Review: Jumper X68T FPV micro-drone, perfect for indoor flying

Fantastic fun when the weather makes flying outside impossible, this little micro-drone is super-simple to get going and super-fun to fly.

– pretty good value, given the low price of the RTF version
– an excellent FPV camera has great light handling
– very easy to fly
– easy to bind to the T8SG radio or can be bad RTF with its own tx
– battery recharges pretty quickly using supplied USB charger
– impressive range when flown outdoors (200m+)

– brushed motors may need replacing after a few hours of flying
– no way to tune the FC and it’s pretty “tame” by default
– scares cats

This product was provided for review purposes by HobbyPorter:

It can be bought from a range of online sites including Gearbest (RTF version):


jan svingen says:

Looks as messy as in my house – wife being an painter/artist and me fiddling with quads and model planes – cosy…

lasersbee says:

Your house is a messy as your shop…

Maximilian Eder says:

Those brushed motors actually hold up good, definitely more than just a few hours!

Boogie3D says:

What a mess!

yowieP51 says:

What’s with all the negative house comments, I’d rather live in a “home” than a sterile house & that’s what a “home” look’s like. ;))

satan hell says:

no tear down ? . otherwise looks good for a 65mm fpv quad

CradyLab says:

Thanks for inviting us into your home, Bruce. Hope your wife is doing well =)

nige1967 says:

Can you do a tour of all the xjet guys houses so we can be nosey ba$7ards.

Ursinos says:

…that first website is only for wholesalers. they require you to register for an account in order to see prices

George Georgiev says:

The site works but it’s in Chinese Big Time

Tim Lindsey says:

That really is a nice camera on there

RottenEggSack says:

Shouldn’t you be in summer now?

Gryf Ketcherside says:

Sure looks like a Blade Inductrix FPV. But yeah, the camera does very well! Thanks for the house tour, that was fun.

powernumpty says:

Don’t be ashamed of being Mode 1 Bruce, you’re from an earlier generation and people were openly Mode 1 back then. Obviously the world moves on and us Mode 2 are tolerant of other modes, except 4 of course, 4 is the work of the devil and should be burnt at the stake.

Leif Churchill says:

Impressed with the camera. Did not expect something so good haha.. great video Bruce.

Travis J says:

Are the props those push on friction type? my experience the friction doesn’t last all that long and they eventually pop off in interesting directions mid-flight 🙂

norman hayes says:

thanks for the tour of your place

Bryan Knight says:

at just over $90NZ that is way over priced I just bought a jjrc H36 for $25NZ no camera but it had 3 Batterys and if you live in NZ you know that even these little batterys a expensive and Ali express is one of the few that ships batterys to New Zealand ,Bangood and Gearbast wont and even with a camera at about $30 is still half the cost.also I got a three Eachine E101’s for $16nz each before Xmas for the kids am I so compare that to the jumper

mPky1 says:

What is this a real estate video!

Clynikal says:

You’re not wrong about the camera quality Bruce, for a minute there I was convinced I was just watching you carrying your camera rig around for a house tour.


Dang Bruce you need a new maid! Hahaha!!

Evo Labs says:

I went to and got a chinese web page with a login screen

Josh Keller says:

Hot flushes

Patrick Ploenzke says:

Super cool house.

Remko Jerphanion says:

omg, I saw an alien wearing a white t-shirt. Better look into that Bruce!

Adel Ashour says:

massive mess ^_^

Jim Griffin says:

I’ll take your rain and give you our snow and -14F temps 🙂

GamersBar says:

That little thing looks really good for the size

Rick Flare says:

Piss poor landing bruce, thinking about unsubbing because of that.

Alexander Movelidze says:

Какой-то свинья. Это как надо жить, чтобы так хату засрать )))

Liithiumbob says:

Hi Brice. Holy team nana. Get out of first gear mate. Push thise skill to learn. You won’t break anything. 🙂

Ivy Williams says:

Bruce you are the best, keep em flying !!

balsa breaker says:

Best get some tidying up done ASAP, if my missus came home to that I’d get a serious arse kicking, still it’s nice to know I’m not alone!

John Permen says:

Found the dwelling tour pleasant….nice to see a human living like a human….interesting plants etc.

Ground Control RC says:

Hummmm….$61….I’d get the eachine e011, add a CM275T AIO for a total of $41… though 😉 Happy Whooping!

turdsurfer says:

It’s lens distortions looks greatly improved compared to the other micro cameras where objects change a lot in height when you pan.

Andreas Rasmussen says:

Unboxing on RCModelsReviewe ?

EnglishTurbines says:

I have a Tiny Seven….Looks just like this one.

GadgetFPV says:

If you already have a Futaba SFHSS TX will it bind to the onboard RX…

teddy says:

yep looks like you have had a burglary..

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