Sky Viper m200 Nano Drone Review

Here’s a new nano that just hit the streets. Very well built with good quality plastics. More info here

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mike miceli says:

Dont let anyone tell you that you blah blah too much. Thats the reason i watch your videos because you are very descriptive and thorough in your reviews. Most people are way to generic when giving the specs of the item they are reviewing. Thank you for the videos and keep up the good work. Yours are hands down the most enjoyable for me to watch.

Jaden Evora says:

it is too fast i got it and returned it for a better one

13djdave13 says:

Excellent flying! I have the Sky Viper V950 STR and I have a lot to learn trying to fly it. Connects to smartphones for live feed and recording.

Camde Maret says:

A I have the sky vliper

Gustavo De Jesus says:

what is the ETA on full charge

Droppin Gears says:

I got this last Christmas of 2015 and it lts awesome! I’m 16 almost 17 and love this thing! Still goes strong after crashing it non stop lmao.

Tysean Griffin says:

does it have led lights?

thatgamer507 says:

nice just got this yesterday but do you have a trick video for this

Jesse dixon says:

I have one

Amy Huberts says:

That’s what I have a nano drone

1crazynordlander says:

My youngest grandson has this drone. He lost a prop but I see you can get them from Sky Viper 50 cents for a set of four.

Gamesplosion 442 says:


zipy says:

mine won’t work

Dimitar Dimitrov says:

Looks good. But for my purpose the drone must fly up to 14 meters high. Fight the wind is not big problem because i will use it at maximum windless days. Also must have “elevator” feature. To go straight up like elevator to 14 meters. No sideways. My ball stuck on top of a tree and i have to use drone so can push it to fall down.

Juan Marley says:

does it have video?

Mark Bayman says:

how do you film your videos? a GoPro?

Justshut up says:

I flew it so hight i could not see or hear it and let it free fall on the street and did not break

Mathéis choux says:

j’ai meilleur drone beaucoup plus gros

returnedfavor says:

“very good for beginners to learn with”…that’s all i wanted to hear! Thank you 🙂

Skyman_Playz 15 says:

Do a barrel roll meme time

Jester The clown says:

I got this drone today

Joshua Laffin says:

how do you make it hover

jr loza says:

got one yesterday and I already lost it. fml

F King Hacks says:

This is fantastic nano!!!!!!!!

Fame Bee says:


Ben Almond says:

it’s a shame I got it and screwed it up in a matter of days

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