Sky Viper – M200 Nano Drone – Review and Flight

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The first nano quadcopter from Sky Viper…. I really like the look of this one, and it flies great too, though I did have some issues with interference from my WiFi router.

-Flyin’ Ryan

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superlloyd11o says:

never had drop outs

Tait Johnson says:

How did u flip I have one but I can’t figure it out

Avery quilimaco says:

how do you turn it on

Andrew Herndon says:

mine don’t Evan start

William K says:

I find it easier to fly my drones with just my thumbs.

eli ryan says:

What’s the battery life on it lik what does it last on full charge?

Lynnea Hunt says:

I have one I like it.

Natasha Campbell says:

my viper dose not glide

tricksplays u says:

its right bru…

Collin Goodwin says:

my drone doesn’t want to take off at all all that comes up is the back not the front can you help me

Frankgamer97 F says:

Wow! I want that drone!

TheyGoWhootnnn says:

what’s the range? are there any affordable drones with mile ranges yet?

FlamingSkullVlogs says:

I have that one too i did a review on it

TheDivingDuo says:

I’m trying to tune mine in and it keeps going left, right, forward and backwards by itself. I’m doing the button thing to fix it but I can never get it dialed in perfect. advice?

CeepreCaleb says:

I have the this drone but i don’t know how to fly it, any way you could help?

Ed, k says:

my sky viper never flew a mm of the ground even at full power

Michael says:

F that…. should not have 2 shut Wi-Fi off. Would never buy for that one reason. Sharper Image DX-1 is a great running nano drone no issue with DX-1 or DX-2.

Yumi Zyger says:

I have the same one but on my control it has an auto launch and auto landing

TheNukeMan says:

What’s the difference between a flip and a barrel roll

Tilson Tomas says:

Can it take pics & videos just like V950 HD?

Jonathan D Photography19 says:

Now i know why mines dropes just like that

Shoe Guy says:

My controller is different it has hover mode and weird stunts and auto land and auto start it’s weird you shoed do review on the new one.

Sheldon Dunne says:

the stereing is very sensitive

Surfer dude 101 says:


4x4Silverado07 says:

5 minutes thats all you get?

Surfer dude 101 says:

Can it hold a gopro

Juan Moreno says:

where can I buy the blades

farzaneh jafary says:

Hi dear thanks I love it and it makes it so easy for you and you can get a lot more money and other apps

Jason M says:

I already had the Sky Vioer v950STR and went ahead and bought the m200 nano. I tried to sync my v950 controller to the nano but it won’t pick up. Any suggestions? Was really looking forward to not needing multiple remotes.

StevenPlayz 9 says:

mine isn’t working? any solutions?

Fladden Head says:

I just bought one and the first thing that happened was 3 of the props just falling right off without even hitting anything! It happens on every flight. Do you know of a fix to keep the props on?

Caleb Garcia says:

Aren’t there any other propgaurds

Surfer dude 101 says:

Is it Eazy to fly

wolf11 says:


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