LT105 Quadcopter Review + flight. Micro FPV drone.

LT105 quadcopter Review + Flight. Micro FPV drone. Reviewing the LT 105 fpv quadcopter was a serious fun. It is very very similar to the qx80 quadcopter and the qx 90 drone, but a tiny bit bigger. This is awesome because it allows a full sized receiver to be mounted resulting in a much MUCH greater range than the other qx80/ Qx 90 receivers. Flies great straight out of the box and can be set up to run in either self leveling mode or acro mode at the flick of a switch. LT105 105mm Mini Brushed RC Quadcopter – ARF LINK –

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Skywalk FPV says:

Thanks for the video, I really want to try the d4r-ii with my own mini quad. How did you solder the d4r-ii to the flight controller? I’ve attached it in the same way as the stock receiver, and the d4r-ii is powered, but I don’t get the signal through to my flight controller. Checked all the cables, tried another d4r-ii module, even the binding works (green light on d4r-ii), tried both betaflight and cleanflight, tried ppm and sbus receiver modes, with and without the jumper on the d4r-ii, it works fine with my other quads but not on both of my mini quads (qx90, ex105, both with different spracing f3 based flight controller, one blue and one black). How did you get the d4r-ii to work with this?

Xaviera Yayaell says:

This video would do better if it had Lantian in the title! Keep up the good work.

Logan Robbins says:

Got this micro and absolutely love it. Only issue is mine came with one set of props. Any ideas where I can find more spares of this type of prop?

El Casero says:

Has your dog ever eaten/chewed any of your quads?


Morning Stew! Just wondering if you have picked up spare batteries for this. Got one coming this week and wanna grab a couple of spares and also props but sems to be quite with ppl talking about this, any help would be appreciated, cheers mate!

Yolkolai says:

I’m a little confused: I thought cleanflight was newer and stuff than betaflight. So why did you say ‘upgrading to betaflight’?

Aryan Gangurde says:

rolling spider props?

Bill Sheley says:

Would it be more advisable to use a D4R or and X4R (for SBUS)… assuming the flight controller can handle SBUS?

Carrboro_Chapelhill Fpv says:

well if your ever in the states around North Carolinas triangle area, you are more than welcome to come over and have a go at our permanent fpv track.

red five fpv says:

Would you please review the twitch 109 from unique fpv?

whoflungdo1 says:

Im thinking of buying a mini. Would you go with the LT or the Bat if you were buying one? Or something even better in the $100 range? Thanks love the channel. I fly a Wizard with red bottoms and a Swift 2 now. Looking for a backyard (1 acre) flyer.

Chase Aring says:

Hi, what full size receiver do you use, and is it compatible with a spectrum dx6i?

Project Gaming says:

Hi stew fro when it is raining or your really bored you should check out this call as drone racing game Drone Racing – Quadcopter FPV racing simulator game by QIAN ZHOU

Thaddeus Fernandes says:

I’m thinking of buying an eachine qx105 – is it better than the qx100 and qx95?

Joshie Slug says:

Did you ever have any issues of props falling off? It seems like after every crash, or after 20 seconds of flight at least one prop flies off. I’ve tried other props too and they seem to fall off as well…

Aidan Russell-Smith says:


BuddhaFPV says:

can you use sbus for this

Robert Gardiner says:

Brilliant videoGod .dont know how you can keep up with the latest on the marketI think it is going to be scary in the. Future ahead

su33seaflanker says:

It’s nice that you placed the frame on the cutting mat, l found out that it was to scale on my computer at 4:20.
I’m thinking of getting one of these but compared to a 1104/5 motor quad which do you think would be better for practicing acro/freestyle moves; also, which would have better “crash-ability”? My purpose of getting a micro quad would be to get more stick time so I can get better flying with my 210 frame ..

Michael Koster says:

Would you recommend this over building a Tiny Whoop style micro?, even if the tiny whoop could have an f3 board on BF? This one looks like more fun to fly, and the increased range is great. Could you fly it indoors without the ducted props?

Jaevan Kugan says:

you have to get a transmitter controller right

Chris Prucha says:

How does it compare to the QX95?

Dynomight Dynomight says:

I just bought the Fire 104 – I absolutely love it, great range and speed, but not great in low light.

Nathan Porter says:

Hey Stu, would it be pretty easy to connect this receiver and drone to the Turnigy Evolution Digital AFHDS 2A Radio Control System? im trying to decide what radio to get. I’m just recently getting into FPV drones and want to start small and work my way up. Thanks and your video’s have helped me out tremendously! Keep it up!!

Julian Stancato says:

Going to pick one of these up from GearBest. Can you recommend spare batteries and a charger? Thanks!

DBM 55 says:

Anyone know what the best props are for the LT105. And what size? [ A link ] How about prop guards? I am trying to get all the parts on order. I did’t see spare parts listed on GB site. Thank You.

justinspirational says:

should I get this or the eachine qx95?

justinspirational says:

how does this compare to the eachine qx 95?

Matthew CabaIIero says:

Can I put a FLYsky receiver with PPM/i-BUS/SBUS Output? thanks

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