Kaideng K70C Altitude Hold Sky Warrior Drone Flight Test Review

This large and fast camera quadcopter has been updated with altitude hold to greatly stabilize and ease flying. Find it here http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?u=1054295&b=236267&m=27731&afftrack=k70c%20long%20link&urllink=www%2Elightake%2Ecom%2Fp%2FK70H%2DSky%2DWarrior%2D2%2E4G%2D6%2DAxis%2DGyro%2DRC%2DQuadcopter%2D3D%2DFlips%2DRolls%2DHeadless%2DMode%2DOne%2DKey%2DReturn%2D2%2E0MP%2DCamera%2D%2DBlack%2D%2DYellow%5F1981426%2Ehtml

– Altitude hold feature
– 720p 2MP camera (can replace with GoPro if desired)
– Large stable flier
– Multiple LED’s in each arm. Easily viewable for night flying, or for flash alerting of low voltage in daylight.
– Very fast and maneuverable in high rate
– Headless mode and one key return

– Requires FAA registration
– Although easy to fly, not recommended for beginners. It’s large, heavy, and can have plenty of momentum. As such, not good as a learn to fly quadcopter for those inevitable beginner hard crashes

Vendor Description
Item No.: K70C
Copter Size: 34 x 34 x 16cm
Charging Time: About 200mins
Flying Time: About 9 – 10mins
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Gyro: Built-in 6 Axis Gyro
Camera: 2-mega-pixel ( Included )
Control Distance: About 150m
Control Battery: 4 x 1.5V AA Battery ( Not Included )
Functions: Up / Down, Left / Right Sideward Flight, Forward / Backward, Headless Mode, Rollover, Turn Left / Right, Hover, One Key Automatic Return, with Light, PhotographBuilt-in Gyro: Yes
Night Flight: Yes
Remote Control: 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control
Channel: 4-Channels
Mode: Mode 2 (Left Hand Throttle)
Transmitter Power: 4 x 1.5V AA battery(not included)
Model Power: Built-in rechargeable battery

Package Contents: 1 x RC Quadcopter, 1 x Remote Controller, 1 x 2.0MP Camera, 1 x USB Charger, 1 x English User Manual

Affiliate links: At no cost to you, I do receive a small commission for sales resulting from these links.

“Awel” by stefsax
is licensed under a Creative Commons license:
music was shortened to fit length of video.


Jake Hempsall says:

does anybody know a transmitter that works with this drone I broke mine and can’t find one for this version of the quadcopter

Quadcopter 101 says:

I’ve been getting a lot of comments that the quadcopter products links have not been working for some people. If the link in the above video description doesn’t work for you, please let me know, along with the version browser that you’re using, and if you’re also using any ad blocker software.

Maz Here says:

Really impressed by using this as my first Quadcopter experience. It so resilient. I have crashed it hard on concrete, trees, grass, stairs just because it is not a beginner level drone. I always thought that this time something must have broken but was surprised to see not even a single crack in any of the props or broken arms. I still have my spare props in the packaging. One suggestion: Use long screws for binding the legs into the drone as the default small screws makes them come out easily during hard landings.Apart from that, This is superdrone !

Jason P says:

Quadcopter 101 please inform people to replace those weak plastic nuts holding the props with these bearings http://www.ebay.ca/itm/371541808073?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&var=640566344510&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT and then insert a bit of paperclip metal through the hole in the shaft and twist them around to make a cotter pin kind of thing. On one of my first flights a prop spun off in mid air because those little plastic nuts holding the props with those little metal rods are just too weak and will eventually break off. Fortunately it happened just feet off the ground so the quad had no damage 🙂 Anyone have a better idea let me know, I just think the metal bearings are going to last way longer, and I couldn’t find replacements for those tiny plastic nuts anyways…

abu hudhayfah edwards says:

Are there any apps that let you watch the camera live during flight ?

Fulvio De Tollis says:

If the quadcopter loses the signal of the transmitter does the quad come back or does it fall?

idealmethod says:

do you need wifi to use this product?

anyshitt says:

Its a big pretty bumble bee, but I will pass on this one, there is still not enough spare parts to rebuild the one that i already destroyed. I think the wltoys q303 is a better camera bang for your buck, it’s stronger and it will rebind in mid air if you loose contact,, you dont have to add LED’S like this one to assist in orientation. Buy all means I am no expert flyer. But I honestly know what I like, I dont hate this quad, but I will never buy another k70 regardless of new bell’s and whistles!

