My Review of the SJRC F11 GPS Drone – It is a Good Drone for the Price!

The SJRC F11 GPS Drone feels like a quality drone in the hands, and it certainly flys and looks very nice. For the price of this drone on the Geekbuying website, it certainly is a good deal. You can find it here with 1 or more batteries:

STUDIO UNBOXING CAMERA: Panasonic 4K Camcorder:
STUDIO LIGHTING: Studio Softbox:


Sweden from above says:

Damn nice, what is the shipping to Sweden?

Matt Superfisky says:

Does this model have gesture mode? I seem to recall seeing this — or similar but branded under a couple of different names – having limited gesture commands ( I think take a pic and rec a vid and that’s it). Any verification or debunking by chance?

tlsmoke23 says:

Flies like a mavic in beginner mode. Sometimes I don’t want the remote in hand. Creative minds use this feature.

Steve Carpenter says:

Hello Steve, thank you very much for the nice unboxing, review, and testing of the F11 drone. Very nice foldable drone for the price and for new drone pilots. Again, another excellent video, thank you!

Anton Shtipliyski says:

Tbh, I’m watching this video just because I enjoy your videos, not because I intend to buy the drone. 😀

John Herry says:


Joe Blow says:

For some reason you can’t get any of the white version on any drones in this class / price point with more than one battery, really odd.

John Lawson says:

Wow that was a really good review. Its good that your honest and tell it like it is. Its a great starter drone. Keep up the good work

LheNuggetz says:

Can we go back to some videos on the pro drones, ya know… Autel DJI etc. You’re giving my mom ideas about new drones I just dont have the extra $$$ for right now. XDDDD lmao anyhow always enjoy the show thanks.

john jackson says:

Great video

Luke Meiritz-Reid says:

Nice drone **
Hmmm a question do you have a garage full of reviewed drones *!??
You certainly are a review guru of Drones **

Daniel says:

I’m a beginner, so if I only had a choice between the jjrc pro x5 Epic or this drone which one would be my best choice.

wilmer azarse says:

I am very excited to see how to fly indoor flight for ur review sir CAPTAIN DRONE…

Kenny Newman says:

Good review. Have held off till i seen your review on this and based on your comments i’ve pulled the trigger and ordered one to try out before moving up to dji level & prices! Thanks again 🙂

Dzole Dzo says:

excellent video !! how to get a gift of a drone !!? ☺ I need it for video recording

Paul’s Pursuits says:

3.5 hours to charge the battery is a deal breaker to me,a nice drone but charging time is unacceptable.

Corry Bowers says:

Nice video Capt!!!
Imagine if they put a good camera and gimbal system on this, honestly how much extra would it cost?!!!!! It would be an amazing drone…it’s already pretty cool. I had been looking at these before Christmas….but then Santa brought me my ANAFI…..I might get this one for my son though, I think he’d enjoy it.

Philip Suter says:

Captain Steve, What phone are you using to fly the SJRC F11?

Thanks for the review!

Alan Carter says:

Damn fine review.

DarkZenonia says:

Notbad for justfun

Albatros Aerial photography says:

I fly a lot of drones that record in 1080 P and and 720 P but the device I’m recording to my iPhone is in 4K so the recording comes out much better than what the drone can actually do now whatever goes to the SD card is what you get1080 P that’s with the SD card gets up at 720 P that’s what the SD card gets but your device can alter that so set your phone at the highest quality resolution and whatever records to the phone will come out in that quality

wilmer azarse says:


William Toop says:

As always a brilliant review

obrothers says:

Whats the word on c-fly dream version 2 ? Any updates on when you can get one for review?

Darren Reeves says:

Ok, last question… Out of those you recommended, which is going to go out the furthest ( best control range ) He has the DJi RE 5.8ghz Goggles and the Eachine 5.8ghz Fpv goggles also. Thank you kind sir!

zxxyz says:

Looks like a good drone, and another great review CD.

Fredy John says:

A little confused between these 3 brands. Which one wud be the best pic sir ?
1. JJRC JJPro X5 Epik
2. Eachine 511s or
3. SJRC F11
Pls advise.

