Sharper Image – DX-2 Stunt Drone – Review and Flight

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RTF ($48) –

This is Sharper Image’s first micro quadcopter, and it flies quite well, and looks great.

-Flyin’ Ryan

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junito1957 says:

mmm must have upgraded the battery mine only take 40 minutes to charge and last about 7 minutes of flight time

Koch 40 says:

I bet you have the tello drone, my next purchase I’m thinking, if you can prove to me I can figure out how to fly it easier than this one. I think maybe I got one that won’t calibrate or I’m just really uncoordinated ..

IcyLan says:

my dx2 doesnt fly unless i fidget with it

Logan Criswell says:

Great video man I really appreciate it amazing flying skills this is the first drone I ever owned and I find it difficult to control indoors

うずまきKamino says:

it’s hard for me to control I need help


I got one and it does not wanna charge I’ll have it plugged in all day and when I turn it on it only flies for a couple seconds then blinks as if it was dead and sometimes it just flies by itself when I don’t even have the throttle up I’ll have it completely down and it just starts going higher and higher on its own

itz that random person says:

the blade protector is hard to screw in but it is good to have on

freedom 8888 always8888 says:

whoever hit the dislike has a little dick or a smelly pussy

DragonHatz says:

We took our dx-1 back and got the Dx2 thanks for the help… the birthday boy is much happier

Nelly Hipolito says:

You are better then my cousin and he is 20 years old

Coolride17 says:

Been flying rc planes for 35yrs., picked up one of these to get used to the control directions of a drone, before I fly my Mavic pro. I know the Mavic will fly itself, but I’m a manual flyer type myself.

Sysopx86 says:

cant pair mine : any help? yes is fully charge new battery’s on contol as well, down up then down, but no luck 🙁

metra force says:

Did sharper image tweeked the DX-2? I noticed that the charging port and charger looks different compared to mines. The auto land works better as I never seen it rise for whatever reason. But still it flies well and really like the DX-2 and the review. Definitely the best buy compared to the DX-1

Nathan Hii says:

i got one for 8 dollars at target weird

HVAC Doug says:

Just ordered one.. had to keep my Target acct open… I have been studying how to fly my DJI Mavic Pro.. as a noob I took a pretty big leap.. this one will give me some indoor practice… great flying in your kitchen! I’d have smashed it it 10 seconds.

Koch 40 says:

He’s flipping out over the flipping.

mito . . . says:

nice vid.
my dx-2 is a doa…
won’t pair no matter what.
tomorrow off I go replace @ walmart

Josh Randall says:

Dude you are awesome, I suck at controlling drone, I bought one and it literally flew away outside, it went up and flew off at least 150′ high and north it’s gone with the wind, on someone’s roof or yard. Worth the laugh with son. Thank you, I bought two so hopefully don’t lose this one.

Pradeep Velpula says:

l have this drone but i broken in 2 days

Cynthia Sargis says:

I got that from Walmart today it was 30 dollars

Freddy Jason says:

How to pair it

Matt Janiszewski says:

have some respect, i love that drone

TheWanderOne says:

I got a different plug in and when I tried to charge it, it was different

Dylan White says:

I had one of these, it was nice but something happened after a couple days and it wouldn’t fly right anymore. Decided to try the AirHogs DR1 micro racing drone next to it and much nicer. I’d like to see a review of it from you.

Big Bill says:

I got two differen drones.I got this one so I dont ruin my better one till I learn.

Elijah Shaffer says:

Bro I love the tutorial thank you so much for the help!!!

Jay Newb says:

Hey did your dx 2 light up when you plugged it into charge?? I got one today and I’m charging it but i have zero lights

Rican Li says:

My drone keeps blinking what do I do

Yeezy1216 Vanisouvong says:

Why does have a big control because I’m getting a type of shaper image

Fred Ramirez says:

Don’t waist your time & $ with this drone, I got it for Christmas & it’s extremely difficult to control, when it lifts it will do what it wants to do not what you want it to. Ones it lifts it has zero stability, it will not stands still in one place ugh

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