Parrot Anafi drone review: DJI still owns the sky

Parrot’s new drone Anafi is direct response to DJI’s Mavic Air — a compact drone capable of HDR 4K aerial footage. It also introduces three features you can’t find anywhere else, but is it enough to rival DJI?

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Thomas Bateson says:

Watch Authentec’s review, it was better than this (No offence)

natserog says:

Great video
My shipped — not sure using my iPhone

RitualREDRUM says:

Almost thought it said Antifa lmao

linuxmind says:

I think it’s funny that people complain about actually having to fly the drown as in “take control”. Sure having software that does it all for you is nice but what people tend to forget is that this is not a toy but a type of an aircraft. DJI makes the flying so simple that even a kid can fly these; This makes forget that they are actually flying something and not playing a video game. IMHO this takes away the feeling responsibility as you lose track of the actual matter.

Before these shiny companies existed, this was a hobbyist niche where you had to actually learn how quad copters work, you had to at least have some kind of understanding about the tech behind these before you could actually fly one. You had to take control of these drones (all that the controller did was mix the throttle input and aim to hold the drone steady, sometimes with GPS lock, mostly without). Now it’s purely a toy, mostly being used irresponsible.

antonio martinez says:

Mavic air have a lot of issues, I,m very diaspointed with it.

James Breedlove says:


Louder says:

What’s with the speech/audio in Verge videos lately? This and the Blackberry video both sound as if the hosts have too much saliva or something in their mouths. Project and annunciate.

Frykauf La Kosta says:

I mean if they fix the software hiccups than it is really good because you save A LOT of money on accesories.

Aurelien Roy says:

1:12 When the battery is in the drone, a 2-3 second press on the button shows its indicator without turning on the drone

EnterSandmaam says:

No-kee-a phones??? Really???

zyph vfx says:

I was your 2,000,000 sub

Ethan Mitchell says:

You did not mention the noise of the anafi compared to the mavic air. Also no lock out software or flight data collection like DJI. Big plus for people who want to be discreet.

Patrick OHare says:

Can it take 360 Panoramas?

Cola Gesicht says:

congratulations to 2 million subs.

Strahinja Lekic says:

Odličan prilog Vjerane! Bilo bi dobro da te češće vidjamo!

noisycarlos says:

Price is $699 btw, for anyone interested since it wasn’t mentioned.

Qibilii says:

At that price point, you can get a Mavic Pro. DJI are soon announcing their new drone(s), maybe the Spark Mk II, Mavic Mk II or Phantom Mk V. All the same, they should have something budget friendly and compact like the Anafi.

C L says:

There are so many features of the Anafi you haven’t touched on. I have just looked at Auten Tech’s review and it is amazing what anafi can do.

Tech with Sanjay says:


Bushangels says:

Can’t agree more…. Its ridiculous to charge your customers for features including followme when ther are included in all other major drones.

TeeeJaay125 says:

you forgot to mention that you have to pay for additional shooting modes

pierowashere says:

You can see the filter on the Air at the beginning of the video so your samples comparing the quality are biased.

Seyyahûn says:

Thnx! now I start hating from both drones!

Family Gain Ministries says:


Laszlo Molnar says:

2 year warranty on Anafi!!

Dylan Thomas says:

Fact battery stadium each on friendship offer along technology perceive vehicle blade territory.

Rolex0071 says:

Yep DJI is the best. Try telling me that after the last update which is causing me hell since.

/dev/random says:

No forced geo-fencing. Sold. DJI can go to hell with their idiotic geo-fencing where I can’t even fly my drone on an abandoned air field.

Neo_182 says:

Sponsored video is sponsored.

Eric Wood says:

Must work for DJI? Where is this gigantic huge controller? Also failed to mention the 25 minute flight time vs 16 minutes from the mavic air. That my friend is huge not the controller!!! Your putting down HDR? Is this perhaps because the mavic air is lacking this. Just because you fail to use your creativity for viewing straight up and the possibilities. Means it’s useless? Again a feature not available on the mavic air. And yet the Anafi is lighter, folds up better, is quieter and also cheaper. I hate to inform you sir but they are going to sell countess numbers of these. And in return invest and produce even better drones. Be prepared!

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