ProMark VR Drone Review

I took a stab at reviewing the promark VR drone from Walmart.

*** Note: Some large errors have been pointed out. Thanks to those who pointed them out. See corrected info below.

1). You MUST register this drone with the FAA. Register here:
2). The price is/was $99.00 on Black Friday, and not $145.00 that was an error.
3). Some people have stated that taking the film off of the camera lense would make the quality of the camera better. I did have mine off, and still thought the camera was kinda crap.
4). This Promark is identical to the Syma X8HW as a result all replacement parts for the copter on amazon will work.
5). You can upgrade the battery, just make sure the voltage is the same.

– Easy to fly
– Good beginner
– Camera is movable

– Part replacement
– Marked age is too young

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Huck Fin says:

This drone is the syma x8 just another name now.

Texas Home says:


dwalters98 says:

There actually is a faster way to do the emergency landing. Double tapping the auto land button will also emergency stop it as well as what you described (holding the land button for a second).

Edgar flores says:

paid 100 for mine it’s cool..

Garrett Gregory says:

So many repeat comments. People we get it was $99 and you have to register it.

If you comment the same thing as some one else without a second thought you are a troll and need to have your IQ checked. You are also my pet peeve for spamming things with useless info.

Thanks for the video bruh, wicked tight.

Timothy Affourtit says:

curious about bigger batter replacements, and possible modifications to allow other cameras being mounted

Nathan Davis says:

red led inside cameta is turning screen red. anyway to stop this?

Joel Munoz says:

why does my camera has a red LED inside of it when streaming the video it’s all red

Nathan Davis says:

red led inside cameta is turning screen red. anyway to stop this?

Jake Castro says:

Where can you get extra batteries?

justhatype says:

had a quick question, my boyfriend just buy this drone and we were wondering on the take off and landing, is it suppose to move side to side or come straight up/down? I personally think it is operator error but I’m just a girl!

surfing publics says:

what about the glasses?

diemp says:

Hi, very good video. Thank you. How long do you charge the drone? Diego

Princess O says:

I’m 12 I got this not this exact one a phantom and it’s ok

Noel Nieves says:

do you kno the link where i can buy a battery that will last hrs

Kendall Baros says:

just curious what battery did u buy to upgrade the one u still have the link ? i wanna upgrade it but dont know much bout it


good review

Christian Blade says:

Syma X8 series parts should work for this quad.

Josh Ping says:

see if it’s able to put bigger motor to replace the old ones

William Vercellotti says:

Ace of Fate Productions, you mentioned that there is a “upgrade battery” that will hopefully give a bit more flight time.  Can you give specifics of the upgrade battery as well as WHERE it can be had?  I got mine for Christmas and flew it yesterday and got the hang of it pretty quickly but would like to get some more flight time out of it.  Please take the time to answer this question as I am sure that there are others who would like the same info.

The Flying Carpet says:

I got mine for 99

Gustavo Castillo123 says:

how high can it fly

BirdieBronze says:

mine won’t turn on. i plugged the cord into the drone (inside that hatch) i charged it for an hour, put batteries into the controller, i press the power button, nothing happens. Help? (this is the same exact drone shown inside video ^)

Christopher Price says:

man I got this drone and it was trash it flew away soon as I pressed the take off button it hovered and then flew away

Khardashat says:

is there anyway to get my lost drone through gps its the same model :/

pittsburgh pens says:

what is a good reasonable priceddrone that u can hook gopro to… that is made well

Tim Shaffer says:

good job man thanks for the video

Honest Tube Review says:

Look at this on eBay:


dave prichard says:

What’s a good drone for beginners

Mountain Man says:

Hello do you know where to get extra batteries I have looked all over?


black Friday price at our Wal-Mart is $99.00.

OrvilleTheDoge says:

At Walmart I picked it up for 99.99 yesterday

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