Mavic Air *ALMOST* Became my Least Favorite Drone – Review

DJI makes some amazing drones. The Mavic Air is no exception. Its extreme portability, its dashing good looks. BUT what is the point of all that if it doesnt fly well? Thats what we are here to find out. And my first adventure with the DJI Mavic Air did not go so well. Everything was updated, Beginner mode turned off, Flight limits set to maximum…. and nothing. It would not fly farther than 160 feet. (60 meters) Not good.

Luckily… I tested the drone out a few days later… and everything started working again. You’ll have to see the video.

Hopefully this helped one of you. Here is the current pricing on the Mavic Air:

Ill keep playing around with the Mavic Air, But in the meantime check out Dan’s channel where we destroyed a car! (And of course he used the footage from our flight around the windmills.)

Awesome Smartphone Tool Kit:
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Green Pry tool:
Metal phone opening tool:

The camera I used to film this video:
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droneXfactor says:

I’m also a big fan of clean renewable energy 🙂

JerryRigEverything says:

Go tell WhatsInside you came for the windmill!
(Warning: We destroy something big…)

Black Mamba says:

You say you’re a pro at flying drones and you’ve been flying them for a while, yet your antennas are pointed incorrectly. The flat part of the antenna is the part that’s supposed to face the drone.

bub2010 says:

The limitation was because you weren’t logged into the app.. did it to me also…

Chosen Idea says:

There are a thousand reasons people don’t like wind turbines, and it’s usually people that have to live near them. The biggest problems are often shady dealings that happen to secure the land that they’re on. One of the biggest crooks I know is now in the turbine business. I personally have no problem with them, and have a hard time believing the ill heath effects that are said to be attached to the long term exposure to the flashing (shadow/light) and the humming. There is also the issues that have apparently affected thousands of migratory birds. There ya go Jerry. Nice video.

Dive Bar Casanova says:

Can I use the Mavic Air if their is no WiFi?

Comedy / Rants With Rocco says:

If only dji made racing drones


Nice! We just posted a video of a surfer falling on a SHARK that we captured with our Mavic Air!!

TheLifeOnHigh says:

Wait what? The Mavic Air has flight limitations built in? Total deal breaker if this isn’t fixed.

tinyentropy says:

What’s the quality of the red plastic? Does it look cheap? How about fingerprints and scratches?

Ricky Jr. Nomura says:

I think the reason why it was wobbling around was probably because you didn’t enable to “prop guard” under the settings.

henry kiss says:

so the wind is no more a problem whit the air????

Patrik says:

Too bad his video has comments deactivated.

Lon Denard says:

How about a review of drones without the sermon?

Ryan Kerr says:

You need to point your antennas directly upwards dude. Literally 90 degrees if you want maximum range.

Willie Gonzales says:

Windmills or not your outside in wind like that you shouldn’t be using the blade guards because that’s just asking for more turbulence on the Mavic air remember its small. Yes it will fly better without guards. But it will always be dicey because of its size but with those blade guards its catching all that wind and trying to counter the extra weight and bigger diameter from the guards.
I would only use those guards for indoor use or if your in a smaller proximity for lets say a bunch of parked cars. Oh and make sure your sensor avoidance is set to avoid and not return to home. So when you use one of your smart features it will avoid an obstacle instead of returning to home and say your under a tree well we all know what happens when RTH mode kicks in it will climb as specified and that would suck.I believe Obstacle avoidance sensor default is RTH lol Cheers

enzo huenchupan says:

Hi Jerry, (I do not speak English very well so apologize in advance if I’m wrong(i’m using they Google traductor and muy knowledge oficina inglish)) I would like you to prove the veracity of liquid tempered glass protectors because your tests are the most “scientific”. Greetings from Argentina Bariloche

In spanish: hola Jerry me gustaría que probarlas la veracidad de los protectores de cristal templado liquidos ya que tus test’s son los más “científicos”.
Saludos desde Argentina Bariloche
Sería genial un test como el del “zaphire glass screen protector”( el cual resultó ser medio fake) thanks

Johnathan Sams says:

Lol renewable energy is clearly a liberal plot for world domination duh

Muhammad Abdullah says:



Wind turbines kill large birds like eagles and condors VERY often…..and blight the landscape with ugliness……wind turbines are HORRIBLE

Randy Kennedy says:

What bike do you ride?

LA Dude says:

I love your drone videos. More more more please. Signed Oliver 😉

Edward Pichardo says:

Ducati…. I see you’re a man of taste

droneXfactor says:

Cool Videos…… just found you 🙂

RC King says:

Try using an OTG cable

California Phantom says:

Looks like your antenna are straight out. They should be at 90 degrees like Mavic Pro right?

Marvin Jackson says:

Thanks for not being a DJI fanboy! I have two DJI drones… the Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic Pro; both are great. I purchased the Mavic Air and was extremely disappointed. I lost connectivity after 100 yds and the noise levels in the shadows made the video unusable. I returned it. I was so hoping is would be a dream drone.

Kevin Song says:

Wait is Dan going to cut open a turbine?

Alexey Filippenko says:

One more video like this, and I’m selling a kidney to get Mavic Pro

felicianoabe says:


Kevin says:


Carter and Kieran says:

I was just at those wind meels

Phong HO says:

with those wing protectors they create SO MUCH AIR TURBULENCE, remove them and you will be fine

GamerHaube HD says:

Pls were a Helmet Wenn you ride your Bike!
For your Community!

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