KING KONG 210GT FPV Race Drone Review – [Unboxing, Inpection, Flight / Crash Test!, Pros & Cons]

Enjoy my full review of the KingKong 210GT FPV Racer.
Get it here: Goggles: RunCam2 HD:


Harsh Bahorun the gamer says:

1st comment and like

Carpenter RickM says:

Really respect the honesty! ! Seems like a decent bang for your buck package. Cheers from Kitchener Ontario Canada

Mark Westbrook says:

Good honest review, the fact that although obvioualy your not intending on hard crashes, if and when it does occur , we get to see just how well these crafts are put together and if they can handle the rough with the smooth. 🙂

Bill Somrak says:

Tough break on that motor … bummer. I’ve gone to 5030 x 3 on 3S quads and 5040 x 3 on 4S quads … LOADS of power and punch. This one looked like it had a decent tune out of the box, but once you get some time on it, you can probably always tweak it in Betaflight to your liking. That big Runcam looked like a bit much for a 210 sized craft … might fly better with a smaller cam, like a Mobius Mini, or even a regular Mobius. The other thing I would check is to see what voltage the alarm is set to go off at. Personally, I think 3.3v or 3.4 is fine, and know some guys who go as low as 3.1 or 3.2v. Of course, it helps to have an audible flight time announcement and voltage announcement, which you can get via a FrSky Taranis setup. This is especially helpful if you have no OSD and are flying FPV. Good luck getting the replacement parts and doing the 2nd review. Mahalo.

TrullsFPV says:

hey dustin, does these goggles have blurry edges?

M Beck says:

I’m pretty sure that’s the same post you hit last time. When you said you where going to fly through it I was like no no no. Ouch.

Mattbbb12345 says:

First comment

Dex Weeks says:

how are you liking those Aomway goggles mate? Just ordered mine and waiting for them to restock.

David Joseph says:

Dab awesome vid

Emran Ahmadi says:

can you Review this drone DT-QL DRONE

Brad Bostock says:

keep up the awesome work man

SickocrowAU says:

This was my first real full carbon racer back in August 2016. It was a decent fly, but it’s seriously outdated and overpriced now. PWM receiver? Old BlHeli escs. Knock off mini FC taped on. Crappy sling camera mount. A lot of modern RTFs are way better for the money. Throw it in the bin, and get yourself a Diatone Tyrant S for the same money.

GrampaKenCanada says:

Great review as always. Nice crash, snapped the pole right in two. ha ha! Happy Flying.

Rizky Saputra says:

that’s bad crash,but overall nice review

uday badola says:

i want to buy a budget drone under $150 plz suggest me

ziggyzbeak says:

Quick little quad on 4s can’t wait to see the next flight Thanks Dustin CHEERS

Drone lovers Luís Costa Pereira says:

Nice racer quad, god review Dustin, has always…

prado jim says:

dustin id follow your facebook account, but it cant be added. can you add me ?

Kimo says:

I want to Buy this as my First Quadcopter is it a good choice?

JosePh CoNey says:

How is the Swell Pro Swift 2 holding up?

Wes Ness says:

Lol! As usual a fun and honest review.

Kevin Karges says:

that was a high-speed hit but decent unboxing anyway.

Ultimatevapor918 says:

you my friend are the kwad reaper lol

max chilla says:

can you use the i6 transmitter for other quads like a taranis?

prado jim says:

is that waterproof ? hahaha

John says:

Can you review everything? I’m gonna need you to review everything. Also, what are the steps to achieve your lifestyle? … heh seriously tho love the channel, excellent stuff.

mick thebass says:

Tis a shame, you didnt test the performance with the battery supplied with the craft.

Devlyn van der Walt says:

Your videos have been most helpful for a first timer like myself. This morning I order this quad and was looking through your videos for a review on it. Could not find one. But then suddenly I got notification that you post this. Thanks a lot now I know my purchase is worth it.

Blessing Maronje says:

Please send me a drone


wow Dustin that crash was hardcore, that motor is a writeoff along with the cam mount, lucky your battery is ok I thought it would at least been a little puffy. great video it’s a thumbs up from me

Gamer god 1200 says:


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