Lost Vape Drone DNA250 BF Squonker Review and Rundown

This is a (p)review of Lost Vape Drone BF DNA250. There is an update halfway thru this from using it a couple days as I HAD to plug it in because its only something you will see with long term usage. I hate these damn bottles they come with. Super stiff and very much a pain to get used to.

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Right To Vape says:

Jizzy Juice ,where was your mind at ? LOL Man I shot Mountain Dew so hard out my nose ,Damn that burns

Chris Hollingworth says:

Good review bro! Really looking forward to the rebel squonk!

Alex Robledo says:


Derek Medley says:

Sensei Jai –
I appreciate how the Drone works, but (I think of all the Lost Vape mods I’ve seen) I think the Drone is one of the dullest-looking (especially at that price-point); the others (at least, the well-known popular ones) all seem on a different level of design.

When I look at that, I’d rather squonk on either my black or my white Wraith….

Thanks for the review, though. If I was really ever THAT hard up (& had that much $ burning a hole in my pocket), I could probably vape on the Drone with either my eyes closed or in the dark and have a fairly satisfying vape….

13mileon says:


OSM 275 says:

i agree the bottles do suck

William Soto says:

LMAO #jizzyjuice you are fucking hilarious man. I just did a 14 hr shift and wasn’t in the best mood, I clicked on your video review and I’m already laughing. I can’t even do that shit you did with my damn hand…lol…awesome video as usual. Keep it up my brother!!!

Mil John says:

its correct, it would be useless if you having a hard time to press that squank bottle, if they put the rebel squanker bottle silicon food grade on this it would be perfect and easy for daily use.

Shabaz Malik says:

i got the old version it had 1 bottle then ordered from another company and got 3 bottles and it was the new version with 3 bottles. then i sent the old dna with 1 bottle back.


Emm Higa says:

ew ewww YUCKY!!!!!

### ### says:

hey jai. the squonk bottle gets softer with time.

Brian Etris says:

What other squonk mods are out there that do more than 75w? I don’t have a squonk mod, but I want one, but I very rarely, but still do vape arounnd 100W sometimes ,so the usual 75w squonk mod just won’t make the cut , so I’m wondering what my options are out there besides than this behemoth

Daniel Keim says:

Jai as shitty as they are Kanger made the drip box 160 as a cheap double battery squonker I never bought one nor would I, but a cheap power squonker.

Chad Kleckler says:

Great to see you squonking more man, and great review. I got a Drone a month or two back and the one bottle it came with was not wet like that. Definitely a bit odd man. You sure got the luck lol! Also, VaporDNA changed their listing and photos for the Drone just last week and state that it now comes with 3 bottles. Wish I waited. Definitely need em. So far the only online vape shop that seems to even carry just the 11ml squonk bottles is Origen Vape for $2.99. Definitely recommend grabbing at least a couple or getting some smaller silicone ones. the 8.5ml fit great.

Ian Vape Stephens says:

Mine came with 3 bottles total. I think that’s on the vendor where you got it from and also why there was liquid in the one bottle they gave you. I bet they took your bottles to replace someone’s else.
Also the bottles break in, mine were hard at first but did break in and become softer but still hard. Mine also leaked from the magnets behind the door. I sold it after 3 weeks

rick artuso says:

$150 for a mod with a 10 cent piece of shit bottle. Can’t believe ppl are buying these things

Diego says:

Hey man just wanted to let you know, the bottle is pretty decent once you cut the tip of the tube that feeds the bottle. just the tip. also some have had issues where the tubing kinks under the 510 housing. you fix it by throwing your fking mod against the wall as hard as you can. no but seriously take an Allen key, remove the 3 on top and Jimmy the jam around (clear tubing that feeds the juice from the bottle to the bottle of the 510, rescrew the Allen keys and it’s silky smoothe press.

eat meat says:

kanger dipbox 160 and movkin 150 with sqounk kit -like em both

Ken Greenwood says:

Kanger Dripbox 160 is a dual 18650. Has to be the stainless, the rest look cheap. the rda that comes with it is shit, but the mod itself is solid. haven’t touched anything Kanger since the protank 1 years and years ago , but I wanted to try squonking and 60-70-80 watts don’t cut it for me, so it was my only affordable choice. swapping out the stock rda with a druga was the best thing I could’ve done for the mod. happy with it for what I paid as of now.

Daniel Caldeira says:

i havê a dna250… epic fail! “check battery”, plug power powers on, take the power plug out and it turns off…

Dents says:

I have had this mod for 2 months. I Never had a problem with the bottles after about 3 days. After it wears in it was all good. Just keep pressing.

Ryan Bucknell says:

ADHD much?

mikesha77 says:

Will the Cappy bottles fit the Drone or the Inbox?

shyrus angoluan says:

jai haze can you please do a review on tigertek springer x rda? i would love you to give your insights on that rda

rico300zx says:

dude type camera angle is bad, looks like your head is small and all we see is neck, you have to raise the camera.

Danny Domenichini says:

hi jai have you done a review on the geekvape Ammit 25 single coil rta

Justin Roper says:

I just bought a drone and I got 3 bottles, they were all in the mod, 2 in battery tray and the other where it normally goes, the bottles are the shittiest bottles, I agree on that.

Charles Summers says:

Your set up is matchy matchy lmfao

Marko Kuhinkovic says:

Nice video <3 🙂

Ompa 517 says:

Now I want a squonk

kingfatty says:

lol awesome video

Brian Baldwin says:

I’m give my left nut for that DNA! But my question is, wtf rda was that big muf?!

Kenneth Carnie says:

Kangertech dripbox 160 is a dual 18650 squonker. The bottles suck, the battery door sucks and connectivity is 50/50. But it was the first dual batt squonk I think. It came out over a year ago. Mine is bout shot now. I want this drone to replace it.

would a silk bottle fit in the drone you think?

airmax9ty says:

first like

John Saunders says:

I’d kill for a sx450BT squonk

Brian Etris says:

Jai, not related to this video at all, but it just came to me….I didn’t see any in my search , but youtube has let me down before…..regardless….have you ever reviewed any of the twisted messes RDAS ? if not, would you be willing to do a video that covers all of them ? (not asking you to go out of your way to buy them all, unless you really want to ….) but maybe you have a few of the various ones…. (original TM, TM squared, TM cubed , TM squared lite, TM 24, TM 30, and I think that’s all of em!) but I yeah I keep hearing from friends and vape shop employees I need to get this TM or that TM, so so I want to pick one up, but I’m not too sure which one (s) I want to pull the trigger on……so I’d love to hear your thoughts….or even better a full Twisted Messes RDAS video! Thanks hohmie ! Cheers!

Greg Stout says:

Jai’s always surprising himself with his random words lol

Monte Marino says:

you may have started another running joke with jizzy juice Jai…I mean cmon…jizzy juice!? I’m all over that..lol… Nice review man

N1cK V4p3rZ says:

few days ago mine came and i got two extra bottles

antreptiles420 says:

dude I don’t love squank but don’t hate them BUT I love my 30mm but plus so this mod is on my list thank u sir

Brandi Carsten says:

my bottles came in the batt compartment. i hate the bottle too. any suggestions for replacement. i have the vt inbox too. mine leaks

Chris Denton says:

Great review. Looking forward to the Rebel Squonker. This brick is too much for me. Got the Coppervape BF Mechanical Mod. Got some spare bottles separately and spare parts. Single 18650 battery (got a couple of Sony VTC5A) is okay but that depends on the build. Cheap mod though. Would prefer a regulated mod

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