OnagoFly Review, Another Failed Crowdsourced Nano Drone, Should be NoAGoFly

Onago Fly Smart Nano Drone Review http://www.DadDoes.Com A very disappointing first look at the OnagoFly Drone ($250). Long story short, do not buy this drone. Incredible promise, very poor results. Ours stopped working after 5 flights.

Watch OnagoFly Part 2 Here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaEkRZS_6x4

The OnagoFly Nano Drone has an incredibly successful Indiegogo campaign, raising over $3.5 million. The appeal was all this –

Takes photos & videos comparable to iPhone 6s with 15 megapixels and 1080p, HD, 30 FPS video.

Intelligently & instantly maneuvers around walls and trees using built-in infrared technology.

First nano drone to track location from your smart device and records on the go. (Wi-Fi connection)

Weighing only 140g, it’s highly portable. Conveniently fits in backpack, bag or suitcase.

Control navigation, set up auto-follow, & sync photos and videos instantly.

ONAGOfly outperforms in its category and provides 15 mins flight time.

Takes off from your palm with one button activation and easy UI to maneuver.

Watch live from a remote smart phone or tablet device to get instant videos with no delay.

Automatically takes pictures when smiles are detected, capturing those moments worth saving.

The problem is – none of it works well at all. If somehow they update the firmware and repair our broken OnagoFly, we will let you know, but for now – DO NOT BUY.


Robert Sauber says:

http://arirobot.com/ is OnagoFly new scam I guess. First they send all the backers a crap drone and then they call it beta. Did not do anything promised to backers. Now they are offering backers what they promised for an additional $199. What a scam. That means because I was a supporter I have to pay 550 for something they are claiming works now instead of 299 from there new site. Yea I paid for the pro model not the beta model. SCREWED!!!!

ItX Kitty says:

If you practice and master the basics you can be pro

Denny C says:

crappy product for $260!

p1stuffy says:

Mine still working after 5 flights……just got mine this week. Also looks like an update to Android app as my screen is different from yours. Hope you get yours working, maybe try updating the app? I am enjoying mine so far…..stealth black looks COOL as well. It is really cool doing the landing mode and it lands back in your hand, everyone that sees that is like WHOOAAAA, that is COOL!!!!

Jorge The teck kid says:

Be cause most Chinese sellers are scammers not all and they try to sell it buy telling you it’s tha best

Dan says:

I’m getting my money back!!!! Woooo-hoooo!!!

Persistence and patience and the fact that Indegogo and Onago gave me the runaround with email addresses (basically passing the buck) PLUS (of course) that the drone does not work, convinced PayPal to refund my money. Yes, I have to pay for shipping to return it, but it sure beats having that piece of junk sitting around reminding me that I wated over $200 on it!

For anyone else trying to do the same, hang in there!!

Our Daily Lives says:

i bought one, flew it at a giant field. went crazy, flew into some guys yard, i still could see the footage, and the guy picked it up and smashed it. i didnt have any footage of it but it is cracked.

Son Koral says:

Agree totally. My PSA: DO NOT BUY – The OnAGoFly fails at the only thing it’s supposed to do: FLY. My test video that illustrates just how hard the fail is with this drone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFl7e3FnZ2I&feature=youtu.be

saness says:

thats strange i got one and mine works fine but i guess thats just me (._.)

ConSoul says:

In my opinion – the only real way to forgo the “crowdfunding risk” claim is as follows: they have a video showing a child can fly this thing from the palm of the hand – and in fact if child tries that – he could be severely injured – as in lose an eye, so this was false advertising, and a public danger – they do not go into the risks of flying drones.

AllOffroad 4x4 Adventures TV says:

same issues here I requested my money back trough PayPal

Ralph Clarence Chan says:

I have this drone one I started it for the first time It went crazy ASF it’s like skynet took over the drone and it almost spreaded my finger..

Fatih Oguz says:

how much

Jmax Bassboosted says:

i think that drone was build to for users to hate it and it’s object avoid is really body slam every thing in sees :/

Jim Haggerty says:

This is a SCAM!! they claim “order fulfilled”  they never fill the order, they never respond, DO NOT FALL FOR THIS PHONY SCAM!

