RC-136WGS 1080p HD GPS Camera Drone Flight Test Review

This GPS drone includes circle and follow me, a 1080p HD camera and WiFi FPV viewable through your smartphone. There is also a 5.8GHZ FPV version of this drone to be reviewed in a future video. Get 18% off with coupon code rc18off here https://goo.gl/dNd8n9 and find the longer range 5.8Ghz FPV version here (use same coupon rc18off) https://goo.gl/63GKLP

– Under $200 GPS drone.
– GPS hold mode is relatively steady.
– Will automatically return on command, on loss of transmitter signal, or if battery level is low. Quadcopter returns and lands at your location (not its takeoff location).
– Includes follow me and circle mode. In circle mode, quadcopter rotates about your location when circle mode was activated.
– Camera records 1080p video or 5MP still photos directly to an onboard microSD card. Camera can also be remotely angled up or down.
– WiFi FPV video received via RC Leading app available on Google Play here https://goo.gl/DjVw2r or iTunes here https://goo.gl/GpWjvM

– WiFi version of this quadcopter has relatively short FPV and control range of under 100 meters. This is likely due to the interference on 2.4Ghz between the WiFi and the quadcopter’s controller. As such, if you desire greater range, recommend the slightly more costly 5.8Ghz RC-136FGS version
– Quadcopter’s video camera produces quite a bit of vibration jello. Camera also has quite a bit of fisheye effect from its wide angled lens.
– Flight time is relatively short at about 7 1/2 minutes.
– Proprietary battery.

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Philip Leo says:

This channel is quickly becoming the: “don’t buy anything reviewed here” channel. There’s soooooooooOOOOOoooo many garbage drones out there 🙁

David LoVullo says:

How does this compare to Hubsan h501s which has standard batteries?

seba Horn says:


kendall connolly says:

How can it RTH —— to the transmitter ——– if it lost signal of the transmitter ??????

Miroslav Katić says:

once again, this man is trying to make a lot video reviews, but as usual, most of them are really bad. this one is no exception. the best part is usually: how do you like my t shirt … and that’s a sad thing.

kendokaaa says:

1080p doesn’t mean much when the quality is shit

berry techno says:

I this really GPS?

Ritwick Wadhwa says:

Is the hubsan x4 h502e still a good buy

anyshitt says:

I lost one of these yesterday, I was not happy about it. But it’s loss was totally my fault. I failed to check the props after it had a tip over while the motors was spinning… NEVER NEVER NEVER fly a birds without checking the props after a tip over..I had the 5.8 fpv version. the bird has exellent gps range, I avarage about 400 550 meters for all 6-8 of it’s flights.. the bird is supper fast. but iT failed to go out of gps mode though I tried over and over again it would not do it.. The camera quality is superior to the bugs 2 and just a little bit inferior to the camera on the hubsan 501-s… The gimbal in the tx never worked so to cut down on massive jello? you have to glue the camera in place on the bird. The fpv screen does not show telemetry but it does show supper clear video. and the moniter has a slot for an sd card and allows you to view playback video files that you take with the bird. aLL IN ALL IT IS A COOL QUAD. minus the difficulty in finding replacment parts and the high purchase prce $207.00 It’s like the jyu hornet s.. a little to much money for to litle bird.. $145 should be it’s cost with all the bells and whistles NOT $200 PLUS..ps IT DOES NOT HELP THAT THE SHAPE OF THE BIRD IS VERY SIMULAR TO THE JJRC 1 SHITTLE.

Flying Life RC REVIEWS says:

Nice demo as usual. A bit over oversite from the manufature. That’s unfortunate. I have the 5.8 version hopefully it’s better !

flyercan says:

That thing sux. Thanks for the honest review.

Łukasz Wesołowski says:

Very Good.

Gimp Man says:

Only 60 meters? Maybe it’s meant for indoor GPS flying.

pat anderson says:

What video editing software do you use ?

Princess cute Ko says:

Yes me comment

my happy fun time says:

you should do a review on the 100.00 $ CW worrier drone WiFi cam

Alex Toaster says:

The one dislike was the drone

Kevin Dodson says:

tried the cal,, still did toilet bowling,, all over

Route 66 Flyer says:


*Dance the Skies*

warspite2 says:

Description on that link says 700m to 900m control range. Either the description is wrong or maybe something not set right? It’s a good looking quad there. I like to have some range and altitude though but if it can hit 900m that is awesome

Quadcopter 101 says:

*Get 18% off* with coupon code *rc18off here* https://goo.gl/dNd8n9 and *find the longer range 5.8Ghz FPV version here* (use same coupon rc18off) https://goo.gl/63GKLP

Kevin Dodson says:

ive had that quad for months now,, i even had the other brands version,, which is identicla, cept for its white, brand is under flytec t23 ,,, but both flight controllers inside of quad must be messed up, cuz,, neither would fly true… instead it swung around, and back and forth,, like a penulum?/??, i was gonna post miine,, as a caution to others, but hell,, some i suppose are working okay? i also have ther one with the upgrade transmitter,, the flytec version had to be returned due to transmitter would bind, but wold ONLY,, disarm moters, and turn them on,, thats it,, not anything else,, also,, both servos burned in the cams motor would not quit !!!

rarbi.art says:

“none of these trim buttons are trim buttons” – LMAO!

Rolando Avendaño says:

May I suggest you organize some kind of fly day pro Texas. All your body’s get together tie up a sign on your quads sharing your thoughts with them.

jfr900 Drones reviews says:

Hi , great review like also , i realy like your reviews , i agree with you , bad flight time and bad camera , i made a French review of this quad 😉

Random Richter says:

You wanna know whis amazing

Read the first word

Blizofoz45 says:

I like the look of this quad vs the H501S but I think Hubsan offers a better overall package at this price.

Cross Eyed Harry says:

Hey QC 101. I’m curious why you never do night-flights any longer? Your old night flight videos were some of my all time favorite!

Mitch Papworth says:

Nice job as always but that thing did a pretty terrible job following you and awful video quality.

Kevin Dodson says:

SUPPOSEDLY its a dual GPS Quad,, dont believe the hype!! mine is sittingin the box waisting to go back , ,, all around pos!!! couldnt find any help !!tried looking all over the net, and nothing!!??? but that was also a couplpe months ago too?! louv the look,,but thats all, oh no,, also the devo 12 upgrade transmitter is pretty dope aswell!! too bad thequad itself sux!!

Yayat Hidayat says:

Handsome quad

michael markey says:

What type of phone are you using if i may ask? LeEco?

John Beckley says:

Does anybody know the best material to use to fix a 1″crack in the arm of my 501s?

Mac Mitchiees says:

i think its freaking out over that scary storm on the horizon,,what the,,,,,,,,is that???

James Simpkins says:


Bill Somrak says:

“It is not amazing”. Performance is pretty dismal. I doubt that the “F” (5.8ghz) version would be much better if it uses the same “Jello-y” and Over-wide angle camera lens. The Bugs 2W is cheaper than this one, and flies much better. The Bugs 2W camera is pretty poor … but better than the camera on this one. Oh well, someone may like this this for some reason. Thanks for keeping us all “in the loop” about the latest releases. Cheers.

Arian Lendez says:

Nice review dude!

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