Parrot ANAFI Drone Review – Part 1 In-Depth – [Unboxing, Inspection, Setup & Updating]

Enjoy my Parrot ANAFI Drone Review – Part 1 In-Depth – Unboxing, Inspection, Setup & Updating. ANAFI

So far… Impressed. How good will the flight time actually be and what about the range? These are my main questions that we will answer in the flight tests to come.
Lots more to come with the ANAFI. Flight tests, Range tests, 4G Mod?

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Excitement with Technology says:

So what do you think is the better drone Dji Spark or Parrot Anafi? Great video!

Dave Anderson says:

When you fly, make sure to put your iPhone in Air plane mode.

ReeferReas says:

Once again! You did it, good review and looking forward to part 2

natshenkin says:

Nice looking drone but the controller is little to be desired.

Sean Corcoran says:

16:50 I noticed that the Mavic Air is mounting the Anafi from behind…yup looks about right.

kopparsulfat says:

Is this a joke? For that price not being able to use a real fastcharger?? Thats a pretty noob fail from the Parrot team and a dealbraker.

paul doroff says:

I would have to create a mod using the ipad adapter from the skycontroller1 to fit my galaxy tab a, phones are too small to fpv or read the flight data,hmm to buy or not

Augustinho Neto says:

Thanks Bro! Another great review!

Stormrider says:

No quick release props ?
No obstacle avoidance ?
Toy-like design on the controller and no detachable sticks ?
Well at least we have 4k finally on a parrot 🙂 well done
How do you fit a tablet in the mount ? Is there an external mount as it seems a 10″ might not fit there

Tazkiya Fariz says:

The Motors are brushless or brushed?

solen 1 says:

4g mod for the range test??? Man I love this channel.
Great unbiast review as always

niki123489 says:

Which one you can fit in your pocket easily: Parrot ANAFI or Mavic AIR?

Mister Multirotor says:

The plastic is THICK

Valeanu Adrian says:

you just said sim card to the sd card :))by the way if tha arms are so flexible it can cause really bad vibrations to the whole drone in wind and that can cause some troubel but it’s a really nice drone with such tiny motors…

Lane H says:

I dislike how you said no bad or unwanted thing about this

Steve Doe says:

Great review. Thanks.
Do we know if the max altitude of 150 mt can be surpassed ?

thafactor24 says:

Everything i own with parrot name on it tried to Fly away

Ben Lake says:

You should do parrot mini drone hyrofoil. Not bad drone I have 2 of them.

Joe Marianna says:

Great review. Looking forward to the next video.

LtKernelPanic says:

First impression is compared to the Mavic Air is it looks cheap. The flexible arms may help in a crash but they look like they’ll flex a lot in flight too. I’ll be interested in the flight tests but based off what I’ve seen so far for the same price I’ll stick to the Air.

max chilla says:

Unfortunatly the Gimbal is only a 2 Axis Gimbal….the yaw Axis is only stabilised by software.

fhardlie rahman says:

I hate it when they charge you extra for unlocking follow me..

Robby BUGS3 CH says:

Cool one again Dustin. To my opinion it is a bit dangerous the firmware could not update for the first time. I understand wireless connections are not faultless, maybe they can deliver a cable to do a faultless update and check/monitor the wireless part afterwards. Thanks for sharing your great video. Top!

niki123489 says:

Which one you can fit in your pocket: Anafi Parrot or Mavic Air?

David Michael McNelis says:

After a 2nd review of your excellent and informative video, I still don’t see where the altitude of the RTH can be set by the pilot. I’ve heard it was pre-set at 20 meters, (no change possible) but wanted to positively find out. Cheers!

David Michael McNelis says:

Another good video Dustin. Question… maybe I missed it, but I didn’t notice you setting the RTH height, etc. I’ve heard of limitations in this area. Any observations? Thanks and keep up the good work! I’m especially looking forward to your further range tests on both the Anafi and the Evo.

marcelovhm1 says:

Wish I had this birdy or a Mavic Air. You think I could manage to sell/trade a Bebop AR 2.0 Elite GPS edition+ Bebop2 adventurer pack for an ANAFI? 😀 Great review like usual, I really like most of us, look to you for honest unbiased comparisons. – As well as being entertaining. Cheers!


I would rather buy the mavic air for the extra hundred dollars

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