Simtoo Dragonfly Pro Folding Follow Me Drone Flight Test Review

This backpack follow me drone includes a three axis gimbal, and a 4K camera with excellent video resolution. Buy it here

– Makes a great backpack drone. Can be quickly assembled/disassembled and folded up for storage and transport in provided carrying case.
– Includes 4K camera for extra sharp resolution video. Camera also includes a 5.8Ghz WiFi FPV transmitter for real time viewing of in flight video on your 5.8Ghz WiFi capable smartphone.
– Also includes a three axis gimbal for very stable aerial video.
– Two types of controllers are provided, including a GPS watch controller for portable operation of up to 50 meters, and a standard controller for long range operation of up to 1000 meters.
– GPS watch enables easy portable operation of the quadcopter without having to carry the heavier standard controller. It allows both manual and automatic operation of the quadcopter. Automatic modes include follow me, circle position, rotate, and return to home and landing.

– FPV reception requires use of a 5.8Ghz WiFi capable phone. Older phones with only 2.4Ghz WiFi will not be able to receive inflight WiFi video. However, the WiFi range is only advertised out to about 30 meters. As such, the WiFi is mainly intended for remote operation of the camera to start video recording and take still photos. However, the camera can still be operated manually if it is started before activating the quadcopter.
– Max flight time was significantly less than advertised 25 minutes. Received a low voltage warning and landed at 12 minutes into the flight. However, post flight measurement of remaining voltage was 3.8 volts per cell, indicating that significant remaining flight time may have been capable with the battery.

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michael sabella says:

too many buttons and the wrist control is way to small, I prefer the conventional controller



Quadrotor_UK JakeMJ says:

HI mate… long time viewer… I have just launched a UK based website for drone lovers would love to feature some of your videos on the site and also maybe get a regular blog post from you? Would you be interested in contributing? Thanks Jake

Simon Hager says:

Imagine seeing him review something from a distance, holding a drone up to his forehead while talking to himself

Paul Golden says:

load of rubbish.. buy a DJI standard then pay £20 for the litchi app, it will do loads of stuff. I have 8 Quads…. for the money standard is a great bit of kit.

Matinikk says:

This is a No no drone. Camera has jello effect and camera angle issue. I would rather go with DJI.

Drone Flyer says:

I can’t see any reason whatsoever why anyone would want to buy this drone instead of a DJI Phantom, can you?

Harley & Me says:

What do you do with all your quadcopters

Mykle Bust says:

troublesome lift off, not even the gimbal is correct, i am still very happy with my dji 3 advanced

samnella9 says:

I think the watch control is kinda lame similar to the Yuneec Q500 magic wand.

CK Drones says:

just subscribed! love your videos! if you can subscribe to my channel so you can give me pointers in the next week or so once i do my reviews!


I have a DJI Mavic Pro and it’s much better then this drone

All Tech Info And Tutorials says:

You have almost 100.000 Subscribers! Good luck! 😀 Hi from Romania. 🙂

Herzt lok says:

Got a question out of all the drones youve ever flown which one is your favorite

Eddie Tibbs says:

I am do happy you did a video on this!!!! I recently got one on ebay, and it did not work. I’m so glad to see a good review on one

Jesse Jory says:

One of these days I do want a camera Drone and it’s nice to see some more affordable ones with a decent amount of the options. Who knows where we will be in another year. I’ve also been tempted to just build one.

Jerry Berglund says:

Hmm… The gimbel seem to be out of wack… 🙁

Jasperson Heln Villegas says:

Go for 100000 subscribers!!!

Quadcopter 101 says:

Buy it here
Also here is Part 2 showing this with its included long range controller

Infinity RC says:

Where do you get all of the money from to buy this stuff?
How did you grow your youtube channel from 0 to 99k subs?

-Thanks, Cole

robert mitchell says:

Hi is there any compatible propellers that would fit the simtoo dragonfly

Aviel Corchia says:

I was waiting for that!
Thanks again for that man, i’ll watch it later

swedesurfer says:

Cute little review… Its a pity commentators here miss the point that this is a FOLDABLE travel size drone. Try to get your large Phantom into a small backpack. And try to fold its arms. (No don’t). And for $450 at Gearbest, WITH a 4K camera, its pretty cheap. Next time folks, compare apples with apples…

Dan Egelhoff says:

So, if that wrist Thingy doesn’t tell time, it’s not a watch. It’s a Wrist Thingy.

Pat B says:

Junk, limited to a 140 metre altitude as well.

youyi li says:

The camera drone without gimbal or with bad gimbal is useless.

Green Silver says:

Damn, why is it when I buy what I think is a decent quad, they come out with something like this for over half the price?
And you get a FREE ladies handbag to boot!
I’ll just have to suffer the disappointment of flying my Mavic around and hope people think it’s a Simtoo Dragonfly 4K.

Leandro Martins says:

Why did they bother making this drone?

Karant2 says:

Can you test the ninco Guardian ?

ryan hicks says:

quadcopter 101 have u reviewed
autel x-star premium

danny el fan de nekojitablog says:

shut up and take my money

Frank z says:

I’d rather add some cash for dji ………

Hooverdarnit says:

Do you have any used quads for a beginner to buy?  Maybe a Hubsan 501S?



Peechy Orchards says:

No wonder your videos look so plain.
4k is the way to go
for goodness sake ,
SHOOT IN FOUR K and process in $K then convert to 1080!
the quality will outshine even the RED camera 1080 cameras!
as you convert 4k average junk video
your noise drops to indetectible,a and the color saturation goes from 8 bit to ten bit!
in effect you get a 30,000 dollar 1080 camera result from a 200 dollar camera
wonder why?
ALWAYS SHOOT IN 4k and convert to 1080 at the last moment your solor is HOLLYWOOD AWESOME!
silly guy.

MuleMT says:

Thanks for a good review. It makes my decision easy.

JPC dronein says:

Do you happen to know the max range of quad

Carlos Oquendo says:

You know what’s sucks the most is quadcopter 101 doesn’t even respond to comments —–so rude

Naveen Sharma says:

sir what to u do with all the drones ? do u sell them?

Eric Palis says:

not bad…

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