Parrot BeBop 2 Drone with Sky Controller – Full Review

Here is our full in depth review for the Parrot Bebop 2 drone with the Sky Controller.

More info:

Bepop 2 vs Phantom 3 standard Comparison coming soon!

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Charley Roe says:

Hey Waj, in your opinion what is the best drone you can get for under $300? Looking to pick up a more casual drone. Thanks!

greeny 7889 says:

Some1 plz help! I really really really want the bebop 2 but I’m only 13 and hve 400$! (CANADIAN) plz help me find the cheapest deal. (Preferably in Canada)

John Forbes says:

your way off on this review i think your in love with the dji 3 & 4 which its not in this class of drone. please try comparing apples to apples next time

Insung Hwang says:

Drone + new fpv controller discount all around. I ordered one just now

wardope says:

the price of styrofoam has increased by 1.00000000.000000000.000000000%

Player Ben says:

Question will the Bebop2 work with my older version bebop skycontroler, I have the previous version Bebop with skyconrtoller ( Red and Black) I’m thinking about buying the Bebop 2 and I was wondering if my present skycontroller will sill work … 🙂


Havoque Inc says:

Make sure your drone is fully updated and use the new WPA2 feature if you want to keep your drone safe!! I got a video of it on my channel.

RPG says:

B1 or 2?

FakeCaptainGabriel Pilot says:


ricardo says:

It’s sucks ass

14219austin says:

Can you connect a smartphone to the controller?

Alec Remoticado says:

guys between the Bebop 2 and the Phantom 3 Standard which one would be better?

Darren Ly says:

Get outa here wit yo 20 minute battery head ass

senjo31 says:

Parrot bebop 1 charger is horrible I hope it was improved in this one.

Sharn MCTAVISH says:

nothing can ever please you try go creating one and see what you come up it…technology is at its best compare to what I have ever seen…go parrot bebop you will get better at what your doing

The 50 character limit is a very stupid thing!!!!! says:

This dude again!?

mikewiththebluecar says:

As a bebop 2 owner and parrot customer I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!! I’ve had nothing but problems with bad tech support and defective products and terrible customer support. If your thinking about buying a bebop 2 you should read this

Rodney Armstrong says:

this drone is made mostly out of fome the wind will chip that away like the front of your car or truck

fukthegoog says:

The video quality is fine for my purposes, ie to capture holidays and trips for a bird eye perspective. I agree the controller is ridiculously huge. I love the compact drone but the controller would be impossible to bring with you on holiday, just massive. I’m still looking for the ideal holiday drone…

Rodney Armstrong says:

this drone is way over priced its so small and the phantoms are stronger and more professional built and look more professional. the bebop 2 should be 300 with controller that is all it is worth

alphaphotoandvideo says:

this drone with the controller and goggles for 550 or DJI phanthom 3?

jj seitzbrozinc says:

Bebop2 drone have brushless motors?

Nic Robertson says:

hi there, I just got my parrot bebop 2 and I cant seem to get clear footage through onto my ipad! Im not sure if the ipad doesn’t receive the same quality and therefore my video looks shitty or if there are some settings I need to fiddle with? could you possibly send through some settings or any clarification on my problem?

FakeCaptainGabriel Pilot says:


-TyPlaysForLife - says:

do i need a faa license for this drone

Rashad Holmes says:

love how this dude says using a strap is ghetto

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