Review: Parrot Bebop 2 Drone

Today we flew the Parrot Bebop 2 Drone, compare it to the DJI Phantom and discuss who it’s for.

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Dr. Love & My Mavic Pro. says:

good video. however the word super so flipping annoying lol

TooMany Humans says:

Is the sky controller worth buying


What a review. awesome work!!! thanks for sharing.

Fritz Turner says:

flew away on me within 200m before 2 hours of flight time accumulated… waiting for Parrot’s customer service to stand behind their product

incognito1951 says:

Thank you for all the great information! It helped me decide on what I want without spending a whole lot more money for something just for a hobby.

Tortoise010 says:

who calls their professional product the beepbop2

Scott Clark says:

Do you know of any tips or help anywhere in the world when the drone will not wifi connect to the an android tablet? Tablet wifi connects to everything else. You seem like a smart guy,
and I know this sounds stupid, but can you provide a real world how to not like to company “guaranteed to work flawlessly everytime” instructions? After a couple hours #$@*ing around I’m about to bin this thing!

William Sepsis says:

When you’re watching this a few months later and the mavic pro is out.

Farhad Rahman says:

So if I connect my iPad to the air controller will I be able to fly my drone 2km away

Deez Nutellas says:

Instead of talking for 45 minutes trying to explain that it wasn’t a toy (but it was). Maybe instead of trying to sell it give us an honest review you scumbag.

Johnny Tesar says:

does it have an app that needs to be paid for when downloading to the computer?

dupleix0 says:

Just 2 points to keep in mind:- BEBOP 2 = Half price than the Phantom and is even FPV RTF in the last version (BEBOP2 FPV Pack) released 2 weeks ago,- Laws in European countries are becoming extremely restrictive. Most of them are voting régulations applying to 2 pounds and above drones (around 800Gr). DJI Phantom are >1Kg and BEBOP2 around 500Gr…
That being said, yes DJIs drones are overally better quality drones… And their last product the MAVIC, is there to confirm their leadership on the market…!

Stormrider says:

04:30 the camera doesn’t move actually. It’s a fisheye lens and the software is deciding what you can see.

Boxing Fan says:

you’re doing a review and don’t know the run time? amateurish

Stalemate says:

can you set up an automated flight path outside the controllers range? Or does it always have to remain in contact with the controller?

Loïc Ginoux says:

total disappointment with this drone that cannot fly above water properly. If you do it’s at your own risk as customer service will not do anything for you. Get away from this drone and get a DJI Phantom !

Jackson Duffey says:

Wait so does the drone have to be in range of the wifi the entire time or just has to connect to it?

Ajzer85 says:

Just trying to clear up a few things here. The camera does NOT move, it’s all imageprocessing, meaning it films a big area and crops out the part that you see on your device. So at the very edges of the field of view the picture can be a bit blurred. The propellers does NOT “just come off”, they do come off but with a special tool provided. I just keep mine on, it’s not worth the hassle. No, it’s not the same batteries as the old ones, they don’t fit Bebop 1 or the old Sky Controller, sorry. Yes, the drone flies with a WiFi that it generates on its own. No need for sim-card readers on your tablet or such. You power up the drone and your device will find a network called something like “Bebop2drone57280234” and you just connect. Then a free app like Freeflight is used to control the drone and all functions. Unless you have the Sky Controller. Then you connect the device to the controller and the controller will connect you to the drone. Yes, it’s worth it. Extended range, finer controls, more intuitive and hdmi so you can connect FPV-goggles (headtracking not supported…) Yes yes, we know, you like to stroke your genitals against your phantom 4 pro claiming it to be better. But this isn’t a DJI, it’s not a flying observatory, it’s a toy in the higher pricerange with a quite good camera and damn good techs for it’s price. I hope this makes it easier to figure out what you need to get. Personally I like my Bebop and will stick to Parrot even though I admit DJI superior in many areas.

purrungas2012 says:

my first drone was a bebop, really like the shape of it but its size could be bigger, had a bad experience with the signal but I did not have the sky controller” which is supposed to be a lot better,  the drone is not really tough, even though it is very light it breaks easily, I lost signal and it flew against a tree breaking one of the arms and couple of motors, which means you have to replace the drone, that’s when I decided to invest on the phantom which I still have and not had a crash yet.
the controller is huge about time they make it smaller, the arms should fold, the propellers be more durable and indicator lights are missing, cheaper models have them.
nice review thanks

John C says:

For those of you deciding, I have worked with Parrot and have decided to move to a different company. My bebop 1 has had multiple engine failures(falling out of the sky, in low wind, away from any objects it could hit). They replaced the original, very quickly, which was awesome. However the replacement did something very similar, and the drone hadn’t been flown much at all!(1 and a half hours total). Since it was about 10 days out of warranty, Parrot said they could not help me, but give me a small 20% discount to buy parts to fix it myself or buy a NEW DRONE. (yeah right). So, I have found the Parrot brand to be unreliable, and the footage is average. Do yourself a favor and buy some sort of DJI phantom(some retail right now for 399.99 on amazon or bestbuy.)

Gen 6 Gaming says:

what’s the charge time on the batteries?

Almost Serious says:

I start my adventure this Christmas with the 2.0…   : )

Layne Heavner says:

what controller gets better range with the bebop 2. the sky controller 1 or 2 ? also does the sky contoller 1 have more controls then the sky controller 2?

Sean Bran says:

Remote is “kinda” big

Flux says:

DJI Phantom 3 standard id only £360… only £60 and you get faster live feed and better cam

ziggyzbeak says:

He dosen’t answer anybody.

yogandclimber says:

Take a video of an airplane wing while flying.

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