Maarten van Dijk says:

Just before my holiday I bought a Kaideng K70.
I took it with me on my holiday to France.
Unfortunately I had a bad a very experience with it.
The second flight two motors refused to function. A bad burning smell came from the drone.
After inspection it appeared that a wire came loose and some other components.
The flightboard seemd to be melted some how.
The only thing what happend was that I flew into a tree and hit some branches.
One or two moters burned out I would have believed but this…?
I blieve this must be due to improper soldering.
Could I claim a warrant on this matter?

Spyros Baxevanis says:

thank you very much for taking the time to answer me! I think I will contact the company I bought it from first!keep up the good work, you have a very nice thing going on here!

samnella9 says:

I don’t know if this has been mentioned but is there anyway to reduce the jello on this camera or no?

Ỷσռġęřż says:

Hi, I’ve been wondering if you could attach a gopro to the drone? I searched it up and the tutorials are veeeerrrry complicated… So do you have any solutions?

TheGusK says:

Have you ever tried the X8 motors in it? Many forums have posts about folks trying them with poor results.

SOB 721 says:

Hi I have a question can you review the Kai deng k70f? I’m asking because I want to get it and I want to know what it can do and if it has features like altitude hold like this one does.

Alan Savage says:

Great video review!!

Petomai says:

Hi There….. I’ve been watching your reviews for sometime and appreciate your observations and comments on the various quadcopters…. The video you post are excellent…. all round informative and entertaining…. Please would you tell me if you use Image Stabilisation during editing especially on the Syma X8C and Kaideng K70C videos… Thanks for your help….. ATB Ian

Brett Foster says:

+quadcopter 101
I want to buy either this or the syma x8hg or the sky vampire. which would you buy right now?

Al Martin says:

I am so happy that you posted this video. I recently bought a K70C Skywarrior and thought it was defective because when I turned it on and then turned on the transmitter, I couldn’t get the throttle to do anything. Now I see that I must have the altitude hold model because when I followed your example, I got the thing flying. Thank you so much.

sophee24 says:

Is there somewhere we can still purchase the older version- and how would we identify it from the this newer one?

Rene 8451 says:

Does this H70C have higher (speed)rates then the X8C or not? How fast is it compared to the X6 Tarantula?

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

Seems like a good upgrade (pity about the camera)
Does that “not bound beeper” restart if you switch off the transmitter?
If it does it could be a useful aid in a “lost in the long grass” situation.
I speak as someone who has just spent an hour searching for an FX805 (the bright pink one) in the tall grass locally (I wasn’t the pilot)

Alan Savage says:

Great video review!!

Ỷσռġęřż says:

does this not have fpv?

Wuzzapy says:

does anyone now any wifi fpv drone which can record with SD card? Thanks

Randy Bell says:

I have three of them. The first one (no alt hold) is in the top of an 80′ pine tree for 2 months now. It suffered from power drop off issues. The supplier sent me a new one free (two thumbs up to them!!) and upgraded it to an Alt hold version. I like it!! HOWEVER the auto landing feature is not consistent and landed it hard and flipped over (with prop guards installed!!) Do to the idle mode, it was slow to shut down. One of the big motors overheated and unsoldered its Red lead on the receiver board. If reconnected, the motor runs full speed when the battery is connected with switch off. I replaced the board and  it worked great again. The same thing happened again when a prop got jammed on a twig! The feature is TOO delicate.. I do NOT recommended it for that reason alone.The next board will NOT be with Alt Hold!! With that said, I still like the standard K70 a lot

Lil Sayg says:

In your recent review of the WL Toys Q333 you stated that “Alishanmao is the “Godfather of quadcopters”. I just want you to know that I consider you as the “Godfather of quadcopters”. Your site and reviews has stimulated this old Marine into a new hobby at 68 years old. Keep them comming! Following this comment I am purchasing a Kai Deng K70C from LighTake.com(hopefully the altitude hold version).
Purchased a Q333 earlied, I put it on the shelf until I am experienced eneough to fly it. I started with a Hubsan502e and got spoiled. Thanks again!

