MJX RC Bugs 8 Pro Acro Trainer Drone Flight Test Review

This ready to fly 250 size brushless FPV racer is intended as an intermediate level pilot’s acro FPV trainer. It includes several upgrades over the previous Bugs 6. Not available for sale yet, but coming soon to all vendors.

– Sporty flier in angle mode. 3S battery gives it plenty of oomph.
– Ready to fly, includes transmitter. Can also purchase optional G3 goggles system to fly FPV.
– Can be mounted with C5830 8 channel (C Band) 5.8Ghz FPV camera with built in DVR.
– Transmitter includes telemetry warning for range and low voltage.
– Total flight time with its 3S battery was 8 minutes 33 seconds.

Upgrades over previous similar Bugs 6 include:
– Acro mode capability in addition to angle mode.
– Larger diameter 2204 1800KV motors.
– 3S 1300mah battery.
– Tri blade propellers.

– Acro mode capability requires installing provided jumper pin to enable. Not sure why MJX designed it this way? Maybe for a parent or instructor to hang onto until they feel their student FPV pilot is ready for acro?
– Acro mode felt sluggish and slow to respond. Could result in the pilot overcorrecting/crashing in harder maneuvers. Unfortunately PIDs can’t be adjusted to attempt to correct.

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1975supermike says:

Been waiting for you to get this.

jens reink says:

Hey, i own the eachine racer 180 but i broke my servo. Do you know wich servo i can use to replace it with?

DRONE review man of all drones says:

That is cool looking. !! I like the red

cxgaming says:

This is probably the earliest I’ve been. Lol

علاوي ابو الهلو says:

نعلعلا امك

Tobi Lang says:

cooler Copter!

Gerry R says:

Bag o bollocks

johnson otg says:

are you a day behind on your shout outs?

TTD 339 says:

4 th

Good morning galaxy says:

I was close to day lol

Quadcopter 101 says:

*Not available for sale yet,* but coming soon to all vendors. I forgot to stop recording on its C5830 camera, and thus lost its recorded video file. But I did include recording via my VRD2 goggles. Unfortunately the goggles didn’t seem to like the contrast of the flickering red propellers against the desert background. So you’ll see some flickering red bands in the in-flight video.

Larry Cutrone says:

You mention angle & acro modes. Can you explain these briefly for us beginners?

Good morning galaxy says:

Just in case no one said it yet

WannaDuino! The Real Live says:

SORRY N SQUAT. 42 is not oke. i know.

Raptor50aus says:

I clicked on the bell too 🙂

Howells 06 says:


flying hi says:

first it looks pretty good.. hope everyone had a Happy New Year’s.

Baylien S says:

I have a question if i may please? What does the gyro mean on a quad copter? The drones that i have which is just a few when i bind the remote to the copter then i move the sticks down and in the led lights flash a few times i guess that means the gyro is turned on but what does that do for you and the quad? Thank you and Happy New Year. And thank you for all of your reviews that you have done it has helped me out a lot on learning about these drones and how to operate them thank you.

John Forbes says:

Great quad noce review

Prano YT says:

Still one of the best reviewer

Good morning galaxy says:


Ajay Kumar Saxena says:

Wow! I am early today.

Adam Reynolds says:

Quadcopter 101 is that the same camera from the bug 6 and does it go with goggles

Terry M says:

Any recommendations for an affordable fpv flyer with goggles that fit over glasses? I’m a MJX fan owning a bugs 3 and 2W. This one looks good.

bert beinaaf says:

Tiggers TC Reviews had the same problems with flying in acro mode. Doesn’t feel right.

Barry Schings says:


Sarge Monday says:

Good review 101, but horrible camera on the quad! :^(

Fred Blueford says:

Try the aee drone with gimball

Ron Brown says:

Nice review and Happy New Year.

Thijs RC says:

i still think its the best to get a proper racing quad with acro and learn on that, you will get the best acro experience out of it

1975supermike says:

Fpv static lines put me off buying

Cyber Ghost 2 says:

whats up with the camera?

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

It’s a sports flyer again. Few seem to like the acro so far. Apparently with practice and some wild enthusiasm it can be manually flipped quite well in Angle. Nice test as usual. FTR I will never post “first” even if I am 😀

Drone Video Footage says:

Horrible camera quality… Even the hubsan 107+ have a much much quality camera and only cost $42 bucks.

Phillip C. says:

Happy new year brother! Thanks so much for the amazing work you always do! God bless ! Peace !

Timmi says:

I like it!

Mervic Shaju says:




Route 66 Flyer says:

What was the total flight time? I usually watch the count down except on your reviews because you generally post it at the end.

*Dance the Skies*

Mervic Shaju says:

happy new year.

John Cuppi says:

It appears that MJX missed the boat here when it comes to the “racing” market… *again.* Unless the price for this one is really low it will not even be worth touching when there are a plentiful amount of $150-$100 BNF actual racing/freestyle fpv drones. MJX apparently listened to the cries of “it doesn’t have acro mode” from reviews like yours and mine but nothing else. No configurable FC to change the PIDs or rates. The arms are not carbon fiber and will snap easily in the first bad crash. The same poor video transmitter, and a camera with bad video light adjustment that’s got more jello than bill cosby. MJX should just stop trying to make these weird toy-racer hybrids that end up being a half-hearted setup.

Bradford Zone says:

First – News, Sport, and Entertainment for Bradford in the UK

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