Promark P70 VR Drone – Review Part 2 with Flight

Review of the drone in the park.


Demetric Mickens says:

hey maybe a dumb question but is there another way to charge extra batteries???

Matthew R says:

I don’t know if anyone has asked you or not but will this drone actually land if it goes out of reception. I’m worried about fly aways. Gunna get TrackR for it anyways. Its good up too 100 feet & is only like $25.

BigT Gravez says:

Mike, great video! Very informative. Question…the drone only comes with a USB charging cable but no AC plug in. What have you been using to charge your drone? I read another review in which they said to not use your Apple iPhone adapter as it would only partially charge the drone. Mine seems to work OK but was curious what you used. Thanks!

Brandon Gann says:

that’s the only downside you gotta charge the battery for 1.5 to 2 hours and fly time last about 12 minutes. I wish the made the battery life last longer on these things.

Kodie Woolley says:

i know ur suppose to register the drone but how do u do that

K Silva says:

This is a great video! On your recommendation, I just got one for my dad for xmas.
I can’t wait to take it out for a spin! Also, you are fun to watch, very likable! Keep it up! 🙂
Thank you!!!

Chris Millsaps says:

I just bought a pro mark P70 you turn on the power button on the drone and 3 blades only turn just checking if that’s normal or not? My son was holding the drone and turned the drone on and blades cut one finger.

Moo Moo says:

Why does it need a wifi signal and do I really have to register something to fly it?

FootballTwins says:

How long can this fly?

Keaton House says:

Does this have a headset that comes with it

Mitchell McDonald says:

Where are you in Colorado?

trinidread says:

one of my propellers won’t spin unless I give it a spin with my hand does anybody know what causes that ?

Daniel Lee says:

I’m sorry to bug you again, but I got a new drone, it works, I took a few videos, but for some reason I cannot post them to Instagram or send them via text message or kik, it says the file is corrupted, do you know what that could be?

Marco Solano says:

Hey Mike sorry it took long to reply. I tried my drone and it flys but it I need to learn that trim a lil better because it’s always going in one direction. do you think it’s the wind.

Collin Longer says:

Thanks for responding so fast!! I noticed in your video when you hit any of the functions the controller beeps my controller does not beep at all even when turning on. Also my drone is coming loose from the bottom have of the frame I can see the clips where it connects on the inside. Just a note this is a brand new drone I have not crashed it. If you want I can send you a picture.

DonCoqui321 says:

Bought one on black Friday. loved it but had issues with it. i was trying to find out if in mid air and you hold down the descend does it kill the motors? both of my flights while coming down it would just fall out of the sky. first time i broke one leg. and 2nd flight broke 3 legs and the camera. easy fix but i was annoyed and returned it. looking to getting another one while still on sale. but curious if you know any issues with it. and battery was fully charged both times. 2nd flight i was only in mid air maybe 5min when i started to bring it down and motors stopped. thanks and hope you answer soon.

StMin85 says:

thanks for the video! I wasn’t sure how stable it was.

Bruce Adams says:

Can you please find someone who sells parts ,props,etc.

Matthew Landreneau says:

the son of a bitch flew away 160 bucks down the drain

S Sinnett says:

best review yet my 7 year old loves drones he flys his drone very well for his age and wants a bigger one and i don’t want to drop 400 on a phantom lol

Dixie Harrison says:

Can you see on your phone what the drone sees while it’s flying in the air?

Isaiah Tanner says:

do you know if there are any upgradeable parts for the drone or attachments

Ismael Looez says:

do you need Wi-Fi for it to fly

Su Amigo El Ilegal says:

is this better than a sky viper 2400 hd

trinidread says:

Also I crashed the drone once, factory reset and everything but it refuses to get off the ground now wth all propellers spinning

sargent meowstein says:

can syma x8w parts be used on this they look the same but the controller is different

Demetric Mickens says:

How long to charge it for your 10-12 minutes of fly time??

Joshua Verastegui says:

whats the camera quality like? i know its 720p but can you upload a vid with the camera of the drone

Teddy 520 says:

how high can it go

Demetric Mickens says:

and when you downloaded the app was it in Chinese language ??

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