MJX Bugs 3 Pro Brushless GPS FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review

The MJX B3 Pro drone flies steady in strong winds due to its powerful brushless motors and accurate GPS/GLONASS positioning system. Optional C6000 802.11ac 5G WiFi FPV camera enables advanced features of FPV, follow me, circle me, waypoint flying. More info here http://www.mjxrc.net/

– Strong 2204 1500KV motors (larger than original Bugs 3 motors) with 8A ESC’s provide plenty of lifting power enabling flight even on breezy days. Automatic landings in strong wind were uneventful. Many other GPS drones might flip when landing under high winds. This one did not seem to have such a problem.
– Accurate GPS/GLONASS system provides rapid lockon of satellites, and improved positioning accuracy.
– Includes action camera mount for GoPro and GoPro clones, along with the optional MJX C6000 FPV camera
– Available flight modes with the controller include GPS psotion hold, altitude hold, headless mode, and return to home/landing.
– Long range transmitter can control drone up to approximately 1 Kilometer.
– Automatically returns to home and landing on lost signal, low battery, or on command.
– Transmitter includes LCD screen for displaying telemetry information of battery power, altitude, distance, and satellite status. Also provides telemetry beep low battery warning.
– Optional C6000 FPV camera enables advanced features of FPV, follow me, circle position, and waypoints. C6000 camera records 1080p video directly to an onboard microSD memory card to avoid WiFi lag and frame dropping. I was able to achieve FPV range with my 802.11ac WiFi phone of over 400 meters with this camera. Features are enabled through Bugs Go app available on Play here https://goo.gl/5EGRJz and iTunes here https://goo.gl/9Qaivh

– Proprietary 7.4V 2800mah desinged only for use with Bugs 3 Pro.
– Although it comes with a camera mount, no camera is provided. Purchase of the optional C6000 camera is necessary if you wish to enable and use advanced features of FPV, follow me, circle me, and waypoint flying.
– C6000 FPV reception has plenty of lag delay of over 1 second. Flying FPV requires very slow turns to minimize overshooting when maneuvering.
– Optional C6000 camera requires 802.11ac 5G WiFi for use. Not everyone has a phone capable of using this WiFi.
– Advertised flight time of 22 minutes. However, my drone automatically landed early at about 11 minutes with 50% battery remaining while under GPS mode. The drone would not let me fly it any longer, automatically landing the drone if I attempted to continue flying. (Maybe I could fly longer with GPS off and altitude hold on?)
– Waypoint maps screen does not allow Google satellite view if you wish to fly in remote areas. Thus you’ll get a blank screen in such areas making accurate waypoint plotting difficult at such locations.

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anzaeria says:

Thankyou for this review of the MJX Bugs 3 Pro. I was looking forward to it. Overall, it’s a good performer but I think I will still go for the older X380. The proprietary battery was a big turn off for me. Not just for the potential extra cost and exclusivity factor but because the battery has no balance plug to connect a gimbal. I could do that with the X380 and also with the original Bugs 3. Actually, I was also considering the original Bugs 3 as a camera quad despite the lack of gps and altitude hold. I was also looking at the Bayangtoys X16 and X21 but they seemed to be plagued by vibration. I don’t suppose you’d know of any other low cost gps quads with altitude hold and brushless motors that do not use a proprietary battery?

Cam row drone says:

Looks really windy sounds windy

Rene Duguay says:

great everything.. but audio is really really poor time to invest in the channel and get a dead cat …

Quadcopter 101 says:

Speaking of the MJX Bugs series, check out these guys flying a Bugs 3 from the top of a volcano. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lyuyy7NH8A

telephony says:

With that wind noise, methinks it’s time you got a dead cat* for that mic, hahaha!!! 🙂

* Not a real dead cat; this is what wind pop filter covers for microphones are called.

Stephen Kolenda says:

Why does all his shirts looked the same

Colin Maughn says:

what the range on that bird love it

JR Arevalo says:

it would have been great if they where still using a hobbygrade battery plug like the xt30, kept the 1000m range if not longer, made it 3s lipo capable and had a gimbal. seems like the bugs 2w is still king for toy grade drones for me.

Ron Brown says:

It looks like you were first one to get this, did MJX send it to you directly. I noticed there was no affiliate link to buy it. It seems nice but I would like to see a second test under normal wind conditions. But I have to say it passed the wind test, I won’t blow away from you.

Hayy Papi says:


Airpic says:

Great review again QC101, we all wait patiently for the next chapters.

Rafal Biernacki says:

Hi. Does anybody know if the front LED light cover and the led light itself can be removed?
I’ve seen that on other Bugs drones (I think Bugs 3H) you can replace LED light with 5.8 ghz camera for proper FPV.

Zeeshan Khan says:

Hey QC101, nice review, how do this compares to Bugs 5w and which one in your opinion is better? I take both have batteries are wont fit other bugs models and have additional features like follow me, circle etc. please reply.

