Propel Ultra-X Drone Review

Propel Ultra X Drone Review.
Flight video & footage at the end.

Get one here:

or find one at your local Costco:


Juv says:

Excellent video considering this is a Black Friday deal at Costco right now for $60. Keep up the good work…and don’t mind those who say video is too long.. your detail is fantastic , thank you.

Beef Kabob says:

very detailed review. great flying. you make this toy drone look amazing. mine just flew off with the wind… lol

Orn Gaming says:

Great review!

RJ Gaming says:

hey… my house! I saw it!!

James Breedlove says:

I hate the sound of brushed motors, but great video

simon LIAO says:

diff of price range is quite huge between ebay and costco.

Mike Lorentz says:

I just purchased this drone from Costco in Canada. I am thinking of returning it because the reviews are so bad. Not sure what to do.

Ron Loxton says:

Really don’t like the proprietary battery. They are going to charge a lot of $ for a lipo that you could get on eBay.

Ronald Genendlis says:

I just got one of these from Costco thanks for the instructional video. This is gonna take me time to fly like you haha. Your amazing at this.

Tobi Lang says:


Peter Cho says:

I just picked this drone up from Costco yesterday…weather has been crap here so I can’t fly it yet. Looks like you have some really crazy flying skills! Other’s complain about the cam quality but I think it’s fine.. you get what you pay for and cant expect go-pro quality for under 100$. Thanks for the detailed review

Brissa del mar says:

Its SO good how you explain BUT you took TOOOOOOO much time a mean TOOOOOO much flying it , but good video though

عبدالعزيز الغامدي says:

? What is the name of this beautiful area

Jonathan D Photography19 says:

I just got the morph from target and i love it.

Affordablerc Kirby House says:

Great review.
My only issue is they keep releasing drones with Really a useless camera.

Jasom Kovac says:

Is the footage at the end from the SD card or for?

saustin98 says:

Nicely done! I couldn’t ask for a better, more thorough or informative review. Thanks.

Wingster Rod says:

I got the previous model and it sucks. Getting a DJI Next

Rahat Ali says:

What happens if it goes out of 300 ft range? Why there is a flicker in drone’s footage?

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