MJX RC Bugs 3 Brushless Sport Drone Flight Test Review

Here’s how to turn this large brushless camera drone into an extreme sport flier. Quadcopter courtesy of MJX R/C http://www.mjxrc.net And here’s the link with description of the Bugs 3 http://www.mjxrc.net/goodshow/bugs-3-bugs-3.html

Sorry, no buying links. My sponsor is the manufacturer, and did not want to give preferential treatment to any one of its retail vendors. But you can easily find it with a simple Google search for “MJX RC Bugs 3”

– Brushless motor quadcopter at a reasonable price.
– Extremely maneuverable and sporty flier. Yet can also be nice and stable at low rate for aerial video purposes.
– Good advertised range at 300 to 500 meters. But in this video I limited the range that I was flying to just over 200 meters, as this black quadcopter gets difficult to see at that range.
– Provides telemetry warning beeps of low battery or when flying near the quadcopter’s range limit.
– Includes a camera mount that accomodates most GoPro style action cameras including Xiaomi Yi and even the larger SJCAMs (I attached an SJ4000+ in this video).

– Not for beginners. Requires manual flying, is difficult to maintain orientation (all black), and does not have altitude hold. And generally, brushless motor quadcopters are just not safe in the hands of a new flier. You really should be experienced in the following skill before considering this quadcopter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdYTCfjUVVos
– The stock battery is somewhat proprietary. Yet many large 7.4v batteries will fit in its battery compartment, and can be used if you can incorporate a XT30 battery plug to connect to the quadcopter.
– I had to land much earlier than the advertised 19 minutes flight time at 8 minutes 41 seconds due to low battery telemetry alert. The battery had 7.57V remaining capacity measured after landing. Also to be fair, I was flying this very aggressively at high power output.

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Gary O'Hare says:

Hello 101. great review by the way will you be doing a review on the Autel xstar looks like a great quadcopter

jayson young says:

was wondering if you heard about esc’s catching fire ? I have one on the way . Someone i know got one yesterday and it caught fire .

Random ass Named asshole says:

Hey quad101 how would you rate bang goood’s delivery? I really need a quad expert’s opinion

HLFDeadKC 420 says:

could the syma syma or jjrc fpv kit be mounted to this.

Ember S says:

Love your videos, but ethically, as you get the products free, shouldn’t you give a disclaimer. It’s a question of objectivity and letting your subscribers know.

Robert Gardinder says:

You have to do a video with 3 cell batteryAre the props same as Hubson h501s

Julztanijr Julztanijr says:

Where can i buy this in time for christmas, also for the price is this ur favorite or the K70C, thanks

Sami Goat says:

Hi there could you please review the sky viper stunt drone s670 thanks.

Robert Gardinder says:

Got new bug home and it keep on dropping out of the sky to the ground when I push the flip button.charge the battery.put new set props on and calibrate the transmitter then the bugDid same againAny advice

Ken K. says:

Great demo as usual, good job. I can just see that rigged with FPV, little cam and 3.7v batt. like i did my hubsan 501C. Wonder what the range would be. Might also be good to try a little racing thru and around trees for a start, LOL. Happy Flying. Now make this freezing weather and snow go away!!! Happy Flying GrampaKenCanada

jayson young says:

on set up … I will do as I always do let the motors and esc’s warm up before I fly 🙂

Brian Ostrega says:

Hey man, just wanted to say I love your videos – great personality for the job and always knowledgable. Keep em coming!

Ralston Regalado says:

Sir what is the best budget brushless drone ?

anyshitt says:

Man those props sure look like hubsan prop’s. I wonder if its reversed? not much left for this model except for them to take the gps plunge !

Michael Jeremiassen says:

First: Thanks for the many reviews 🙂 Next: Do you know if spareparts, battery, gimbal’s that fit, will be available any time soon, and if so where?

Gadget Inspector says:

Wow, that little bugger can move! See what I did there? bugger…;).

windy Miller says:

whats a good drone for about 150 dollers for a biginner

Alan Savage says:

Great video!! Looks like I’ll have to get that one. Really fast bugger

Robert Gardiner says:

great video
need review on what other batteries you can fly with

bruce don says:

I don’t see how the range can be 500 meters with out a large db external antenna .looks like a good fpv small camer Flyer How long can she fly with a run cam on her.

Sami Goat says:

Hi there could you please review the sky viper stunt drone s670 thanks.

Quadcopter 101 says:

And although my sponsor didn’t want me to include preferential links in the video description… if you need it *from Amazon* http://amzn.to/2gLl259 Also available at lower cost here from GearBest (TRY COUPON *HYUE*) http://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopters/pp_495562.html?lkid=10237193 and available here from Banggood at http://www.banggood.com/MJX-Bugs-3-Brushless-Independent-ESC-3D-Roll-for-Gopro-3-Gopro-4-RC-Quadcopter-RTF-p-1096795.html?p=RB0922217402201307U3

abdullah ihsan says:

what is the battery size in length,width and height?