Akustikaz Official says:

Yes.. How can i order this drone?

Agung Hendra Prasetyo says:

Bugs 5w or bugs 3 pro…?

Essco Lab says:

You mentioned you have to do the 360 compass calibration with all drones. I’ve only ever done it with mine once when setting up. That was nearly a year ago, so why do some need it almost every time you fly them?

Kuziva Mawoyo says:


SÉRGIO Izidoro says:

Congratulations, your Test Review is very good. The description with the pros and cons is perfect for the best understanding of foreigners, like myself. Greetings from Brazil.

roberto rubio says:

Does it have better stability than the bayangtoy x21? Can you install a gimbal?

Marcello says:

Hi can you confirm if the functions of the Bugs 3Pro (Gps, follow me, way point etc ….) work equally by mounting a Cam GoPro or only work with the Cam Mjx C6000? You would be a great help in buying. Thank you

Kake Lee says:

I can’t believe it.. too many problems..

wackid says:

I have pre ordered the B3pro. Concerning the Go Bugs app and waypoint flying. I have played with the app. And. Although I havent got the drone yet. It gives me a Google Maps map.
You have to click left under square map button. It will open up Google maps. Go back and there is a new icon in the left square. Click. On the maps icon and it will open big.

W.G. Brown says:

50% battery & all the beeping? It won’t fly?

Drone Fu says:

Boy, there’re really cranking out Bugs 3 variants. 😉 Proprietary connection kind of makes this one a pass. Bugs 2W still seems a good choice (although it’s be nice to be able to turn off altitude hold).

johnson otg says:

what were the wind speeds thanks QC101!!!

Andy Osmond says:

Another great review Q101. I’ve been waiting for the Bus 3 to go GPS .. but what a pity about the proprietary battery which put me right off it as they tend to be more expensive to buy. Having a 5g FPV also means I can’t us it with my phone either so I won’t be going for this one now 🙁

Yasmina Hage says:

so if i purchase the basic model would i get a camera mount to use my gopro ???

Gadget Inspector says:

I have been waiting on this one. MJX is definitely on a roll with a string of good drones.

Hayy Papi says:

First to comment

Paul Harvey says:

Nice review. Would love this drone but my Samsung galaxy s8+ does not have 5g. Is it possible to use somthing else instead.

Sam Malik says:

Is that fpv port is in normal model also or do i need to purchase with camera to get that circle me feature because i already have go pro.

Bobby Fillettcky says:

I don’t understand MJX why they are putting into drones those wifi 5G cameras which are absolutely not good. 5G cameras don’t have long range, have a big latency and a lot of breaks and needs long time to recover back. While 5.8Ghz cameras have long range, NO LATENCY and just short breaks of statics.

I don’t see any sense of buying 5G drone.

Sarge Monday says:

It’s sad there is no stabilized gimbal. Maybe next year? They could call it “Bugs 3 Pro Plus”. :^)

BattleRoyal Gamer says:

Very nice video sir.. . Actually i want to know
What are brushless motors ????

Ahmad Alghali says:

Guys do not listen to him .. in multiple videos he says if you are a begginer do not buy a brushless motor drone .. i have never truly flown a drone in my life nor a helicopter … and i got the XK X251 as my first quadcopter … and never crashed and im flying nicely and doing flips in horizon mode ! so much fun and worth every penny!

Joseph Strait says:

I know it’s a gps bird but is it fast for a GPS bird, with bigger motors did they give it speed…that would be too nice if it’s faster then the original bugs 3

wackid says:

Wow…audio is really bad… Couldn’t watch it till the end.

simon LIAO says:

Very strong bugs. MJX should have kept the look of the old bugs. The old one looks meaningfull than this new one.

BrickTrick | Legofilme u. Tutorials says:

So one need exactly the Original cam for using flypoints, or is IT possible with other 5ghz Wi-Fi Cameras?

An yes, I like your Shirt today 🙂

ezl says:

MJX shot themselves in the foot with this model! I haven’t seen any prices on it and the biggest problem is the
proprietary battery holder and connections. I also might add, 5G is not covered in most parts of the Country.
I wouldn’t buy it versus the regular versions of the Bugs line. Thanks for your reviews on this bird.

GAproductions says:

any purchase link

SkyPilot says:

Cheers. Good review as always.

Bruce Lancaster says:

I wonder if you had restarted the drone and transmitter at 50% battery, if you could have flown longer ? Could have been the alarm went of because of the distance to come it back home safely ?

TeddyB1957 says:

The wind noise ruins your video. Can’t watch this.

Suazzz says:

I still like the older bugs quads

John Les says:

Why they bring drones on market with 5G Wifi? We should buy new phone same time? Is there at least a list of compatible phones to 5G Wifi drones?

Martin Willett says:

5.8 Gigahertz Wi-Fi. Not “5 gee Wi-Fi”. 5G is the new proposed cellular phone technology that isn’t implemented yet.

Search says:

Are you in a Tornado??? hahahahahahahaha

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