Roger Watts says:

Anyone interested in pooling resources to see if we can get someone to represent us for a class action lawsuit? You can reach me at utilityabc@gmail.com

XQSlink says:

I was going to put a video together of how to fly these things, but someone has beat me to it… sorry people review out of box without flight. skill or device knowledge.

Toy, Gadget and Product Reviews by Dad Does says:

Quick update. It has been over a month since we first tried contacting OnagoFly. We have sent 8 emails to support, tried 7 different times to call customer service – voice mail always full. We have left comments on their Indiegogo campaign. To date, we received zero response from any of the 8 emails sent to support@onagofly.com. We received one email from someone who was on the “social media” team (came from a gmail account). He asked for my contact info so he could have someone contact me. I supplied it. That was 2 weeks ago, never heard from anyone.

This is the problem. OnagoFly keeps posting message – “If you have problems, just contact support”. They do NOT reply and I am sure others here could back me up on this. We recently reviewed this Hubsan FPV Quadcopter – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nm6ua2QF-OU much better drone at half the price. It does not have obstacle avoidance or follow me, but turns out the OnagoFly does not have this features either.

marbleshark says:

I find it hilarious you even felt the need to make this video, it was INSTANTLY obvious from their sales propaganda (the impossibly stable footage without 3 axis gimbal, and people ‘reviewing’ a product that didn’t exist) that this was a con.  I actually complained to IndieGoGo right at the start of the campaign to be told it was being ‘investigated’ – they never shut it down though… IndieGoGo are just as bad.

Dat Nguyen says:

I couldn’t get mine to lift off the ground! This is a hoax. I would join anyone who plan to have a class action law suite against these guys!

diveman54 says:

I have one it does the same thing!! Not fun at all.

arboristBlairGlenn says:

I hope this video goes viral. I made the mistake of buying this piece of *^%# and tried to return it. (It’s defective). They wrote to me and said “crowd funding risk” I I say FRAUD!!!

Alden Crabb says:

I pre-ordered mine last Christmas and to date have not received my drone! I keep sending them emails asking them where is my drone and only three times did they reply, saying due to high demand we will supply your drone in May, then they said end of June, then the last email they sent they said please supply the email you bought the crowd funding package on. WTF! I sent my email from the same email account! I smell something that comes from the behind of your average bovine!  BLAH…BLAH…BLAH…BLAH…BLAH!!

Greg Castiglione - CDOT says:

At least some of you guys got something. I never received anything but lies. They took my money and ran!! Out $264.00

Erfan Hamidi says:

The video they advertised is totally different from the videos they had of it “functioning”


What a load of crap.. Sounds like the Costomer service is the same to.. Avoid ..

Ticky Tocky says:

Junk, mine took off and didn’t respond to anything. My sons birthday present, someone owes me $300 GPS was enabled and controls did nothing either DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF SHIT!

Tyler McCloud says:

I’m ona go by me a DJI instead.

Gary B says:

So disappointed with this thing. Everything in the video happened to me. I thought I was going crazy. Had maybe 5 flights and each one resulted in slamming into something and breaking a prop, so now guess what, no more props and do you think they are interested in getting me some more? Nope! Keep telling me to go to Amazon and they will be there some day. Will try to get a refund, but if not, I guess I knew the risks. I will slam them with all the negative comments I can going forward so others do not waste their money. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR NoGoFly, try to stop it!

carla pereira says:

Just for information the ONAGO fly drone does not work every thing they say is a lie….i sould know for i am one of the shmucks who paid for a drone that is good for a paper weight 😉


XQSlink says:

in the beginning as with all things you learn to fly, pun intended. I love the thing, my son and I have had hours of fun and footage. seriously both of us have mastered the flight. we get easy 30 min flight flight. auto launch, auto land and follow worked good.

R3start3 man says:

Guys are you blinde ???? Dad Does when you make reviews i think you must be atleast 30% pro if you eat shit dont say to others you buy cookies. YOU GOT A FAKE look on the 2 sensors they are the same size and see original its diferent http://www.emag.ro/drona-onago-fly-smart-nano-alb-131234/pd/D7MT53BBM/?ref=complem_product-page_electro-template see all diference .
THIS IS A FAKE (i mention im not a drone holder yet but i hope i get one ,no specific mark )

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