Raphael Tsant says:

I sent you another message a couple weeks ago. I have a problem with this drone but i haven’t sorted it out yet. The right motor at the back keeps working by itself if the battery is in even if the drone is turned off. After some research i believe that the problem is either on the motor itself or on the flight controller (receiver board or motherboard if you want) of the drone. Do you have any idea where i could buy one that is for this specific version?

Quadcopter 747 says:

I confirm pros , cons Kaideng K70C as QC101 described with my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ0NPcpNGQ4

Lonnie Winslow says:

I really like this quadcopter. But I’m having wiring problems where some the wires coming out from the camera/gimbal plug assembly to a connecting board that feeds into the guts of the gimbal appear to have come loose. I would really appreciate a link/picture of the proper placement of those wires….Thanks

JPC dronein says:

Hey 101 Jeremiah here it was gearbeast how would I send them a link would is just Tell them its on YouTube like I have you?

Prof. Actual Factual says:

what do u do with the quads after the review ?

GeorgeBonez says:

This thing looks pretty good for $85. bucks. Yeah I know the cam sux but for $85 bucks its actually pretty good.  I think I’ll get one for my 13 year old son because I am not about to let him loose with my Phantom 3 4K or my x4 Pro just yet. If he can fly this guy then maybe I will lighten up! lol

D Monk says:

is the camera that comes with the k70c capable of transmission, and is the gimbal controllable like with the k70f?

Buzz Pelermon says:

Cool – Now suggest FPV and you have a sale.

Pasquale Francesco Greco says:

Hi, is better this version or older version? Thanks

Jeff Mcdaniel says:

I got the k70f, its the fpv version. Its great after I balanced the blades. Which I highly recommend for any version of this quad.

Bill Karoly says:

The camera quality sucks. Can it be changed out?

Spyros Baxevanis says:

I would like to ask a question if you would have the time.Today i took my K70c for the first flight, exactly the same version like the one you fly here.After 4 min flight,only close, it just left and disappeared in the woods,possible a river.I saw in a video in youtube hat the camera makes the controls go crazy,also that yours stopped recording by itself. Can this be true?It just stuck on forward and i could not even see how far it went.Thank you for your time.

XiaoYaoYou says:

ITs great with Gimbal camera BUT,why NO FPV,because without it whats the point?

sophee24 says:

I love these vids they are so informative- I also love how this guy cracks himself up!!

C banggzs says:

Does it flip?

citiZen says:

Thanks for the videos :]

Mike Remvidas says:

This looks to be an exact same as my Polaroid PL800

alifakhri alimudin says:

Can you make a review for WLtoys Q333? I you can I will really appreciate it

bruce don says:

Hi 101. I have two of the 1st ones. The range is very bad and the other drops out of controll very bad .Do you think I can buy new control board and swap it out or will it need a something for AH installed too?bayratbh@yahoo.com

despotmurgatroid says:

the link is for the older model?

Dule 23 says:

Hello Mr. Quadcopter 101,

First of all, I would like to thank you for all those videos that you have posted so far. Also, I must admit that I have seen majority of them. 🙂 Your videos have shown me how interesting playing with drones can be.
After buying a mini-drone, that I’ve also seen in your vids, I’ve decided to get a big one. Then I saw this clip. I find that Kaideng has everything one intermediate level flyer needs. So I ordered one over your link.
I did the first fly today and in first couple of minutes everything seemed regular. I’ve checked altitude hold, one key return and automatic landing button. Then I wanted to check how far it can go.
I was on the football field and on about 50m altitude it stopped to respond on my inputs. It was ascending on and on. I was constantly holding left stick down, changing rates from L to H. Also, I was pressing Return button from time to time. It simply flew away.

Please, can you explain me why did this happen? I’m pretty sure I haven’t done anything bad. Is there a chance that I could get a new one since the above mentioned site offers 100% guaranteed satisfaction? I have a video of my flyaway, too.

Thanks in advance, and please reply to me,

Dušan, Serbia

P.S. A little feedback for you: Please, make couple of lists/top 10s, like best drones per your opinion according to prices, etc..

Best regards! 🙂

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