Parrot Bebop 2 Drone: An HONEST Review (2018)

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Here is my HONEST review of the Parrot Bebop 2 where I detail the major pros and cons of the Parrot Bebop 2!

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Hey Now says:

Great review, I’m buying the bebop right now!

Fly Bar says:

Yes! The Parrot Bebop 2 is underrated and this makes me sad.

Brian Holland says:

I’ve been flying my Bebop 2 Drone since September of Last Year, and I’ve never had any connectivity issues in under 500 meters, actually. Make sure your smart phone’s wifi isn’t on and it should work on your Sky Controller 2 pretty well with much greater range. I’ve had 185 flights on my drone so far, and almost 24 hours of flight time since I bought the Bebop 2 with no crashes, no connectivity issues and no problems. People on the Parrot Forums are saying I just got lucky but I don’t believe that; I think it’s all about being safe and accurate.

Just a regular dude. says:

I’m loving my Bebop2, hasn’t ever let me down.

Quasi Maji says:

Dude you kinda mumble or something. Very informative, but. OH AND GOOD JOB the editing in your video was pro/ish. Keep it up. Not mumble but project your voice more use your gut/diaphragm? And then fix the rest in posin thanx again I am purchasing a PB2

Andy Bolton says:

Fly it in airplane mode then it goes lots further and no connection problems.
Had mine few weeks and love it.

Michael Morrison says:

I have the Bebop 2 with the Skycontroller 1, it is an awesome drone and I love flying it! I also have the Autel X Star Premium, which is more than an awesome drone. But, that being said, I sill love flying my Bebop 2 and would not trade it for anything different. However, with the Skycontroller 1, I can fly as far as 3500 ft, would be more, but I have only flown it in an area with many many trees, etc.

Martin Hegarty says:


Colin Bruner says:

Confused here. I’ve seen too many reviews that claim 1.2 miles of distance with this drone. Then you say 150 meters is the limit? Now what I was understanding is that using the smartphone only you are limited to small distance but with the controller 2 you get the long range. Are you considering this? Or do I remain confused?

Jif 99 says:

Comment of the year. The camera doesn’t stack up against drones in a higher price bracket. No shit einstein. Thumbs down for stupid statement.

joe biddy says:

Well when I bought my Bebop 2 I found that not only would the battery in the Sky Controlled 2 not hold a charge, but had an obsolete battery in it which could not be replaced. Parrot told me they would replace the controller with one that had the new style battery. That was over a month ago. Finally they told me to send them my old controller and they would replace it, that was two weeks and two phone calls ago, and I still have heard nothing and I have no controller at all. Might be a good drone as long as you don’t trouble with it.

Georgewrigley says:

Awesome drone. 🙂

mike shevlin says:

Correction, I have 3 Bebop quads. Bebop, B2 & Power.

Antoine Chaveron says:

I’m planning on buying a bebop 2 power, but I’d like to fly it far… What’s the issue with the WiFi connection?

mike shevlin says:

It all comes down to the camera quality and Parrot doesn’t come close when it comes to the quality of Video. That’s the bottom line. I won 3 bebop 2 and the power plus 5 DJI quads from Inspire 1 down to the P3. The P3 Standard has much better quality camera by far.

Hunter Antill says:

Bebop isnt true 1080 so not that good quality

john says:

You got the distance wrong. Using flight controller 2 it is as far as dji etc etc……good review otherwise…bebop 2 owner
It’s a brilliant drone.

Bryan Holland says:

No connectivity issues.
1. Shut WiFi off on your phone before connecting to your Controller (Let the controllers antenna do it)
2. Turn the direction overlay on in settings.
3. Keep the drone icon in the middle of the blue transceiver arc.

** Make sure you spend enough time calibrating your drone before each flight to make sure that you get a solid GPS Lock in case you lose connection, and always keep the drone higher than the tallest object around you so that if you do lose connection, it won’t hit a structure while returning home on its own. **

I love the Bebop 2

Dave Anderson says:

Love my Bebop 2 power

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