Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 | Review [Elite Edition]


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My Written Review:

In this video I review the awesome Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition. The exact model provided kindly by Parrot and featured in the video is the Snow Camouflage edition.

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NZXT H440 Red/Black
Intel Core i5 4670K
Corsair H100i
Corsair Vengeance 16GB 1800MHz
Corsair RM850 PSU
GeForce GTX 770 SC W/Titan Cooler
MSI GD65 Z87 Gaming
WD 2TB Green HDD
Samsung 840 EVO 120GB
Windows 8.1 64Bit
Akasa Vegas Red LED’s


CPTiGolDeN 118 says:

it was probably the ipad with the range. Because ipads arent meant for gps or tracking use, phones and gps’s are.

Mário Augusto says:

Awesome analysis, I’m looking for a low cost Programmable Drone with good performance, and this one totally looks to fit in these requirements. Thanks for the video

AP3X BI0 H4Z says:

Hey AppleTechBeast, I recognise your face from somewhere. I think I have seen you in Lincoln before. Great video, i am definitely buying one of these. Thanks

Brad Savoie says:

I was considering this drone but the styrofoam blade protection was a deal breaker.

Kim Moon says:

You sound and look like the kid that played the younger Capt Picard on SNG when they had the transporter accident! LOL

Snoozing Lion says:

Very nice and thorough review. Thanks for taking the time to share.
Much appreciated 😉

Shix Lo says:

I would add firework missles and a paintball gun on it so I can use it in paintball as a scout

Guardian's Creed says:

Walmart is now selling these…two years later

Andy Hwang says:

cool drone

Rusty R3volva says:

Just got this today, saw 2 red LEDs at the back, I see it’s meant to be red.


how far are this drones capable of going and how high

Speedy2246 says:

great video! im just getting into drones/quads. fell free to check out my channel and subscribe if you’d like thanks

FindmeKicksUK says:

what vanera you use for this video?

Kurapika Nostrad says:

Is this waterproof?

wow $189 but it doesnt shipp to saudi arabia 🙁

david steel says:

You are perfect halfords material hahahahaha x

Randome Video says:

Can hover and not shake at all

Skye says:

could you attach a gopro to it?

Holo Polo says:


vincenzo zito says:

ma se hai la testa piccola so cazzi to

Daz R says:

did you pre order the dildo mic

Dustin Farley says:

I got mine for 199.99.

이동원 says:


Cal Anderson says:

You look like bruce wayne

Thatchman says:

Nice channel you got here, keep it up!

FrankTheFrypan Games says:

Can you run the wifi with a SIM card?

Villajin Villalobos says:

Which is much better, this parrot or the Hubsan H501S Advance?

William Latter says:

One power edition battery doesn’t last for 30 mins it lasts for 18. Parrot say 35-40 mins flying with both batteries together

Nurzh black says:

Маленький писюнь

Chris Bunch says:

Excellent production, and so much enthusiasm!

JimmyJames82 says:

Whats the range on these things and how long can they fly around for?

Jason Murphy says:

Nice video man this really helped thanks

Daz R says:

can the drone carry the dildo mic for stereo sound

Zach B. says:

So I’ve used a drone in massive paintball fields before and it gives me a huge advantage, thing is I can’t control it and play at the same time so someone else always did it for me from our start point. Can I set this drone on a prerecorded path (a circle around the field) and still get the wifi enabled image? If the drone leaves my wifi range will it continue on its path? If it comes back into my range will I get the image automatically? Can I take control of the drone while it is executing it’s prerecorded path and fly it to where I want? If I do that can I still reactive it’s flight plan without landing it? This thing looks amazing and I hope it can do what I want it to 😀

air gaming says:

I’m going to get this drone so I need to know as muck as possible

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