Parrot ANAFI 4K HDR Drone: Hands-On Review!

Parrot ANAFI ➜


-4K HDR videos and 21MP photos
-Unique 180º vertical tilt gimbal, ideal for low-angle shots
-USB-C smart battery for a 25 minute flight time
-Ultra-compact and lightweight carbon frame, drone unfolds in less than 3 seconds

My Gear Used In This Video:
Main A-roll camera:
4K B-roll cam:
4K B-roll gimbal cam:
My main action cam:

Electric Unicycle Scooter:
Electric Gigabyke eBike:

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Thanks so much for watching! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments!

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rambacy says:

Does it have a function FOLLOW ME ?
How long battery stays alive on 4K video shooting?

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

Super pumped about this one! What do you think of this new ANAFI 4k HDR drone?!

Check Parrot ANAFI pricing here ➜

Marcos Garcia says:

I’ve had 2 Parrots already, hope they are getting better.. For now I’ll stick with DJI..

Kasra says:

can you record audio through your phone while flying the drone?

happycrush says:

anyone else think like an exact copy of the DJI Mavic?

Margarvy Valcin says:

Great vid
But I’m gonna buy the second version
.. it’s always better

Valdez Brown says:

umm can you give me some details on that scooter you were on?

Denis Balobin says:

Bebop 2 was easy for repairs, I’m not sure about anafi, no sensors looks strange, add payments for applications… Price looks also expensive…but anyway looks good:)

Juan Elam says:

what kind of scooter is that?

Joel Hernandez says:

Looks like a flying webcam lmao

Pedro Bermudes says:

cheaper than i was expecting (was waiting around 900-1100)
records really well, i was not expecting that image quality coming from this one.
it have cool options to tweak (like others more expensive -and less expensive too-)

i`ll be honest, this HDR look really forced.
I mean, the grass looks like silly putty.
without it looks way better, only loosing the brighter spot on matrix
*proprietary battery* – that one would kill me.

balexandre says:

competing with Mavic Air? more Spark … no avoidance sensors whatsoever should be pair with Spark, and no Air 🙂

minhai jin says:

I have few question about this drone.

Hows the connection with the joystic? Is it stable?

And when hovering is this drone stable?

When bettry is low, Return to home mode also stable?

Adam - Kung Fu Imaging says:

That price seems a bit silly, don’t ya think?! Especially when you have to pay more for features given on comparable drones for free.

Juan C Garcia says:

Dude where do you live!! Friggin mansions everywhere!

Bruce Edwards says:

Wow great review…I really like this drone but no obstacle avoidance sucks especially for the price..

Vayx • Vayzz says:

Does this support FPV ?

Moe Changavar says:

$30 in app purchase for “Follow Me” option !! No thanx

Billy Darley says:

*just bought my first drone the bebop 1 with SC, still in the mail. because of you i think this will be my second drone purchase.*

daclina says:

Thanks for the video. My favourite is your testing ground around the dam. It looks amazing in the footage. Where is that?

kevin ???? Mai says:

The camera look like chicken head .

anthony smith says:

Nice review well put together, btw whats the scooter you riding, is it electric?

Jerzy Oblicki says:

Camera very poor.


11:49 HAHAHA

Antonio Pereira says:

Can you tell me if there are any batteries already on sale for Anafi?

Anthony Richard says:

This drone seem interessting and i been more surprised by the location, such a lovely place…

Google User says:

No helmet?… I’m questioning this guy’s intelligents,I’m hardly going to take advice from him after that

indigoal3n says:

Way too for merely 20 min of flight..

merkava1988 says:

GPS included?

Jason Waghorn says:

sorry I’m sticking with DJI

Connor Hill says:

still not as good as dji its a 4k toy

Alfredo Fonseca says:

the HDR colors are terrible… the specs are nice though

kaju kaushik says:

I am an indian i really really like drone it just fantastic i sm not having enough words to recognize this drone i really want this drone

indigoal3n says:

man,youre sooo attached to your gadgets,wtf will you do WHEN theres no more power and internet. auch!cuz its coming.

Matt says:

Is there any sort of hdmi or video out that allows you to connect another source for viewing?

Blue ChEese says:

Great video like always

Chariton Tassis says:

Anafi is a Greek island. In the original video of Parrot shows photos of the island. Also is pronence anáfi not anafí

FLShark says:

How hard was it Before takeoff, on updating all software and firmware, before flight? Also, how hard was the Remote Pilot License FAA 107 exam ?

Afruddin shaik says:

How much

r4ym1n13 says:

how long did it take to charge with your battery bank because with my phone charger it takes forever please thank you

Photo Quintessence says:

Wow!! Great Video!

LukmanVII Gaming says:

Love from Malaysian sir.. done Sub and thx for give us review for this new drone.. Hope you got more and more video for the future..

for Aslan says:

To me, the most telling part of this entire video is at 11:58 and it only lasts for 2 seconds, almost as an afterthought….namely, the close flyover of the paddling geese(ducks?) in the lake. The wild animals virtually ignore the drone, with only the last bird perking its neck, lazily, to take a look at the drone. I presume this close shot of wild animals was due to the quietness of the drone. I would buy this drone in an instant, for this quiet feature alone. But, I am a bad flier and I need some degree of optical avoidance, so I don’t know if I should buy this or the louder Mavic 2 which has 6-axis optical avoidance. I wish Parrot would add a model with optical avoidance.

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