Mavic Air SECRET Off Switch – KEN HERON – Drone Review

Ken shows you the DJI Mavic Air.

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True Drone Reviews says:

How you feeling?

Anthony Sergeant says:

Nice vid Mr H

James M says:

If I didn’t have the Spark and the Mavic Pro I would be all over the Air.

570 DRONE says:

you sure do love drones! lol I have the Phantom 4Pro looking at getting Mavic Air for my Motorcycle travels!

Cody Bear says:

If you have a P3S the air is an upgrade in pretty much every way, speaking from experience.

Ted Davis says:

Sweet! Going to try the side flip thing with my mavic. I don’t like turning off the sensor setting (can’t remember the name of the setting) that allows you to hand catch it without a fight.

Mintcakes says:

The 90 degree flip makes the drone think it has crashed. It shuts the motors off to prevent them from being damaged.

LieorDie24 says:

I have it too so what

steve anderson says:

It’s not recommended you turn off drone like that

Steve Bynum says:

Ken I feel like you do. I have the phantom 4 pro and I love the camera on it. I have to say though, if I was going to get one of the smaller ones I would probably get the Magic Air. The camera is a little better than the pro version and as far as Range goes 1 mile or so is more than enough for Camera video work in most cases. Yes when I first got my Phantom 4 Pro I was all into range testing and I did almost 4 miles but now that seems senseless. I am really impressed with the Magic Air. WTG DJI!

TheChosenOne says:

Left stick down, left stick down! Lol!

amaroudis says:

Mavic Air is the perfect size. But, personally I would probably go for the Mavic Pro, or wait for the Mavic Pro2. To me, I like the better range and battery life of the Pro. The next drone I buy, I will wait for it to be the size of the air, have 30+ minute battery life, have the wireless connectivity to have the range of the Mavic Pro, great camera, and most importantly….sensors on every side of the drone for obstacle avoidance.

David Blazeka says:

3:28 ooooooo

Justin Bellrose says:

Like you said in a prior video to me this IS THE SPARK PRO NOT A MAVIC

Ken Simpson says:

In my case at 67 years old ..Size doesn’t matter……Haaaaaaa…Oh my, that hurt.

delicious fishes says:

Waiting on mine.

Droning Harry says:

Fantastic! I can see this working in well with my upcomingReal Estate shoots once I pass my 107. Great for inside a house and better battery life than the Spark. Just put the Prop Guards on and it should be safe inside. I love it! Thanks Ken

Droning around says:

I have a P4P and a reserve P4. I will probably sell the P4 and get one of these little ones!!!

apexxy says:

Will the Phantom 4 shut off if you rotate it 90 degrees?

Patrick D. McGinnis says:

Ken, You should rethink getting the Mavic Air. I think the picture quality is very good, maybe not up there with the P4P because off the shutter and larger sensor on the P4P but the 100 meg transfer does help. Had mine for almost a week and like it more than my P3P.

Marcel Jeannin II says:

Gosh darn it I want it! Thanks Ken!

Shammah Simba says:

You’re right in a drone size doesn’t matter it’s the camera.

termi77 says:

… drone cake?! 🙂

DroneBuySell.Com says:

ColdTrueSilver, One of the drone expert said “One of the biggest selling points for the air that many people seem to be ignoring is the bit rates. I do contract video work and having the ability to properly grade the footage to match my other cameras is a huge plus. In the past, i have had trouble grading my P3P footage because the footage falls apart the second i begin to adjust the colors. So the Air definitely has a notable advantage for those who use drones in a prosumer/ professional setting imo.

Jeff Crouse RC Fun says:


James Gallagher says:

The 90degree shut off is great however appears as a crash if DJI ever need to access your flight logs, make sure to make it clear it was a manual shut off!

Erik Tyree says:

wonder if anyone has ever tried to shut off the Phantom that way! My pPhantom props are too scary for me to try!lol

apexxy says:

I have State Farm (in Cali) and they told me they don’t cover drones.

Ken Fischer says:

Don’t bother getting one Ken, unless you just have to have EVERY NEW THING that is created…..and I have not crashed my Platinum and will not….Think I wasted money buying the Care Refresh.

8DC Photography says:

Flip the mavic pro to the side for the same result.

Larry Dill says:

I am wanting a Mavic Air so bad. I am a newby to drones but have about 40 years of photography behind me. Oh the wasted years of shooting without a drone! You are doing a great job of informing people about drones and entertaining us at the same time. Keep up the good work.

Bart Davis says:

Great vid.. love the humor..

Kevin Wood says:

“Try and avoid those hard left turns”, he explained…

loved the video! Sticking with my Mavic and waiting for the “deuce” though.

Brian Young says:

Will the mavic pro turn off when you hand catch and turn 90 degrees?

Coast to Coast Drones' says:

ummm …wonder what would happen if you bank hard …and a gust of wind hit the bottom of the drone ….opps ….does it tumble to the ground ….something tells me this might be a problem as folks play with these more …but you know me …I’m full of conspiracy theories !!

StaticImage says:

How’s the back feeling, Ken?

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