PARROT DISCO Review – [Flight/Crash/Range Test!, Pros & Cons]

Enjoy my review of the DISCO Drone. You can get the DISCO here:

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Part 3 with 20 Mile autopilot flight!:

Part 1 with Unboxing, Inspection & Setup here:

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Imagine says:

Super Video !!
Greetz from Germany.

MR B' BALL says:

jst asking, is there a button on the controller which commands the drone to return home automatically?

Scott Thompson says:

Dated already ………

Bart van der Velde says:

Dustin, How did you manage to get to 500m altitude? Isn’t the maximum altitude 150m?

Theft Tv says:

Ok since it goes fast, and last a long time why dont you fly it over area 51 or the white house

Apapaya Phoenix says:

Do you need a permit to fly this?

Сергей Панкратов says:


Georg Wagner says:

In my opinion parrot made a great job!

Jeffrey McClure says:

Does it bother you at all that you are blatantly violating FAA rules? You were well into the altitude range where helicopters and aircraft routinely fly.

Theft Tv says:

Can you hit a helicopter with it?

modex20 says:

well at least we know the thing is mostly idiot proof. not completely tho.

ALEX N. says:

Hey super vidéo je pense que tu vas progresser rapidement je vais parler de ta chaîne à un ami ^^
Tu peux me dire ce que tu pense de ma dernière vidéo stp ? 😀 Sa pourrai m’aider :”) Hésite pas à t’abonner si ça te plais :”)
Continue ! 😀

Aero FPV says:

Cool concept but I’d like a little more control as I FPV fixed wings.

AtomicRobot says:

It’s not a drone. It’s an RC airplane.


How long stay in sky ?

LordenTree says:

I will not pay 1.299.99 for this stupid drone i will pay that much for phantom 4 pro not for this its ugly and its foam

Brian Sutton says:

Thanks for the review, I’m picking one up in the morning. Should be a great companion to my phantom 3 Pro!

Jack Puorro says:

just buy a dji mavic pro or phantom 4 there better anyway

MR B' BALL says:

thx, also, would you recommend a rapture x zero or this parrot, for ans intermediate pilot like me?

tj1978love says:

next time take a breather before filming recovery awesome video otherwise

Tony Banche says:

It crashed because you hit pause

Eric Owens says:

How did you get it to fly so high?

Really curious. I really want to buy this drone this month. Are they not GPS limited in altitude?

cyprien Breton says:

parrot is french !

Tendai says:

Great review,Can it fly out of range when using automated flight ?

Cory Wilson says:

I have travis drone from parrot mini drones

Bryanmastergamerr R says:

I’m your new 31,055th subscriber

Formatia MONTANA Brasov says:

extraordinar ..

Nick Pyne says:

How did you crash it?? you had plenty of time to pull up…

chad gaming and vlog says:

step up your graphics

a says:

this guy was so calm when crashing lol

Dan Vacca says:

Looks like crash was due to operator error. When you hit “pause” on the pre-planned flight, it simply continued flying in the direction and altitude when paused (it was off-track from planned flight path). You should have either taken control immediately or manually put it into hover mode.

Georges-Anthony Moubayed says:

too much talking. too much repetition.

Mishkoralie says:


Hart says:

I don’t really understand why people say parrot is shit. Why is that a thing? They have multiple consumer drones, and two professional drones. The disco is a plane that has great picture and flies super high and the bebop 2 is a great drone with many benefits for filmmaking such as follow me and flight plan which have never failed me with mine. There isn’t anything wrong with the design either. Parrot is a company of scientists, programmers and engineers. They know what they are doing. I don’t understand why parrot gets so much hate. If someone has a legit reason not a bandwagon “parrot sucks because DJI is better” answer. Give me a real reason to why parrot is a bad company. Please. I have never had a bad experience with them.

Aaron Seymour says:

If you were to build this and use fat shark FPV goggles. Would you be able to get a similar quality experience and video/picture quality to the Parrot. The video and picture quality I have seen from the disco are quite high?

Roblox and vlogs says:

how much money

Lolol Lilol says:

WTF is a fixed wing drone? it’s called a wing. Rc plane. not drone

Lolol Lilol says:

you can make this for less then 300

DoN JoN says:

Parabéns pelo vídeo.Muito bom .

Thomas Lecky says:

If this stuff can happen in ten years imagine twenty years from now

Jelte Pelte says:

I tot a dragon

Michael Lopez says:

whats ur max height is really 530m

Mads og Mikkel says:

Nice plane

allen schmitz says:

can it save video to a sd card?

ThePParadigm says:

A bit late commenting. Great video. Seems the ‘Pause’ mode did work…? The drone continued on its trajectory – into the trees – and recovery was too late? Price drop is great!

Elmundo says:

this is beautiful! why so many thumbs down ?!

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