Mi Drone Full review + Flight. A Phantom 4 killer?

Review of the new “Mi Drone” from Xiaomi. Honestly I never thought I would be so impressed by an AP rig. So many awesome features for such a great price. Rock solid video and so easy to use. Gear best Link – http://goo.gl/uEUvnN Like what I do or want to help Support and grow the channel https://www.patreon.com/uavfutures DISCOUNT CODE JRXMD = $493. from the China warehouse. Got an email from gearbest with this code so hopefully that helps you guys even more


Manidroxx says:

Where have you buy this ? It’s pre order everywhere.

Michael Gardner says:

It’s basically a Phantom 3 Standard in my opinion!

Frank Andersen says:

Anybody that knows when this is going to be released in Europe and when the English version of the App is out?

DonoRu06 says:

Great review – I have a Phantom 3 Standard and love it. This drone looks very promising – especially once they get the English app out there.

Aggin Ym says:

How come people don’t know that Phantom is a Chinese product made by DJI?

Martin Müller says:

So here is a question on the “return to home” function.
How would it handle this if I’d flown the drone behind a building?
would it
– try to take the shortest path back and crash the building?
– follow it’s exact path back on which it got there (energy consuming)?
– climb to a certain altitude (which one?) then hover down at the starting position?
– other?


Carpenter Dick M says:

Great review! ! Earned a sub
Thanks for sharing! Cheers

George Manole says:

Phantom 4 killer? What a joke. But at least you got views with this title. If You have never used a Phantom 4 how can make such claim?

Jozimozi says:

what is the range?

It is JUST Me! says:

This is a joke right. I am not going to fly a drone with that kind of controller

Snafu2346 says:

I don’t suppose you know what the distance of area it can cover? I know the DJI’s can go up to 4-5 miles range.

P. Vivek says:

pros of Chinese cloning more people get into but real creater suffer.

JOeSJNr says:

One of those rare reviews on Mi Drone.
Thanks for the info.
p.s. those racing drones on the wall looks delicious….

Bartosz Majewski says:

how does the video settings compare to dji phantom 3 pro? could you customize any settings on mi drone, such as white balance, iso etc? it’s a deal breaker for many people if it is not possible on mi drone… thanks!

Vladimir Sretenovic says:

What is the video latency like please? The lag between video coming from camera to the phone app? Is it low latency enough to do a bit of fpv racing around the back yard sort of thing? And how does that compare to racing quadcopters please?

tobytomic says:

Nice review and very cool footage. Thank you

East Coast Quadcopter says:

I mad gearbest raise it prices 🙁

Artur H says:

To answer the question “A Phantom 4 killer? ” NO

Darrell says:

Does it have follow me ?

Codie Grimsley says:

Phantom 4 killer? No bro this is a knockoff of a phantom and the bad thing is it’s not even a knockoff of the P4 it’s trying to be a P3. Even the controller is the terrible bastard child of the DJI controller. Either you have never flown or seen any of the phantoms or this review is paid for by whatever company gave that to you. Be honest with your viewers man, DJI has the market cornered.

Johnny Angel says:

does it have the follow me feature?

Jamie Ackland says:

Thanks for this review.. sold me on one.. still flying a Wii-mote arduino beast

Paul Wolbers says:

Great review. I’m going pick one up for the collection.

buz heuchan says:

When I turn the remote on , the 4 LEDs turn off after a few seconds. Is this normal ? The button lites do not come on at all. Perhaps battery, but all 4 LEDs are on when charger cord id plugged in. I have not been able to do anything with this drone for several weeks as the remote does not seem to stay on. Would love to hear what I am doing wrong

J. G. Valenzuela says:

Hi Stu, that was beautiful footage. Have you ever tried filming your quad racing with this drone? I think that would be very cool. Enjoy your vids. Thanks.

Shad8x says:

Great review, pleasure to watch.

Jordan John says:

The MI drone looks inspired by the Phantom 4. 😉

Wake for Me says:

Thorough review, well done. I’m still waiting for drone manufacturers to make these guys water-proof. Flying with the threat of rain or over water would be so much LESS worrisome.

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