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The Parrot ANAFI is a 4K drone with many great features. It is light weight fun to fly and has a camera that tilts 180 degrees giving you the ability to look both below and above the drone as you fly. But it does have some shortcomings too. Check out this video where we go through every feature of the ANAFI and talk about the features we like and the design flaws of this highly hyped drone. If you are looking at the ANAFI as a drone you might want to purchase, you should definitely watch this video to help you make up your mind.
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Review Productions says:

You put the mirco sd part twice.

Mojo says:

the shitty sd card is easy to put up with as the drone has no…. no fly zones—thats priceless

MySimpleChannel says:

A could use this for business, the tilt camera up option that is

Nick Ferdinande says:

I don’t know why I find it so funny but it looks like you have antennas LOL

Sal Hernandez says:

Spark might have been cheaper but that was without a contoller, same thing goes for mavic air

Bule British says:

I got mine for only 399 pounds so around the same price as a spark with controller. Its an awesome little drone for the price and no messing around with losing connection like I had with the spark. DJI products really don’t like Android.


Thanks, as a pilot CAA trained in the UK enjoy your videos. I got one for fun! thanks for your video

Jahigro e says:

the deluxe model comes with a very nice case for every thing

AR 23 says:

I had a spark it’s no way near as good as the Anafi as for the air it’s good but the Anafi has a better camera 21mpx and ud4k p-log fly anywhere and thank God for no OA yawing is not a issue with ND filters ps I have a slim case on my s9+ and it fits …The app is much better than dji I can fly within 30sec

MrPlaneTalk says:

At 6:11, the horizon appears to be tilted a few degrees down left. (It is a river so the water should appear level.) Is there a calibration issue or a horizon problem with the Anafi? I have seen this horizon issue with other reviews. I believe there may be a “horizon correction” option in settings, but it would be a pain if I have to do that every time. Thanks.

paul doroff says:

Around christmas ill bet there will be fly more packages, ill buy one after years end,gotta bebop 2 which isnt as portable as this but still a steady flyer

Dave K says:

I have one of these and the drone itself is not bad except the lens is too wide angle for my taste and the range and jittery video transmission needs work. I didn’t get anywhere close to 2.5 miles and not even one mile. BUT! they asked me for a review in exchange for a 10% discount which I used for a second battery. They then sent me a link to see my review except it wasn’t there. I called and the gal/recording at the start of the call was so unintelligible that I chose a keypad number just to get to someone. The person I got was a jerk. He told me that the review was for Parrot’s view only despite the email I told him I got saying to look at and see what others will be seeing about the Anafi. He insisted that I wouldn’t see it regardless in an attitude that was pretty sucky. When you get put on hold it’s pretty awful dissonant music. Also when I ordered that battery they sent me a tracking number that went to UPS and it wasn’t a match for a shipment. I checked back with the same result. When I called CS then they said it was shipped FedEx and they gave me a new tracking number. So after all is said and done they send you an email saying the case is resolved even if it isn’t and you have 7 days and then it’s dropped. I like this drone because it’s straight forward simple to fly and the photo capability is pretty satisfactory. But if you ever need CS be forewarned they might not be very accommodating.

Tim Riggs says:

As of 12/18/18 $699.00 for combo with 3 batteries full case that holds it all got mine at best buy

spaniard camp says:

have review fimi x8 se?

Joey Mantka says:

If it doesn’t have those cons.. I’d choose this over the mavic or air

IamWedge says:

I actually have a Parrot Bebop2. They are nice drones. When parrot announced the ANAFI I was going to buy one. But, I decided to sit back and see how the community liked it. The charging ports… Im not a fan of. Ive seen too many times where the metal shield (where you plug in USB C) if ther is any sort of movement, the shielding will break on you sooner or later. I think that micro sc card slot needs to be re-engineered. The older parrots just used 8Gb of onboard storage. I know the older model Parrots the software you had to adjust when you got your notifications for low battery. I have mine set higher at like 30%. Now, as for that controller it seems like a big step backwards. Ill send you a pic of the Sky Controller 2, not that is a great controller. The camera just seems to be too exposed. Older models just used full image stabilization by software. My controller (Sky Controller 2) i use a full size ipad. But i switch to a ipad mini down the road. I would also agree with you about the price. If Im going to spend that on the ANAFI. I might look at a Spark or an Air. Great review Kelly!

