Parrot Bebop drone review

The Parrot Bebop is an ambitious drone with serious flaws. Constructed with an unreliable build and a weak battery life, the Bebop’s biggest problem is the most basic one a drone can have: you can’t control it.


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rafael gonzalez says:

Thanks for the video this really help me make my choice.

Ronald Boutan says:

Good review. I like guys who save me lots of money.

Betternet says:

it’s probably because you crashed it so many times

Billy Bob says:

I cringe every time you show footage of the statue crash

Jason_MKIV says:

don’t fly next to things that will make you lose signal..

Galaxy's Fridge says:

I just realized that the bebop does not record audio, but when you crashed it you can hear it clearly crash like you are next to it, but you are not. :/

SurvivalHorrorTV says:

I dunno man, I don’t agree with the review. The disconnections are probably because of your shitty wireless device, not the drone… been using it with a galaxy s6 for a while now, and sometimes also with a netgear wireless repeater, and i’ve never lost connection.


Thank u so much man for this video. I was about to buy it and realised how useless it was .


What a hunk of shit

Joespn says:

Amazing review

cubanace Simulations says:

500 dollars for a drone that lags,looses connection and short battery time,no thanks I’ll stick to blade 350 qx.

Trete Lo says:

Glad I saw this I was just about to buy this drone

oasisbeyond says:

It’s $499.99 Canadian now with Controller, thinking about it for when I go up north 🙂

IamCryptic03 says:

I really wanted this drone and seeing this review made me want to cry but I have watched other reviews and it’s not as bad as he said but I’m still not 100% confident. Can I trust this review?

Jimmy Haley says:

pure POS,,,, hehehe

FavJam says:

2:25 it’s cheap at $499
thank you for reminding me how poor i am.

Gaming 4 Ever says:

It’s just ur model that has the connection problems! Or the firmware! Or just your iPhone connection!

Anonyme Complet says:

If you don’t know how to use this drone, don’t make a review about it ! The range of this drone is about 300-400 meters with my iPad, and what a good idea to fly near to a lake !

Thunder Fingers says:

Fuck everyone who mocks this drone. I have had this drone for a few weeks now and it has never lost connection of failed on me once

Michael Johnson says:

this is the worst review I have one and it’s perfect this guy dosent no what he’s doing I get exactly a mile while flying

Badass 40s says:

Thanks for saving me make a $400 mistake! I planned on flying it over water, huge cliffs, and over wooded areas (who wouldn’t).

Darrel says:

I’ve sold and flown several different brands of quads and parrot RC products are junk and their customer support is horrible.

Cole Monzon says:

Great review

Vincent Rogiest says:

If you want a reliable drone by DJI, it is as simple as that. There are also many new image stabilized drones on the market right now that are cheaper and more reliable then bebop.

Fin McCann says:

Over all it’s crap

ThePassiton says:

Just saying this here, most of these problems have been adressed whit software updates, i have only about 2h of airtime but it has never flown away from me. the best thing to ensure this is to get an wifi analyzer app and set your wifi channel accordingly.

IamCryptic03 says:

Would either a iPhone 5s or iPad Air work well with the wifi?

Ghost227 says:

Serious and very important question. When reviewing a product like this, do they ever like…contact customer support and get a replacement before finishing the review? Seems like they got a defective unit and reviewed it the way it was anyway

Justin Tutakowski says:

woow a very good quality, i think i will buy it

Pedro Rosa says:

tha bold guy just suck, pls come on dude, using the protection outside its just bad.
i bet he didnt even turn the gps on outside …

MudJugBill says:

i have it, its a great drone! also with upgrade battery you get around 20 min flight time and with the flight plan app you can fly over 10 kilometers away without problem, i would say this guy just dosen’t know anything about drones.

micdogg187 says:

Had this drone it constantly disconnected, in the end it just slammed into a wall and killed itself.

Arin Gokdemir says:

Thanks for the heads-up!

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