Dana Collins says:

Question do you think it could carry the weight of a light 360 camera like a gear 360? Looking for a good cheap platform to experiment on

Voice of Reason #2. God Bless America says:

Great review. Here in South Florida, we have great weather year round. Question, “You mentioned the camera works off of 5 gHz. Does that mean I can use my 5.6gHz goggles for FPV? Hope so. Thanks again…

smokie harris says:

I really enjoy your reviews and get a lot from them in kinda knowing which way too head with this drone adventure I’m heading in. I have a small sharper image drone that one can pretty much do very little with but my 5 yr old son is just amazed with it which is why I’ve come to get so interested in the drones.nothing better than seeing him enjoying something so I’ve decided to jump in and get something that I can manage now and he will eventually be able to use. But I’ve decided to work on getting one but I’m one of those people that if I’m gonna get something I want at least the best within my budget and that would be right at the 1000 mark.don’t want to go much more than that at this time.But after watching you I have enough faith to listen to what you would think would be my best choice within that range for starting opinion lay between 3 so far and that is the autel evo and the magic air or spark.I’m really undecided at this point.I want something that’s not incredibly hard to control and can do the best Videos within reason.if you could give me some advice in deciding I’d really appreciate it and I’d also like to know overall what is your favorite over all other drones within that very same thing for sure….you know drones!! Thanks again!

Droning Harry says:

Steve another excellent video! You’re giving me to many choices to seriously look at for my wife’s first drone. There just seems to be a wealth of new GPS drones flowing out of China right now. The camera was the only thing that did not impress, maybe just the weather while you were outside filming. I like it and the flight time is just killer on this thing. It rivals DJI and actually passes the Air so they have it together with their batteries. The Price, just another reason to seriously consider this Drone. Keep bring them, choice is always a good thing especially when looking at a starter sit up . If lost at least it will not break the bank.

Fadi Awad says:

Amazing review, but i would to ask you, do you think iphone 6 and 6s will work as long as its 5g, and I’m not willing to buy 2.4, your reply would be highly appreciated.

Анатолий Трофимов says:

Отличное видео!!!Лайк 367 и подписка.Будем дружить?

Femi Omomo says:

Start with the price

Road Biker says:

Everything you want to know about the drone except not one example of video quality you can expect. Why even mention the camera??

Mojo says:

no rear landing legs?

wilmer azarse says:


stalinvlad says:

Video cameras:- We are now all wise to the fact that there are 1080p cameras which look better than 4k, it is called bitrate, a simple way to test the bitrate is to use something like mediainfo ( A good 1080p camera should use at least 10Mega bits /sec , so for example my cheap so called 4k action cam from no-name records at about 5MBS, but my yi action cam which has a very much superior picture records at about 15MBS.
Looking at the footage I would say it was a little above 5 maybe 7MBS, so in my book that is a no-buy, but I see it on gearbest with what looks like a different camera spec. for a lot more dollar.
I would pay more for a quality camera, but not from Chinese seller/ebay with the possibility I could get a lesser spec, for example I see a lot of ebayers trying to palm the Z5 as a F11.
Unless I see the video bit rate, and not just the resolution, I will automatically assume it is some happy snap toy.
Perhaps provide no camera but instead a holder for the GoPro style camera, which I don’t know can be controlled remotely because it has a USB port and follows some standard?

KSmack Volleyball says:

The first part of this video had me excited as this looked like a decent quadcopter at a low price.
However, one look at the video clip shot from the drone’s camera made me realize the quality was poor.
Anyways, it was good that I got to see it.

Chris Nash says:

I got my f11 a couple of days ago and had a far different experience. After calibration and syncing I took off using the takeoff/land button and with 15 gps satellites linked (according to the app) it immediately started to fly forward to the left without me pressing any of the controllers. I attempted to land by pressing the land button and it crashed. Second attempt was more erratic and I afraid to take off a 3rd time for fear of breaking the drone. I have contacted the seller and they have asked me to take a video of problem so they can attempt to diagnose and find resolution. But I have to say, I’m definitely less excited by this drone than by the JJRC x5.

Jenri Hater says:

Z5 or tello?

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