Giuseppe says:

Alway good tutorial. Thanks. An important point in favor of ANAFI is the possibility, with slight modifications, to reduce its weight to 300 gr. This allows, at least in Italy, to be able to register as inoffensive, so you can fly almost anywhere, even in the presence of people, without the need to have licenses or permits. An insurance and a few other simple rules are sufficient.

TheMidniteLite Company says:

My synopsis is parrot assumes you are not an idiot. Obstacle avoidance is for terrible pilots. Thank you for the video.

Michael Riecher says:

Can’t complain about the price now $550 at B&H.

Rolex0071 says:

Speed of the Anafi 39 mph 40 mph tops.

Savage Bond says:

Nice job on the review. They are not easy to do at all. That said, please review this drone and it’s good and bad points without interjecting every feature of a DJI product. All drones have strengths and weaknesses and a GIANT plus for this drone was almost barely talked about and it is the flight time. If you can get 25 minutes of flying on a battery with a 4K camera equipped drone with stabilization (yes, it is stabilized), and all that for under $700, go for it. Most flights anyone who actually flies their drone for video/photo footage conducts involve some setup, some preparation, waiting, and of course, fiddling with the App to setup flight modes and settings. My biggest complaints with my Mavic Air are/were the short flight time (48 flights averaged 15 minutes and I flew until about 15-20%) and the unruly alerts and messages on the screen. I had motor warnings, battery warnings, wind warnings, airspace warnings, high blood pressure warnings (JK), and all of that is a distraction and annoying as hell. I spent a good 3-4 minutes of every flight with the Mavic Air X-ing out warnings and listening to that God-awful beeping and the tail end. DJI makes a fantastic product, but their products have become totally overbearing. I had erroneous airspace warnings that prevented flights when I was over 20 miles from any airport, helipad, or anything. In some cases I had chartered boats to get to these shoot locations and the drone screwed me out of the footage and my money. Software is written by humans and there are flaws. As for obstacle avoidance, it is nice to have, but look around at all of the idiots who still crash their drones with a Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, or a Phantom. If they would stop putting obstacle avoidance on these expensive remotely-piloted-aircraft, some of these drunk dumbasses might actually learn to “FLY”. Technology doesn’t prevent accidents and can be a huge crutch that prevents people from learning. I am a career helicopter pilot and flew my Mavic Air as if my butt was strapped in the front seat on every flight. I didn’t go flying through the woods hoping it wouldn’t hit anything, I actually piloted the aircraft and maneuvered through areas safely. I have owned 2 DJI drones and think they do very well for most things, but the Mavic Air had garbage for flight time, completely overwhelmed you with warnings and audios, and the controller constantly lost reception. That is why I switched to Autel and bought the EVO. I like the ANAFI and the upwards capable camera is a total win. If you fly in mountainous areas, urban skylines, and somewhere with great vertical structures (towers, bridges, monuments), there are incredible shots you can get with that camera. Again, great job on the review and video. Please try to be less of a DJI Homer for future reviews.

Marc Trainor says:

Great review from you, as usual, This ANAFI is certainly raising my eyebrows, mainly for the fact that the gimble can go straight up and down and not show the props. Could allow some very creative shots. The other big pluses for me is the extended battery time, the decent looking footage, and that digital zoom. I have digital zoom on my regular hand held video cameras but the ANAFI’s digital zoom looks a lot cleaner than mine. I’m very impressed with what I’m seeing here. It doesn’t seem to have that “fakey” kind of look like my handheld video cameras have. I’m gonna give this some serious thought. Marc

El Diablo says:

Can you download the footage directly from the drone, without having to take the micro sd card out? …and would you get the Anafi or the Spark Fly More Combo (it is for a Christmas gift, I bought a Mavic 2 Pro recently :), I believe the Mavic Air is the closest competitor but the Spark has more or less the same price in Germany (Spark Fly More 600€ _ Anafi lowest 650€)

TheMidniteLite Company says:

Put the controller in a case of your own making like a professional.

Peres Dixon says:

….but it’s £540/$540 compared to over £900/$900 for the Mavic..

