JJRC H97 Syma X5C Clone Drone Flight Test Review

Looking for a cheap learn-to-fly drone with a camera? This quadcopter may be what you want. It also has plenty of lifting power to lift keychain style cameras or even a AIO FPV camera. Find it here https://goo.gl/lFbG9h

– Stable flier in low rate, yet very nimble at intermediate and high rate. Should keep beginners and experts alike interested in flying.
– Longer range and flight time than the quadcopter it is a clone of, with range of at least 100 meters, and flight time close to 7 1/2 mnutes.
– Includes headless mode. However I could not find how to activate one key return.
– Uses widely available 600mah batteries.
– Weighs less than 250 grams, and thus does not require FAA registration.

– Camera is poor 480p resolution with plenty of jello.

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Jerseys Imports says:

How to charge the battery? Charger comes in the box?

David Coleman says:

I just watched your video of the H97 and noticed you haven’t discovered the yaw spin ‘feature’. I initially thought this was a bug in the controller. If you hover the H97 and yaw for 2 or 3 seconds the copter goes into this crazy high speed spin, even when you take your hands off the controller. The only way I found to get out of this was to either pitch or roll. Once I was used to this behaviour I realised it must be an undocumented feature showing off how fast it can spin. It’s a pretty neat, nimble quad for the price. I have an X5C that I bought about a year ago to learn on but the H97 is much superior.

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

Nice traditional beginners drone – cheap too -What’s not to like 🙂

GW Hunter says:

Sweet little beginner quad. Nimble little bugger at that!!!

takiparilimpossivel says:

Does the x5c fpv kit works with this one?

CptRenolds223 says:

seems like the same internals as the h31 and it sounds the same as well. I have an h31 and it works great, i got extra batteries to go with it. It’s my first drone and I have no complaints. Keep flying!

Supersilly king king says:


OMGitzGaming S says:

Hi I love your channel could you give me a shout out.

Footage and Reviews? says:

Yay you did a review on it!!! Thanks Quadcopter 101

Sarge Monday says:

Great price. Great range. Great review! Looks like your Element is back in the shop?

ks army says:

nice video

Fatih Oguz says:


GrisDismation says:

Good review Quadcopter 101!

Quadflopper101 says:

the JJRC H97 looks about the same size and weight as my JJRC H8C, how are you able to get such a long flight time with the H97 with only a 3.7 battery?
i’ve added bearings, better props and taken the 7.4 battery’s up to 650mah on my h8c, never attached the camera and still can’t even get 5 mins flight time when flying it easy….

JUANCH12 says:

You are the best

TragiX Gam3r says:

Would you say this is better performance wise then the JJRC H8D?

p none says:

can you please show me where you can buy extra battery and replacement propellers for this? at the very least id like to be able to buy new propellers if i am going to purchase this. thanks!

Nicsome says:


Drone FPV And Review says:

these reviews are so helpful and very well done. Good job!

MiniZooTube says:

Looks like the Eachine E5C, not that that is bad, the E5C flies well. Good to know the alternatives.

The Drone Connection - Drone Reviews & Video says:

i like the lack of drop on that quad after flips

Anonymous says:

Hey there! I was hoping you could recommend a quadcopter to me. I am looking for a good 5.8ghz fpv drone that take good videos with minimal jello. Thanks! Any price under or at $200 is optimal!

Alientubetv says:


Kenji Urban says:

What batteries can be used in this? I know they need to be JJRC 3.7v, but what will fit? I can’t find any H97 Batteries anywhere, they are all listed for other models, but not this one.

Nick D. says:

Oh i have purchase the original syma x5c-1 check it with review and flights in my channel !!!

Johan van der merwe says:

good day would really like to know how to make this drone FPV friendly what camera should I use or what should I do any info would be great thanks

Georgewrigley says:

Like it Quadcopter101 🙂

Welder Nate says:

Best video quality for drones similar to this? Or this the better one of them? Under $50.

Footage and Reviews? says:

Quadcopter 101 is it possible to use a jjrc h13c camera on the h97?

Fatih Oguz says:

me have drone but broken 🙁

Michael Simi says:

Quadcopter 101, no tye dye today???

William Wilson says:

advice..just bought a h502e for a kid at church…taking forever to laod satellites..the ones I had bought in past took less than a minute..this one 20 minutes to get 5 to 7 satellites..what could be the issue…

Bill Somrak says:

I wish I had a dollar for every X5C clone .. it would go a long way towards helping me buy my DJI Mavic for when Spring returns and I hit the bike trails. Not particularly “chuffed” about the paint scheme on this thing .. I think it would tend to confuse n00bs on orientation. Should have made the front half one color and the back half white .. or vice versa, not done a “diagonal scheme”. I was on eBay, and you can get the original X5C-1 complete for $36 (from an American source, so you don’t have to wait for a slow boat from China), just a couple bucks more than this one. That camera on that isn’t as good as Syma’s, which of course isn’t saying much. I put my Mobius Mini on mine if I want to take video (velcro). A TX03 mounted on top, sending back video to a FPV monitor with DVR would probably give better video than the camera on this thing. As for range, you can still buy the X5C in a BNF version for about $24, and then get an X8 TX for another $14 .. then you’d have range far greater than this quad. I DO like the fact that it has 3 Rates .. that’s handy in a wind. Headless/One Key Return are (imho) useless “fluff”. I see they also offer it in a red/white diagonal color scheme. Probably a good deal for a n00b looking for a basic trainer who doesn’t mind waiting quite some time for delivery. The price is decent. Thanks for the review. Still cold here back East. Cheers.

Quadcopter 101 says:

You can buy the JJRC H97 here https://goo.gl/lFbG9h

Chris Arnold says:

Quadcopter 101, I bought Bayangtoys X8 after seeing your review. However I didn’t see your updates regards x8 having issues. Do you know if glitches have been fixed? thx

Jackson Berga says:

Looks awesome!

BioVirulent says:

Hey, dude, without watching the 100s of videos you made, what’s a good drone inbetween the syma x5c and phantom 3 that has a 1080p or so camera, $200 or so dollars, return to home and fpv? Also decent-ish flying distance? Any recommendations?

Gadget Inspector says:

Hello. Today one of my viewers let me know that some guy stole one of my vids and reposted it as his own. I have already reported him, but I noticed that one of yours was also stolen. This is the guy’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=497kooydexE. Not sure why he would take yours; you’re like synonymous with quadcopters at this point and folks would recognize your vids and/or voice right away. Can you believe people?

ocarina fight says:


R.Rutherford says:

Can’t wait for your FPV on this.. Seems your H97 has a bit more jello than other h97 video i have seen (i know you mentioned you do not balance props for unbox/maiden flights which i appreciate, as it gives a better representation of what a beginner will experience who doesn’t know better – like me!)

Everything nathan says:

what is your favorite camera bird quad you’ve ever done?

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