Parrot Bebop Drone Review

Here is our full Review of the Parrot Bebop Drone.

Unboxing of the new Parrot Bebop Drone. For more videos subscribe to our channel.

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A JACK says:

Great video, from this i bought the bebop and made a hack, bebop with and without skycontroller video!

Don Rumsey says:

Do you know if they have fixed the issues you spoke of? It looks like a nice machine!

walter kersting says:

How big of a thrill is the front flip as opposed to the back flip? Then it destroys itself, yay!! I’m getting a phantom 3, no lame stunt crashes, better cam etc.

Mr Toby. says:

I have this drone and it is amazing.

StabbyMcBlade says:

thanks for the review, I was going to get this drone but after watching this I won’t be getting one

Daniel G says:

And also I have a camera cover so it doesn’t scratch and I bought multiple so if they scratch I use a different one they cost like 2 dollars

joseph harmon says:

is it an auto hoover

Henk Movies says:

On the website its says 20 minutes fly time because you get 2 batteries from 10 minutes 😛

Underwater world says:

Hello guys which one is the best :

Phantom , Mavic or Parrot

Appreciate your help guys !!

Toni Becerra says:

no tiene luz no me gusta y donoche como se donde esta?

Daniel G says:

Does anyone know the battery power

nate gibson says:

Does it have a follow me or like different flight modes on it?

Tyson Jimerson says:


chemicallust77 says:

For the most part mine has done ok…there is definitely a learning curve involved in the UI,but once you get the hang of it,it’s pretty fun to fly….the FF3 app works pretty well in Android…I haven’t experienced the IOS version….the front camera being potentially exposed to damage during a rough landing is a pretty simple fix….Dremel out a quarter sized hole in the protective cover and glue a small piece of polly-carb in it…that way you can leave the cover on it and still get good video…hope that helps.

Rodney Armstrong says:

heck the upair drone is better and cheaper with fpv controller built stronger if you want to beef up the camra you can. phantoms or upair are the better drones for the price

Sergio Jr. Deleon says:

is the camera live or in a SD card

trexgeniusdawnstar says:

guys what this guy is saying is totaly truth i had one i did a back flip and 400 bucks were gone to trash DONT BUY THIS RETARDED DRONE

jpthsd says:

lol – you try to flip a drone – $500 piece of junk now!

Ben Clarke says:

I have one

TooMany Humans says:

This drone isn’t for recording I don’t think the makers make mostly toys and atuff

Aben Moon says:

How many altitude it can reach ? Guys someone please response

105 DARKNINJA says:

I’ve got a question I currently have a parrot a.r drone 2.0 would you recommend I upgrade

Hnry says:

So if you have an iPod with no wifi you can’t fly it…

NobodyImportant3 says:

If any one is looking for a bebop skycontroller I’m selling one on eBay with an extra batterie

Daniel G says:

My drone works amazing maybe your was a tester or a prodotype

Falcon Seeker says:

Does it wirelessly stream?

Wong Shinzer says:

What is the app for the drone

Jace Knox says:

can you use a lg has a control

Eric Brotherton says:

Do the “wings” fold in for easier storage?

kgirishchandra says:

what software version was on the drone when this video was taken? I have 3.0 version. hoping they’ve resolved some of the issues that were discussed in this video.

Joe Trotti says:

can you change to the litchi android app

Josh Curtis says:

1:15 that voice crack xD

jr ese says:

i have one

Oscar Estrada says:

Grams? Meters? Cm? Dafuk? I’ll look for an American review. Thanx.

Cirilo Cruz says:

damn it i bougjt one and thought it could be used with my phone

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