Kai Deng K80 Pantonma Obstacle Avoidance Drone Flight Test Review

The Kaideng K80 Pantonma is unique in toy quadcopters with its obstacle avoidance module that automatically prevents bumping into objects. Not available yet, but coming this fall.

try to keep in mind that this is intended as a beginner’s toy grade learn-to-fly quadcopter, but with many of the bells and whistles of 2016 technologies. As such, comparing this to the old standby but basic 2013 Syma X5C, this has the following technology advancements that the X5C does not:
* headless mode,
* one key return,
* altitude hold,
* obstacle avoidance (in low rate only, for beginners learning to fly),
* automatic landing (by command or on low battery)
* modular plug in internal cameras with remote operated up/down lens (Hopefully internal mounting will ahelp for jello reduction), Available camera modules include 480p, 720p, 1080p, WiFi FPV, 5.8Ghz FPV. There’s also an optional set of FPV goggles.
* easy plug in replacement motors.

The obstacle avoidance is only “On” when in low (beginners) rate. It’s turned off in intermediate and expert rate. It does work well bouncing off of walls indoors. I like flying it slowly toward a corner wall and watch it bounce around in the corner like a pinball 🙂 But it needs light colored solid obstructions (like a wall or a lamp shade) for the optical sensor to detect. It also doesn’t seem to work well outdoors due to sun interference with the avoidance systems IR optical sensors.

A toy grade quadcopter with many advanced features including:
– headless mode,
– one key return,
– altitude hold,
– obstacle avoidance,
– automatic landing on low battery or by command,
– modular plug in internal recording and FPV cameras,
– remotely controlled up/down lens,
– easy plug in replacement motors.
– Small and lightweight, does not require FAA registration.

– Proprietary battery and related charger.
– Obstacle avoidance only useful indoors and at beginner rate.
– 1080p camera does not provide as sharp an image as some might expect.

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Winston Smith says:

_Very cool_ that they’re trying something really different since the toy grade quad tech advancements have become fairly boring, but as others have pointed out, IR range detection (or control) doesn’t work well outdoors due to the really powerful fusion energy IR source we orbit.

However, a much smaller and lightweight version (which would be very easy to physically accomplish) might be something very useful for nano and micro quad indoor flying collision avoidance. Outdoors, ultrasonic (sonar) ranging might be worthwhile, but the transducers aren’t terribly small and I suspect couldn’t ever be made nearly as cheaply as an IR photodiode or phototransistor.

Jean Carlos says:

this is a very good looking beginner quadcopter, has great features but not to good with wind. now let’s see th price to see if it’s worth it.

Mark Sakay says:

can i have some of your quads plss i bet you have so many quadcopters

Rick Sweet says:


Bradley Anderson says:

+Quadcopter 101 can you please start doing the unboxing of the drone? Or just try it to see how it is.

ziggyzbeak says:

its for selling more batteries its not that hard to plug in a real battery cheers

John Forbes says:

hi 101 whats the best mini quad todate for indoor flying. thank you.

Reaper2272 says:

Hey can you help me on a little issue ? One of the motors on my drone gets stuck because of the gears on it doesn’t turn fully , the motors fine but the gear gets stuck , what would i need to do?

Sarge Monday says:

Back to the drawing board. Remember a few years ago the “Walkera QR Infra X quadcopter”? That didn’t work well either. Better off using ultrasonic sensors all the way around. They would work in the sun. Might be a little more expensive but at least it would work.

Rahul Khandagale says:

camera not good

glenn mangalie says:

please try the mjx x300c drone

Gokano Brasil says:

He shoots live on his cell phone?

Robloxs time 283 says:


It's Spirit says:

101 if I were going a o get a new drone which would be better a syma x5c or this. Is this worth the money. Or built to last

wardope says:

alos the drone tilts foward while flying. and the emitter is underneath the drone. so its practically not exposed in the direction its flying. so the “foward” emitting light is no longer foward but about 15 degrees down. so it will not work. thats why you put the emitter on the arms. not underneath,.

will says:

Hi I have a question for you?

Glen D. Spicer says:

Good looking quad. I like the controller.

