JJRC X5 Drone Review

JJRC X5 Drone
Full Specs & Pricing: https://goo.gl/FvLB5j
The JJRC JJPRO X5 EPIC is a GPS, Brushless quadcopter that is very sleek and nimble. It has a 1080P camera and some interesting features built into the app. We test it to see if it lives up to the description. Check out our full drone review as well as sample footage from the 1080P camera attached to the drone.


Walker UAV says:

Great honest review!

Clark Acuril says:

Shoutout pls

Joe Marianna says:

Great review. Looked like a nice drone. To bad follow me doesn’t work. Boo hoo.

StarCop97’s Droners Without Borders says:

Thanks for sharing!

Kardoso Media says:

Slick looking quad

David Blazeka says:

You need to try follow me mode on bigger field because it is not active track it is gps tracking, that means you need to calibrate compas on phone and have good gps on phone…

bikersquid says:

I think it follows the phone. it doesnt lock onto an image. I saw that in a different review. next time try it with the app on and your phone on you.

Whirlwind Tech says:

Top 20 comments

Jer G says:


colt kwilkerson says:

Bugs 5 remade, just like the bug, you have to calibrate the drone

lucas deaver says:

What are brushless motors?

Ready Set Drone says:

Be sure to join us for SpinUp on December 1, 2018 in Austin. More info: http://www.dronespinup.com

Big drone flyer77 says:

That thing looks pretty cool, I like to get one of those sometime. Awesome video and always a big like. Have a great rest of your weekend guys.

Vikas Singh says:

Is it better than parrot bepop

Home Dronen says:

Awesome review!!!

Alan says:

Besides the follow me feature not working, its an awesome drone. Excellent review Kelly!!

Steve Carpenter says:

Nice review Kelly! As usual, you have provided a very fair and balanced review and test of the X5 Drone. What a shame it drone didn’t perform better because, at its pricing, it would have been a cool new drone for beginner and intermediate pilots. Thanks for the nice review!

Chris Ricotta says:

It a bugs drone with a new name

0x160568 says:

Newest Drone crash and pilots fail compilation: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHZyFgR4F0HlgGdbHrR1yOpbt6vF3tegh

Please see the video and subscribe for my channel.
It will be interesting for you 😉

Vikas Singh says:

Oh yeah

RandS Maxwell says:

Bugs 5W Clone?

JustAnother RegularGuy says:

Bugs 2 clone. But the bugs is a notch up with quality.

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