Sbego – FQ777-124 Pocket Drone – Review and Flight

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This is a nano quadcopter that stores in the transmitter, charges from the transmitter, and even stores extra parts in the transmitter as well!

-Flyin’ Ryan

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George Toro says:

were do the propellers go I have A1 A2 B3 B2

Ashutosh Patel says:

which rc u like,

Armend Krasniqi says:

What’s wrong with mine? it worked very good! I don’t know what happened … it only stays like this

Darklord1321 101 says:

how do u sync it ?

Peter Boakye says:

Hey I was wondering what do you think I should do if my fq777 124 starts making a weird noise, like it’s kind of a low pitch noise? So whenever I first flew it, it flew like yours and made the exact noise like it’s suppose to.

RC 304 says:

Is it easy to fly?

sonny lash says:

can anyone tell me why the 2 drones i have won’t lift off the table? both FQ777 pocket drones. the drones are fully charged and new batteries in the controller. props are all good also. they spin like it wants to go but just don’t lift off. all lights are working to.
hope some one has a idea…

DOGE music TV says:

The reason why the yaw rates are different because of the propellers how they are designed is more of an scientific explanation

ItzMeLong 2 says:

So today is Chinese New Year right? Well, I got a VR headset drone, and a pocket drone, I won it from a raffle ticket, im so lucky

Rishabh Sareen says:

i bought this one but everytime when i gonna fly propellers always come off there any solution??

Susan Sanchez says:

Hello my drones led lights will blink but not stay solid and then it’ll turn off do you know how to fix it

long bunseang says:

help he get 1000 like

poJAYto says:

Love your videos man

Hancu Serban says:

Can I use Cheerson cx-10 blades on this?

Joe Materese says:

you didn’t do a return to

Kwickie9288 Kwickie says:

How did you make it stable

LukeFury6 says:

Hi I wanted to know how to bind the quad to the transmitter. For some reason mine won’t connect so I’m asking if you can help.

Poojan Patel says:

I have 2 blue poket drone

Yayat Hidayat says:

Hi folks. I Have question here. My quad (fq77 124) keep going backward
but after it has some high it keeps going forward. What is wrong with my

benjamin rivera says:

mine came with pinchers lol

George Toro says:

can u tell me I have the same one

Kwickie9288 Kwickie says:

Is it durable

Will i am MC says:

blades are mixed . supposed to separate front and rear blades . that explains the yaw difference

Kevin Njotokusumo says:

I even can’t fly it lol

ILordSpawnI says:

My wfie got this for me on xmas. I love it. The landing gear comes off pretty easy. Mine may be a rip off version because it came in a white box that said maid in china. I clicked on your vid because I was trying to figure out the model. It hovers really well till you get down to half the battery. Then i need to increase a little more throttle. I didn’t even know it turned! The throttle stick moves up and down very easy I didnt know it moved left to right.

Eric Tolson says:

Ur not supposed to pinch the thumb sticks

aj davis says:

I got one with my. Yellow jackets an I notice it’s little diff it says odx

Finnian Clan says:

Mine came with pinchers

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