Phantom 4 Pro | Unboxing, review and drone backpack!

Unboxing and test flying the latest Phantom 4 Pro!
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G7X ii –
Canon 80D –
Sony A7s ii –
GoPro Hero 4 Silver –
GoPro Hero 5 –

Favorite lenses:
Canon EF 24-70mm –
Canon EF-S 10-18mm –
Sony 16-35mm –
Sony 10-18mm wide angle –

Rode Small on camera microphone –
Rode Larger (battery required) microphone –
Wireless Mics –

DJI Mavic Pro –
Phantom 4 –


Dire wolf says:

Ijustine, have you thought about FPV flying when DJI’s goggles or headset is available? I know there are other solutions though they seem to be in the $700 range. DJI’s headset looks like a PSVR and will give you 1080P.. It seems you love flying so being in the air in First person view at 1080P sounds like a thing you might like. Thanks for your video and great drone reviews 🙂

Adamtastic YT says:

Just 27 minutes… I was planning to hover over football stadium and watch from home…

Paragon DrugScreening says:

Nice video…I have major issues with brightness using an iPad with my Phantom 4 so maybe I’ll spring for that controller.
…and can I just say to all those trolls and negative commenters below… go have intercourse with yourselves…what is wrong with you people geez!! So pathetic and annoying.

Gamer god says:

I am getting a phantom 3 for my birthday and am freaking out

Jimix Jimix says:

You’ve even got the same Manfrotto Aviator backapck for your drone, and that’s why I like you already 🙂

Kunal Saini says:

Does dji phantom 4 support ROS

Robertjr82 says:

I hit the “home” button on mine and it flew back to China.

Roger Felton says:

Amazing how much iJustine loves her drones.  Even more amazing how much I love to watch her love her drones.  She’s so precious!!  U Fly Girl

Martin T. says:

Not in English?Learn German;)

rotimi kayode says:


Bojan Tube says:

Phantom 4 pro + ***

2098105 says:

Did you buy all those drone with your own money

Muhammet Suna says:

I love it

Frederick Dunn says:

This is the first time I’ve happened upon your videos. Love your positive energy and excitement! Thumbs up definitely! I was also happy to see that you bought the built in screen version… I just ordered that. I’m thinking the P4Pro is going to save me quite a few props with object avoidance. If you have the RTH protocol activated, would it avoid those power lines? Feeling good about my purchase, thank YOU! 🙂 subbing for sure.

Martin T. says:

Are you Crazy??? in the Living Room;)

Marcus Johnson says:

You would be the perfect girlfriend!!!!!

Lavanga Jayakody says:

hi justine thanks for the video , just want to get your opinion on mavic gimbal , it looks like there are couple of rubber bands holding it , now will it last long ? durability can be an issue isint it ?

W3TFART says:

I love you

Kutay ÖZKESKİN says:

will Phantom 4 Metal Propeller Mounting fit on this too ??

Ling Chung says:

What kv rating are the motors? is the battery a 3s? How many Mah?? Of course you cant answer me your a mindless sheep who just follows the crowd…

Riley Wagner says:

The drone is triggered

Gio Bouwens says:

I’m jealous I also like the DJI Phantom 4 Pro +
I have no work can not save the money.
Good luck have fun lovely girl.

Damped Penguin Crafts Again says:

Is this the phantom 4 pro or phantom 4 pro plus

Peter Kerpen says:

I have a phantom 4 myself.Saw a lot of phantom 4 teaching videos. I like up videos…good aktion.

sia zhen yue says:

Your dji phantom 4 is pro or pro+

elitexgaming says:

I’m sad that I can’t fly a Phantom 4 and I don’t have 1000 dollars

FlyinCameras says:

I need one…

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