Mike Vierling says:

Looking to move up to brushless quad.  Trying to decide between the XK-X251 and the MJX Bugs3.  Your thoughts?

Inu Sama says:

Here is yet another “review” in chinese. It seems as if a special FPV modification is currently in preparation… Looks very promising to me 🙂

Justin H says:

Is this as fun as the XK x251?

Jan Domingo says:

ordered mine from geekbuying. takes ages just to even box it up and ship it. 7 business to be exact!

nottydevil 1904 says:

nice review…keep it up…lol

DroneXFun says:

do you like this quad enough to take a chance on a used one for $50? thanks

Fábio Pereira says:

The Hubsan H501S batteries will fit on this quad right ?
I only worried about the low 10c rating….

jaden schild says:

Can you do a video on b unstoppable tank drone please

rencraig2003 says:

Would you consider this a much better quad then the XK X251? I got an x251 and I am not happy with it. When I got it, I had a hard time flying it. it is my first brushless quadcopter, so I thought it was just me and I needed to practice with it more. When I would do a flyby then a tight banked turn to try to come back by again, it would want to keep drifting and not want to fly straight. Because of the drift, it was hard to get it to stop. You had to go in the opposite direction to get it to stop. most of the time when I would try to stop it, the quad would just shoot in a different direction. I had to crash land it a couple of times, because would start getting too far away and I would start to loose orientation. I landed it too hard one day, and on the carbon fiber landing gear, there is a screw that is way too long and when you set it down hard, it smashes into a chip on the PCB ESC Board and ruins it. I ordered a new PCB ESC Board and got it installed. Flying it is like night and day. I have no problems controlling it now. I can do flyby’s and banked curves without any problems now. The only thing is that I can’t get my camera port to work on my new board. When I hook my camera up to my WLtoys V686G, it works fine, but nothing on the x251. I need to open it back up to check my connections again, but I checked everything over pretty good, so I think there might be a problem with this board as well.

I want something I can use as a camera bird and yet be able to take out to have a little fun with. Do you think the quality of this quad maybe better then the x251? I know they say the batteries last about 18 minutes or something like that, but I don’t expect anything to have much over 10 minutes at this price range. How much does it weigh without a camera on it?

Robert Gardiner says:

this thing is awesome
i am going to get one
is it better than xkx251whirlwind

Journey says:

you should mount a fpv camera on this drone! that would be sick!

wolf11 says:

can u tell me anything about this one please I asked the seller but got no answer it looks like a min lily drone that fold up I figure u would be the one that can get me info on this and if it worth buying

please let know  ok

here is the info on it there no brand name and I can’t find it on any other site


birdman316 says:

looks like a great bird…i wonder if the hubsan 501s props will fit/function on the bugs motors…hmmm…nice experiment you could try 101(hint hint)..
i also bet the good ole credit card mount will work and shave off a few grams in case one still wanted to keep the landing legs and the sj4000 style camera…
looks like the x16 has some serious competition now….great job on the videos by the way…

Ben Herr says:

After watching these 2 videos and seeing how Exited you are on this one I “Pulled The Switch: and ordered one.

Great work as always. Please enjoy a most Happy Holiday Season!!!

Ben Herr

Joël Beckers says:

hello quadcopter 101,
i am wanting to buy a cheap medium camera drone for less the 150$ could you help me with that?
it would be awsome

vashon100 says:

8:38 The pics I’ve seen are consistently green (front) and red (back) for lights. I like that combo, but the underneath view of yours didn’t look like those colors? Spare parts are still kinda scarce for this new one, but liked the review, thanks.

Kyle Vince says:

5:21 Close one!

RonnieBavs says:

Hi There! Is there a quality camera drone under thirty dollars?? Thank you!

adam benson says:

Bugs 3 looks great,you got me wanting one 🙂


QUESTION: I noticed the rolls were good. But when I’m in full forward pitch and do a font or back flip. When it recovers it shoots the opposite direction for a couple seconds then rights it’s self. Have you had that issue at all?! Thanks QUADCOPTER 101

East Coast Drones says:

Wow still a far cry from the 19 minutes advertised.

Robert Gardiner says:

great video .am going to order one today
is this better than xkx251whirlwind

KJ6EPL says:

Have you considered upgrading your 808 keychain cam to the new Mobius 2 Mini?

Jan Domingo says:

modded a 2s 7.4v 2600mah lipo with a xt30 plug. gets about 16-20 in low rates for aerial footage. high rates flying around 13-15min. not bad at all

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