89 says:

this guy took a scooter into the woods

Vash Venture says:

Great job!!! THIS is how your review tech!

Nugroho RF says:

I see the future..

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