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Hey there my fellow flying brethren! Thanks for watching my first drone review! I know there is plenty of room for improvement but stick around! They’ll only get better!

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Tyree Coggins says:

nice to see a black borther doing videos

Brandon Purdy says:

$550 for a starter drone is to much. I wouldn’t consider this a starter drone. There are better options out there.

Joseph Robinson says:

Just seen your license plate. I’m from LaPorte next to Houston. Knew there was a reason why I like you.

mistadj says:

Think its pretty cool. i had the AR drone a few years ago but battery life kinda was a pain….made me afraid to take those great shots like over the water you had there. Not sure if im really to spill $500 on a drone that still only gets 25 min of flying time….there is no reason these days to only have it last that long

Gabriel Brown says:

This guy had me in stitches, love his banter. Good review too

xXPhantomSprintXx says:

Holy sht he took this where i live!

Maryam Bahadori says:

How many drones do you have

Raven331 says:

Great review!

Ronald Montes says:

Good review bro, thanks.

Sensei Dekkers says:

Yea boi just got the bebop 2 with the skycon for 450

Remo Peretti says:

Dude. At 7:23, you said doodie.

Plop Jim says:

Nice review

aye H says:

good video man

Adrenalin MAZTA says:

Okey can someone help me understand this the parrot needs wi fi to fly and the are flying it in the middle of nowhere the only way I no of getting wi fi outside is 4g phone data can someone explain how this is achieved

Chris Gunter says:

yours is my favorite review ive seen yet. Funny but really informative.

Kyle Gardner says:

awesome video man. not to drawn out and all the info i needed

Big Shady says:

Thank you for posting this Tutorial Video.

altsworld says:

Does skycontroller from bebop 1work with bebop 2

TheNavalNation says:

turn the tool into a keychain drill a hole through it

Lars Skovsgaard says:


Lars Skovsgaard says:

god video takker

diehardtoyotafan says:

does the 199 bebop 2 come with a controller ?

IloveBaklava says:

how high can it fly?

Ralf The king says:

hi twisted my hovers not in place it drifts away you know why?

Nickolis Todd says:

your awesome

Cipher Sam says:


Henry Wojtkiewicz says:

Made me smile and have a few chuckles. I like your style! Great review.

-TyPlaysForLife - says:

do i need a FAA license for this bebop 2

leem92 says:

Does this need an internet connection through the phone? I’d like to buy it but use it out the city where i cant get a connection?

Alice Copper says:

LOVE THIS VIDEO , you had me laughing my ass of LOL. decision is now final . yep this will be my first deone but with the FPV

YoungCato says:

I got one for xmas. It is my first drone. My range hasn’t been great. Is the sky controller the only way to extend my range?

IloveBaklava says:

dude stop cussing , it’s really unprofessional.

Rob Edwards says:

Thank you for the Review!!! Nice work

altsworld says:

haha man, youre a funny dude. great review… or as you would say “not too shabby”

Eric Schanker says:

Check out our full review of the Parrot Bebop 2 and more at

greeny 7889 says:

Would u recommend it for photos?

Joseph Robinson says:

Lol awesome. I’ve been following you on your vapes, and even got the reuleaux75. Just now got into the drones and nice to see your doing this too.

dahur says:


allen sharako says:

Ha.. Part robot part asshole…

Gatnos says:

Consider your audience and watch your language. Otherwise a good review.

PEXMAN says:

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha YOU ARE PAK!

gameboysp13 says:

1080p 60FPS and I might consider.

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