RC Eye Xtreme V2 Vantage (Limited Edition) Brushless FPV Sport Drone Review

This brushless sport quadcopter is meant to help intermediate fliers transition to brushless motor FPV flight. Find it here https://goo.gl/ur6BqJ

– Brushless motor quadcopter with plug-in components to ease maintenance. No soldering required.
– Progressive flight modes include Beginner (Angle Low Rate), Sport (Angle High Rate), Acrobat (Horizon), and Expert (Acro).
– 720p HD camera which records directly to microSD card (included). Camera can be manually tilted from +35 to -60 degrees.
– Transmitter/controller has built-in 5.8Ghz FPV monitor screen with automatic scanner. It will automatically connect to whatever frequency the FPV transmitter is set to.
– Limited edition includes camo canopy with metal serial number plate. Also includes monitor goggles with AV plug-in connection to transmitter’s FPV receiver.
– It is tough. I crash it a few times in the video and it kept on ticking.
– PPM and Spektrum inputs if you wish to use your own transmitter/receiver.

– Proprietary batteries and charger.
– Not a lot of acceleration (punch).
– Goggles do not have built-in receiver. Instead they use the receiver of the transmitter controller for video input via a plug-in AV cable.
– Button locations are somewhat confusing as many are hidden behind the FPV monitor. I taped on my own labels to give me a rough idea of where they are and what they did.

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Nice video quality can i pair it with fpv glasses?

Marlon Corpuz says:

Nice im 2

Thijs RC says:

how is this even a “sport” quad? my tiny whoop has more punch then this lol

KY DAWG1 says:

Looks like RCLOGGER missed the boat on this one. I think the name XTREME is a bit of a stretch. Not for me.

irshell1 says:

Thanks for showing us what not to buy. This quad is way underpowered with poor flight performance. I keep seeing the HD video flashing even it’s sitting on the ground. Their original Xtreme was pretty good at the time, but not this one.

Epic Gamer 4043 says:

I’m thinking of getting a drone from wish app is the wish app any good

Demosthenis Loizou says:

In a word JUNK…thank you for letting us know about it.

johnson Robins vlogs says:

doesn’t have a whole lot of punch for being brushless

Ground Control RC says:

I think for a training quadcopter with an FPV option the Eachine E013 with the FPV Visor is a better option at a fraction of the price. The Eachine E013 is a Tiny Whoop so you can fly indoors. Thanks for the video and Happy Flying!

Pilot Botak says:


Michael Whinnery says:

Try to disarm the props before changing modes

IsThisSumBattleToads says:

You could get a Bugs 2, a Bugs 3, and still have money left over for what this thing costs… wtf…

Cornish Vaper says:

Wow one of the best cameras I’ve ever seen on a quad. Brilliant

Angel Fuentes says:

That punch was slower then my grandma putting her teeth in lol

tigertom53 says:

Con price ___$$$$$.

Gadget Inspector says:

Wow, they’re trying to get almost 300 bones for this?

Bill Somrak says:

Perhaps it wouldn’t be such a “dog” if you had the 3S optional battery. 1804 motors are pretty small. 4 or 5 YEARS ago, the std. motor in a 250 class race quad was an 1806 2300kv motor .. they probably should have put 1806 motors in it. Advertised flight time is 10 minutes and you were getting less than 1/2 that when you first started getting ‘low battery’ warnings. You didn’t mention that it has self-tightening screw on props, which is kind of nice. The video was pretty decent for 720P (which they are calling “HD”). I downloaded the manual, and its pretty extensive and goes into a lot of detail. I wonder if you downloaded the manual? Over all, its interesting, but seems to be a bit underpowered, with short flight times and proprietary batteries. With a cost of $280 with the “viewing goggles” (no RF receiver in side), its a little pricey, especially when it looks like all features are not quite up to snuff. Would like to see you see if the dealer would give you a 3S battery to try, to see how it flies with that, and also see how it flies in “Horizon” mode. Thanks for the review .. interesting.

Pete Johnson says:

Hey. First I wanna say I still love all of your vids! You had helped me a couple years ago back when you told me to get the jjrc spider. Im thinking about getting the bayangtoys x21. Im looking for a wifi fpv gps large quad. Do you think for around $200 thats the best one to get or do you suggest another? Thanks in advance and thanks for all your vids! Ive spent way too many hours wastching them 🙂

Alan Savage says:

2 words: Wayyy overpriced. I can buy the Furious 215 for that price. Great review though 🙂

Sarge Monday says:

One word for this quad…..JUNK! Thanks 101 for saving me $280 bucks! (plus shipping)

Green Silver says:

For $280.00 I’d expect so much more than it can offer although it dose have a good 720p camera, for the price I’d expect ZERO jello but some is noticeable at times.
IMO it’s around $130.00 overpriced, there are plenty of quadcopters just as good for around half the price.
$300 will buy a used DJI Phantom 3, I’d find it so difficult to find a reason to but this.

Vence McAdams says:

Requires to much tinkering. Not enough time left for fun! Great review, but I will pass on this one.

cxgaming says:

Not really impressed by the performance or price of this quadcopter :/ but good job on the video!

SZretired says:

Expected more for that price and from RCLogger

Garth Algar says:

Compatible with T8SG?

J Renwick says:

Price point is much too high for a quad like this. This appears to be toy grade. You can buy a Bfight on sale and a Taranis transmitter and still afford a starter box goggle for the same money. Unless it is indestructible I would not recommend it.

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