Brian Bird says:

3 axis gimbal would be useless.

There are two pieces of plastic on each side of the camera. Last I checked, even the best hd cameras can’t see through opaque objects.

daniel 463 says:


Petri Y says:

I went for Anafi as I got a “superish” deal of 540€ / 610$ for the extended package that has 3 batteries, controller and the carrying case that fits all in.

7curiogeo says:

So I’m thinking your cons are you.

Craig Schumacher says:

Cons…stop touching the card…it boots up and is transferable via USB so you don’t have to touch it….you learn to remove battery and it doesn’t care if you pull the battery pre initialization….landing is a non issue…the battery indicator shows level warning visibly in color change…no avoidance allows me to get close like I want as a pilot and keeps me engaged…keep the foam protector it came with to protect the sticks…never have had motion blur yet because fast yaws aren’t cinematic on any drone…phone complaint also shows users laziness to not deal with case but if you fly these type of drones you should get a cracked no provider phone and fly with that…no interruptions ever…stop forcing manufacturers to bow down to DJI…the camera capabilities are better then drones at twice the price for no props ever in the shot which is priceless in post….I’ve got over 200 flawless flights with the Anafi that are way more fun and creative then any other camera I’ve put in the air…and you skipped mentioning dolly zoom completely which is a home run for close shots in music videos…so I’m sorry but your cons are a bit nit picky and feels like an attempt to keep the DJI zealots happy.
I’m stoked that Parrot stays their course…here is the real negatives:
The remote is heavy and unbalanced with phone so it needs a neck strap but they left no place for it. I’ve modded a Yuneec four point strap to work by hot gluing small screw eyes into recessed holes for remote screws in the back.
It needs a hood and this is where the phone mount gets in the way…
You can damage the blades if you aren’t careful closing the case lid as they can get crushed if not aligned with the lid molding.
The file labeling and date stamping is confusing and you cannot change the file name if you want it in the gallery so you must upload those first to your mobile device if you want a quick view and post from phone.
There is no documentation on many features of the app so there is a learning curve…
Don’t expect perfect position in winds and it’s not precise in RTH.
Parrot has excellent customer service and are easy to reach and talk with actual techs.

Mehdi Taleb says:

Hi, I intend to buy a drone and have to choose between the Anafi and the Mavic Air. I will use it at 95% for video footage while travelling. My only concern is that I need a drone that cost under 700€ and with the full package (extend or fly more). I heard that the camera of the Anafi isn’t great but the Mavic Air is too expensive I find. I don’t know what to choose, what would you go for yourself ?

IM35461 says:

I expect someone has already found out but trying today the up joystick cancels the land command.

MrPlaneTalk says:

I don’t own any drone yet. I wanted to like the Anafi, but too many negatives for me. Other negatives not mentioned: Charging time is double the Mavic Air at 100 minutes. Anafi extra battery is $99 on Amazon. (There is a current offer as of 9/21 for free extra battery with purchase from Anafi). Also, having to pay extra (in-app purchase) for “follow me” is ridiculous. I agree that this drone should price point at about $499. Thanks.

R4ym1n says:

A 4k hdr sony sensor lossless zoom 180 degree tilt camera, 2.5 mile range, 25 minute flight time drone at the spark price point of $399 ??? Are you kidding ! I beleive $600 is the sweet spot. Parrot just held a limited promo for $600 with an extra battery, now thats a deal.

Steve Turner says:

Hi really embarrassed to ask how do you turn off the anafi thanks

Loz Just Coz says:

I got this drone for Christmas and it is amazing. Easy and efficient in every condition. I would recommend it 100%. Of course it isn’t perfect but this is definitely close to it!

Matthew Magbee says:

IS that footage from 360 Bridge in Austin TX?

Vincent Rogiest says:

The french crooked cook did it again,…… shortcomings and design flaws. LOL

TheVickersDoorter says:

Has the latest update addressed any of your cons list or added new features not present when you reviewed?

João Dias de Carvalho says:

Thanks for your review, good job! The big question, the best is? I have done my test with Parrot Anafi Gimbal and Zoom! Great begginner drone! Let’s go forward! Best Regards

Gian Volante says:

You never mentioned range?


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Frank Zuijdevelt says:

At the end….. we want a DJI 🙂

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