SEXIEST DRONE YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!! Armattan Chameleon Review.

Armattan Charmeleon review. This beautiful quad is one of the most well designed quads I have ever seen. Amazing FPV camera mount, smart vtx port, soft mount Flight controller stack and rubber xt60 saver. The Armattan Chameleon Review was a pleasure. And just as amazing is Armattan’s service. Lifetime warranty on the frame and if you get the BNF version it comes with its own personalised video showing walking you through your quad. One of the best fpv racing drones I have seen. Armattan chameleon link –

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Mic used –
Camera – Cannon 700D
Action camera – GoPro sessions 5


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Happy flying.



Jared Johnson says:

bought this frame the first day it was available and did my very first build with it, came out awesome and I love every aspect of this frame. very low CG and perfect for both racing and freestyle

sandboxsteve says:

I recently received my frame (just the frame) and was a bit worried as it shipped from Taiwan. I was afraid it was going to be a month or more (like BangGood or GearBest), but had it in my hand in 10 days.
That’s 10 days to central United States! Well done Armattan.

Garrett Detter says:

What does a bind and fly mean. Does it mean I can use any controller without getting a receiver?

obscure internet reference says:

it makes me wet and im a guy

Jon B Baca says:

Stu, you gotta rotate you batteries on those top mounted quads! Put it down on the narrow side standing tall. It stays just as secure, and keeps your battery and leads out of the props, especially on that Tyrant

Dert Lee says:

It will not look so sexy after head on collision when all that frame will twist and bend. Hope you’ll still proudly brag  how good it is.

Luisangel Corona says:

I think you sold out the Armattan Chameleon because when I went to their site it was down LOL.. good job Stew!! as always great work on the videos and I think I found my second quad.. !!

DrFuNK says:

Are these made in and do they ship from USA?

Kieran Kilvington says:

Please tie your left hand to something while you do these introduction segments. Once you notice it you cant stop.

Jack Daniels says:

Chris is a king wen it comes to the service right he’s got the best service I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with & the level of help is insane there willing to help in very way they can huge shout out to the tilt hex! And Chris! Love mine she’s a beast & flys like a dream on 3’s 4,000mah multi stars from h king! 9+min flight times with vtx running awesome!

Doug Askew says:

Armattans web page is slow and jamming up each time I go on it I want one like you who do I contact ?


Im just gonna lower the rear 3/4 of my alien with 20 or 25mm standoffs 😀 (I’m an impulserc fan boy so there was never any chance of me giving up my alien lol)

MiNiD33 says:

I value your opinion Stu, until everyone else also decides to follow your recommendations. Can’t buy any drones from Diatone, can’t buy an Armattan Chameleon, Armattan have even paused doing custom builds. If you could just say they’re all terrible and PM me the good ones, that’d be swell. 😉

Keith Feldbusch says:

Come on Stew!! Where is part two? We can’t wait all week!

x32factor says:

PSA. Turnigy Evolution’s are now in stock for the US at HobbyKing!

Ruckus_FPV says:

Gah, one of my fly buddies has 2 of these. They are pretty awesome.

Cheas moon says:

I think you were paid to say how good looking it is because it’s ugly

Canyon Racer says:

Diatone crusader gt2 200 is still gets my vote for best looking arf. I build all my quads but I will own a gt2!
Love the channel Stu.
See you at Flitetest West!

nickybomz says:

Great review, as always. I thin you have referred to using a whip antenna rather than CP in many of your past videos – can you please add a link to the antenna? Thanks and keep up the good work.

Refused27 says:

love you Stew!

Mitchell Jordan says:

Hey Stu great channel. Iv always been an adrenaline junkie, grew up racing moto and bmx, as well as snowboarding competitively. In 2012 when i was 18 i got a life changing injury severely limiting my physical abilities. Ever since then i have been trying to find a new passion in my life that satisfies my need for thrills. About 2 weeks ago i came across a racing fpv video and since that video iv known i found my new hobby. I have been binge watching videos, especially yours, trying to learn as much as possible. Yours are by far the best on the educational side of the hobby. Im saving up for a build and i wanted your opinion. Im not gonna waste my $ on a toy drone to learn on, i pick things up very quickly and am confident i can learn on a hobby grade quad. For a first quad do you think i should start with a micro, 4in, or 5in? Your opinion would be very appreciated. Thanks bro

adeeb baig says:

when are you coming out with part 2 of the review ? i really wanna know see how you its like flight wise

Simon Schulte says:

oh my god. dipswitches in 2017… :/

Medicated Mike says:

Stu, how would you compare this to the GT2 200 and X1 as far as speed and agility go?

AndrewsAmazing REEF says:

This or tyrant s

Chris Prucha says:

So I have an idea for new content if you are interested. …I own a small house built in the early 70’s in a subdivision so I think its a 1/4 acre lot or something with 6 trees, a car port, and detached garage. So I just don’t really have room to fly a big 5″ quad in my yard so I have built and flown my first two 3″ quads and am really having fun again without having to pack all my stuff and go to the park with my Vortex 250 pro. I imagine that there are LOTS of people out there in the same situation as me because we can’t all be blessed with the money to buy a 10 acre lot. So you could put together a few small 3″ builds and set yourself up a really compact race course to show them off and contrast them against each other. I don’t know but I love these little quads and the added bonus is that they might not do as much damage when they crash on the roof of the house like I did yesterday. lol.

I built an armatan 130 clone with Flight controller and ESC’s from the youbi XV-130 (I bought two youbi’s but they both had broken frames with in two days of flying), emax 1306 4000kv motors, and a run came owl plus. Its nice but still not durable enough for me (i used nylon M3 hardware because thats all I had and it smashed into pieces on the roof yesterday).

I also built an Atom V2 frame with the other Youbi guts and 1407 F20 motors which I don’t recommend them as two motor shafts broke before my first set of broken props (rotorX 3040T).

Ciaran Whelan says:

Can’t believe people still ziptie down their ECS’s still…. Oh dear!
Poor SMD components when you hit something.

Flightlessbird22 says:

You should do more budget built videos

Callum Mckay says:

Great video as always. I’ve just bought the frame only based on this review. You mention that you’re going to switch the vtx antenna to a whip, does that just screw onto the sma?

Tyrone FPV says:

I’ve been eyeing this frame up for awhile now. Can’t decide between it or another alien……

Todd Speck says:

Awesome review!

AtomicHemi says:

Nice, can’t wait for the flight review,

Robert Fontanosa says:

I have had many Armattans because I trust and admire Chris’ dedication and hard work. He and his team are also all hobby enthusiasts just like you Stew. I definitely want to pickup a Chameleon one of these days but my ImpulseRC Alien has just been too good to replace.

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