PowerEgg Drone Review – Demunseed

Is it an Aircraft or is it Art? It’s both! The PowerEgg from Powervision is available WITH a backpack at www.acesdeals.biz (888) 239-2644. It shoots in 4K video, 3+ mile range and a 23 minute flight time! This is a drone that even Newbies could learn to fly!
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Soldier53flyer says:

Looks, Well it looks! LOL!!?

Wheels65 says:

It looks like EVA, “Wali” girlfriend! Jim ur looking good mate! cheers

Killa'KlownFPV 831 says:

i seriously need that p4 pro :p

Brian Kushner says:

Seems to me it would be bad in wind. Like the Volkswagen VW with that big dome.


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Jeffrey Sigler says:

is that power egg too​ big for Tom Brady to play with?

OneStudPuppy says:

So the old saying gets a new life “go lay a egg” or “go suck a egg” now is “go fly a egg”.. (insert end of joke drum hit)

Cole L says:

I would like a p4 pro

Manuel Koch says:

I’m interested in your P4 Prp.

who ami says:

Well done that man i know we can rely on you for a proper review of the Egg. I’ve been waiting for this

JeffFrmJoisey says:

I had no idea the Egg was that big!! Almost bigger than that flabby assed melon of yours!!!

Cam row drone says:

thumbs up watching in Japan, still flying phantom 2, great fun.

Keith Mikell says:

Is there a video of it flying?

Dick Gerritsen says:

after 4 years of building multirotors, this is great! keep going.
Dick Gerritsen,
the Netherlands

Paul Briseno says:

1st off great vid as always …2nd were you tryin to twerk in the beginning?…if so great jod.

Charlie Boy says:

It’s a very unique concept. It will be interesting to see if it has performance to match.

Kconway24 says:

Can’t wait to see it fly

OneStudPuppy says:

Share this with everyone you know tell them to share too! thank jim help get the movie funded https://www.gofundme.com/consciousmovie

Tony HESCH says:

Thanks Jim That was great. Now all I need to do is pay for it. Tony Hesch

Rob Dominguez says:

looks like fun – always enjoy your videos, Jim!

David Hamaker says:

Great Job. love your channel

TheAwesomeSam says:

I was very interested in this drone. I’m looking forward to your flight test and review on this.

Larry Ahee says:

Looks, WTF! ? well it looks!

Capt Eric Bergeron says:

Thanks for sharing, its futuristic looking for sure.

John Willow says:

Sorry Jim, I’m trying to be nice to Powervision like you are, but this egg is just stupid. I know you’re thinking it and don’t want to say it so I’ll do it for both of us. What the hell were they thinking?

scott Stephens says:

we love your videos keep em comming!!

Axel De Jesus says:

As usual Jim, your videos are very informative. Can’t wait to see you flying this egg. Thanks.

Dean Cosmic says:

I liked your video but I really wanted you to fly that egg, now I need to go get an omelette.

B Spin says:

Anyone else think of Mork when they saw this?
Na-noo, na-noo!

chris digata says:

Back in the early days you were less of a joker, these days we have to put up with it… time for you to slow down and look after yourself until you start to feel better.. um less of the flabby ass crap 😉

trapp88 says:

The egg. The perfect food, and ??? maybe the perfect drone? Art Deco?? Looking forward to seeing the PowerEgg power up Jim.

OneStudPuppy says:

Great marketing idea! Imagine how many more drones would sell! “But honey there is a battery operated device for you too!” Of course she might tell you go fly more often! Haha!!

The Backyard Wood Shop says:

let go of my eggo

Ben Franklin says:

Can’t wait to see your flying review
Very nice channel you have impressed

Roy Gallagher says:

Well its an egg Jim but not as we know it ?

Mark Mark says:

can’t wait to see the video

daniel bolivar says:

Great video… I cannot wait to see this fly…:)

Anonymous Tutourals/reactin/reload says:

Nice egg.

michael schollum says:

That is some crazy assed stuff there! PowerEgg lol who would have thought!! And OMG would kill for your phantom 4 ! Drooooool

John Cuppi says:

OK I’m going to be completely honest. At first when I started watching this I was like “what the shit” — but then I got to the end of the video and now I think this thing looks pretty damn cool… wish I could get a “review unit” or something because I have so many things I could test but it’s expen$ive.

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