Mavic Pro Vs. Phantom 4 Pro | Best Drone of 2017 and 2018 ?

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The Mavic Pro is $1000 and the Phantom 4 Pro is $1500. Does that make the Phantom 4 the best drone of 2017? Well, there is a lot to test and consider, but I hope this video helps you decide. I test GPS features, sensors, speed, talk about battery life, video quality, and more!

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Apollo TV says:

i want to know if there was water damage

Jonas Bouchraiet says:

just get yourself a spare iPhone xD

David Battlefield says:

Thank God DJI has done lots of improvements on Mavic in terms of noise avoidance, for now the “Beeping” noise while activating RTH has disappear, and the new Propeller has significantly reduce the flying noise! Well Done Mavic!

TopHypes says:

Mavic pro was epic in Hawaii.

Noahthe2kgo D says:



The Difference is your putting your IPhone That cost A $1000.00 for a screen

Skyler Blizard says:

I know exactly where you’re at lol

Rocontheweb says:

Great video, love the detail you went into on this review. Check out the latest the DJI Phantom 3 Series Drone With 2.7K-4K HD Camera 🙂

Emilio Rios Vlogs And More says:

Yesssssssss maveck won I knew it

Curtis Jennings says:

The pro is better hands down. Speed video quality hands down

Teddy Ewing says:

That guy looks like he’s from 21 jump street

Chad says:

May have been mentioned already, but…. it’s my understanding you should ‘hover’ at the take-off point for a few seconds, to allow the drone to map and store the home-point. Also, I have been told the RC antennae should be perpendicular to the drone location. Little issues, admittedly. Good review!!

Matthew VanderMeer says:

I think mavic is better

heyjacks says:

Anybody  who will fly a drone at his own face for a review video has a thumbs up from me.  Good video.  Keep it up.

Flying Snake says:

i want mavic pro

Rex Han says:

good drone

Syrno Shah TV - Support The Fam says:

Nice Fam, im buying both…Thanks for the tips, I’m subscribing

Liam Johnson says:

Not impressed that you made this video in a storm, not really a consistent environment to do testing in.

Octavioo S says:

Dope video, i bought me a Mavic Pro today for 600! 2 batteries, extra set or propellors


Can I please have one I want one really bad and cannot afford one mavic i love

Dragon // William says:

Mavic is best drone

SlamEdits says:

I ordered the phantom 3 standard and get sent a p4 pro +. So happy

nadirangel7 says:

Nice Professional Test

Artsch01 says:

Great video and your right to the point where other people just ramble on and on and you sit there and wait for facts. Plus, your pretty funny, I like the parts where you think the drone is going to kill you, LOL

Marius Daniel Fauru says:

It hurt to see how you prepare the p4

BOOMER's A Handful says:

This helped tremendously thank you! I need superior footage so until Mavic catches up to Phantom it’ll be the latter for me.

Thunderstruck Canuck says:

Man the price differs from here ..phontom 4 is 1900$ here ove 2k with tax..the mav is 1500$

Precision Angling says:

Great video. Was torn between the two as a novice beginner. I’m sold on the magic pro/platinum.

Anthony Craft says:

I pick both because you can arrange the brightness of the camera

craigthegamer 222 says:

for my opinion the mavic is better because I don’t like low light and I don’t really need a lot of range

Braddyboy Gamboa says:

You should turn on phantom 4 before you put propeller by the time you turn on the controller you should be good to fly.

Joseph Wheeler says:

Dji Mavic Whooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

Daniel Mackenzie says:

Great video. Real world stuff! Good fun watching you risk your life. My mate flew his Mavic into me trying to show off his sensors. Turns out they don’t!!! work in the dark!

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