JJRC JJPRO X2 Cheap Brushless Sport Drone Flight Test Review

This upgrade to the popular JJRC X1 quadcopter includes a redesigned structure for improved durability in crashes. Find it here goo.gl/6Js4iB

– One of the lowest cost brushless motor quadcopters currently available.
– Redesigned thicker structure for improved durability (as compared to previous X1 model).
– Good fast flier with powerful motors.
– Good introductory brushless motor quadcopter for intermediate fliers.

– Some quality control issues. Recommend checking and tightening all motor mount screws and prop nuts before first flight.
– Instruction manual was difficult to understand and incomplete.
– Procedure to arm/start the motors is unusual and not fully covered in the user manual. Startup procedure is… 1) turn on quadcopter and place on flat/level surface, 2) turn on transmitter and wait for binding beep, 3) calibrate gyros by moving both sticks down and to the right. Hold there until you hear three quick beeps and one long beep, 4) press upper left shoulder button to bring the motors to idle start.
– Some unusual wobble was experienced in hard turns.

Vendor’s description:
-The first generation of RC Quadcopter with brushless motor
– 4 Channel which can do ascend, descend, forward, backward, left sideward fly, right sideward fly
– It has 6-axis gyro which can have more stable flying and be easy to control
-Idle speed adjustment / stop expansion, rudder volume switch
– Lightweight airframe with nice durability
– Function: Up/down/left/right/side flight/ fine-tuning/ Idle speed adjustment / stop expansion/rudder volume switch

Frequency: 2.4G
Gyro: 6 axis
Material: ABS
Size: 35.5*35.5*12cm
Flight time: about 15-20 minutes
Charging time: 150 minutes
Control distance: about 350-500M
Battery for quadcopter: 7.4V1200mah

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Iceland by drone says:

super video!

Ricardo Flery says:

hi , which quad do you prefer , the x 1 or jj pro x2 ? I will apreciate your your advice , thank you.

Daytona FPV says:

looks more like propwash wobbles on the turns

teamSAF bmx says:

“looking at the design, it’s kind of unique in it’s design” uhhh.. where was the pun?

Ian Rice says:

wobbles just like the x1 god i think it is the worst quad i own. Thank you for letting us know this is just like the x1.

Justin H says:

Probably the arms, with a the cut outs thats causing it to wobble with all the air/surface space.

Kanari Mentos says:

mr 101 my my mom she in love with you she love your video and trust me she good looking she always watch your videos no joke

Robert Gardinder says:

This or the bug 3 Which one would you prefer

Michael Reyes says:

Looks like Bugs 3 is the better quad.

Fishing Nj says:

Can you do a drone review on the swellpro splash drone

60 Meters Above Nashville says:

lol, nice pun!

Franco Bien says:

Would be great if they put headless mode on it..

Miguel A Hita says:

Buen dron, me gusta

Robert Gardinder says:

You would think they would have this perfect by now ,the time is has been around

ShimShamFPV says:

Wow that thing rocks out

jaden schild says:

Can you test the Dronium III please

anyshitt says:

$85 free shipping at tomtop, okay I figured I would order one because the bugs 3 needs company and the price is much less than the xk x251..

Andy Shaffer-Bigred says:

Merry Christmas quad copter 101

anyshitt says:

This is over priced. a face lift of the x1 shuttle. but still has the intergrated esc board
( Deal breaker for me) ANYTHING brushless with esc’s on the board would be an okay deal at ($60-$68) free shipping not a penny more, that includes the famed xk x251. yea Im serious.. It’s time us western consumers start putting our foot down! this thing is for sale at lighttake right now for $90 US. in a few month’s time many people will be takin in by this bird and it will be all over the web, banggood, gearbest, ebay ect for upwards of $100.. for a bird that is hard to repair, easy to fly away because of it’s power and the pilots lack of skill (me) and will never be available in Bnf mode..Im tired of the monopoly.. I bet money that replacement controllers will be available for this bird, but never will you see this bird for sale BNF! i WANT TO TRY TO CHANGE THAT.. has any body ever had a controller fly away?

Vasanth Kumar says:

thats hybson 501s copy

Endoras Lewy says:

JJRC x2 vs x1 vs Mjx RC bugs 3 vs Xk x221? Which one is the best choice

ziggyzbeak says:

CG is important on all quads. nice job cheers.

Bill Somrak says:

Hmm … QC at JJRC doesn’t appear to be “Job One” … ha ha! Unfortunate that its a bit “squirrely” at high speeds. Accelerometer and/or Gyro problem? Not sure. It is considerably cheaper than the JJRC X1 right now. Time will tell whether it’s accepted by the quadcopter community. I’m sure it will have its supporters. A LOT of guys signed on to the X1 when that first came out. Thanks for the review. Glad you were able to figure out its arming sequence to bring us the review. Cheers.

tomknack says:

I hope you don’t take this wrong, but you could do twice as many videos if you split up the info about how the controller works and the actual flight performance. I never care about anything you say about the controller. The only way I would care is if I had already bought it and needed help figuring out how to use it. There is definitely a need for that for owners. But I bet most prospective buyers just want to see it fly — how well, how long, how far, etc. — and what you think of it.

GrisDismation says:

Oh! And excellent pun, took me a second 😉

GrisDismation says:

Always enjoy your reviews!!!

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