Pete Scoffield says:

People complain so much about video quality and they forget this quacopter costs like $89 at Geekbuying. In my opinion it has a lot of features for the price.

Mirza kashif beg says:

can i use the hero go pro on this drone

Indiqn says:

Which Drone Do You Recommend For A Beginner? I have watched Alot of Your Videos And I Decided I Would Ask You. I Have Used A Nano Drone Before. Please Keep In Mind that it should be pretty durable please. Thanks So much i love your content!

Leo Martinez says:

would you say this is the best drone for beginners? my friend wants one ans he has no experience.

Indiqn says:

Which Drone do u reccommend I have used a Nano drone before and I am a beginner so can u please tell what drone is good for me under 100 dollars and or I should get a Nano one and I love ure content not lieng

Inspire Skill says:

Maybe I didn’t read it ;D What does the quadcopter cost ?

Mart says:

Where do you store al these drones you own

Jonathan D Photography19 says:

i have the wifi version short short range but im ordering the 2 mg pixel 720 camera module . theres also 6mg n fpv version sometimes it looses signal at times

Alice Pan says:

Kaideng K80 Pantonma (with 2MP Camera and obstacle avoidance module) is available at geekbuying, only $89.99!

Gimp Man says:

This is one of your better reviews. It shows the good and bad. The basic quad with altitude hold is worth the $40 or $50 at GeekBuying or GEARBEST with code RCOF. The avoidance system appears to be useless. The camera is ok. Another drawback is the proprietary battery.

Nanobots says:

Great review Q101, what would be your recommendation for an under 50$ mid size (like syma x5) drone for beginners, ages from 30 to 50 years old, thanks!

Airwolf says:

I have no idea why it didn’t detect the mirror. If you point your TV remote at a mirror (assuming the TV is seen in the mirror) the TV will operate. So glass and mirrors also reflect true IR. I suspect that the IR sensor is so low in power that it can’t detect the IR pulse from the ambient reflective light in the mirror.

Still, this is an interesting quad with some very basic OA. Maybe this tech will get better and cheaper in the future. Just look at the Typhoon H with RealSense.

John Forbes says:

found a very interesting good in Gearbest:KAIDENG PANTONMA K80 RC Quadcopter http://m.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopters/pp_440459.html. Hay this is a amazing little Quad in the toygrade class. it is super packed with lots of features. its one of the farthest invancements in toy grade quads todate of the year 2016..pretty good price to on gearbest in this class found a very interesting good in Gearbest:KAIDENG PANTONMA K80 RC Quadcopter http://m.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopters/pp_440459.html. Gust my 2 cents 101 great vid thank you.

Jonathan D Photography19 says:

i have that too black n yellow but its by Tenergy but its exactly the same. tdr-phoneix

DroneBucket says:

Enjoy your channel. Question: What is the smallest drone you’ve flown with the best camera, hopefully real 1080HD, or even 720?

wolf11 says:

What I find so misleading is the video showing the drone over the ocean saying what it say that is so much bs after seeing your video there is no way u could even try that the drone would crash in the ocean if u don’t fly it right to be this is what I would call fraud /misrepresentation.Like I said before this is the onagofly all over again


Are there ever going to be any new small rtf tri-copters with brushless motor or drones/uav (under faa weight) with new mechanical features coming out soon? Hopefully soon, cuz I’m kind of getting bored of the drones/uav/quadcopters that are all kind of the same and lacking new features. For example; retractable landing gears and tilt motors are the only once that different from the other RC uav’s. But, are not under faa weight.

Please! help spread the word to the RC companies for more great flying experience:)

Alfredo Nava Garcia says:

porque no ponenvideos en español?

Jared Lira says:

See the woman walking her dog on the drone camera

Jonathan D Photography19 says:

one of the best features i like adjustable camera while in the air

Jacob Bunyan says:

what’s your reccomendation for a fast drone with good build quality for $75

Darryl Giors says:

I kind of like this. I’m just done buying anything with brushed motors at this point. I’ve had to replace far too many motors on my toy grade quads. It’s getting old! Edit: Reading the comments you all reminded me about the promo video that was full of stabilized shots with no jello. So a big strike against for false advertising. That said I could have called it that the video would be nothing special.

Top 10s says:

what is 3d flip

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