Nerf Terrascout, A $200 Blaster/Drone (Unboxing + Review)

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I’m in love with my new robot sidekick!
Is it worth the money?:

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nerfseeker 15 says:

what size sd card can it take. i need to know because i got one of my own.

Veal Mmal says:


DEEZ COOPER 4579 says:

U ordered one I will make a vid when’s it gets here

Toasty Wizard says:


Ruthie hite says:

I buy a lot of those awesome

Zachary Savio says:

Now I just want a nerd drone you could fly over the battlefield and completely dominate

Telepathic Badger says:

I might attatch a hatchet head to the mag so I can hack at my opponents legs

NegativeJayK LootyNive says:

More like world of tank

crystal gonzalez says:

So, you’re telling me this came out around Sept of 2016 and TODAY at Toys R Us I saw they’re charging $249.99!? So, as time goes on the retail price goes up!? Go Fuck yourselve TOYS R US!

Michael Masiero says:

No offence dude but nerf guns suck real guns are better, but be safe and responcable

Sick boi399 says:

It’s a jolt reskin

Veal Mmal says:


RogerNerfclub says:

LOL .QUEST WHAT the original price was 200$ right??? Last day (december 5) he was at 229$ at toysrus of united states now he is 249.99$!!!wtf??! He is getting more expensive :/ im sure at xmas this will be 40% off and he will cost the original price .Robbers!

ItsJustinTheGamer says:

The gun looks like rapidstrike.

Jonathon Watson says:

i even got it on Christmas Day

Ressel says:

Mine doesn’t drive straight

Gary Storey says:

looks too fast for its own good. its almost toppling over under its own spend and aiming must be twitchy as fuck

Sofia Carson says:

how much

Marcus H says:

“In real time” *camera has like one second delay*

Leroy Richard says:

I’m just kiding

Jonathon Watson says:

MI it won’t work

Nathan Boody says:

Wow! Nerf finally released the thing that high school robotics classes have been building for years!
But.. without proportional steering

Jonathon Watson says:

I got another one a mind works

RogerNerfclub says:

What i have to say about this i just got one for me birthday! The baterry last so long and the speed stay the same to the begining to the end of the life of the rechargeable baterry pack if he have the bettery low he go at the same speed like if he was fully charged !

the silver leopard says:

“Stupid proof”
-Lord Draconical 2016

sam smith says:

That doesn’t make sense

hoba hussein says:


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