JJPRO X5 EPIK Brushless GPS 1080p FPV Follow Me Drone Flight Test Review

This brushless 1080p FPV camera drone includes follow me, circle, and waypoints capability. Find it here https://goo.gl/AWaABK and here is what comes in the box https://goo.gl/1MY4bc

– Uses many of the same parts as the Bugs 5W (controller, motors, propellers, camera, battery).
– Accurate GPS/GLONASS system.
– True return to home and landing capability on command, lost signal, and low battery.
– 1080p camera records video to onboard microSD card to minimize dropped frames and lag.
– Camera lens can be remotely tiled up/down via the controller.
– Brushless 1806 1500KV motors.
– Altitude hold, headless mode, follow me, circle, and waypoinst capability.
– 2S 1800mah battery provides over 10 minutes of flight time.
– FPV video range is approximately 250 meters (although controller supposedly can fly and control the drone out to 500 meters). Video is viewed on your smartphone using the JJPRO X5 app available on Google Play here https://goo.gl/u55T6n and iTunes here https://goo.gl/zRjMBL. Drone can also be controlled through your phone using the app.

– Uses 802.11ac 5G WiFi. Not everyone has a phone with 802.11ac WiFi capability. Before purchasing, make sure to first verify that your phone is indeed 802.11ac WiFi capable.
– Proprietary 7.4V 1800mah battery, although it uses the same battery as the MJC Bugs 5W.

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Mountain Crest Farm says:

Thanks…and now I have one more question. I asked the folks at Gearbest but they are English challenged and I don’t speak Chinese, so… On your reccomendation, I got this quad. GB had it on sle for $119 and I couldn’t pass it up DESPITE it’s wifi only working on 802.11ac and my phone not being that version. Now I want a phone that will only be an accessory for the drone, not used as a phone or getting on the internet or having other apps. Everything I read about this drone says it needs “5G AND 802.11ac” as though they automatically go together. When I search on GB for “802.11ac” it brings up two phones, and the lesser expensive one says it is 4G but also 802.11ac. Will that phone work with this drone despite being 4G? Here is the phone link: https://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_009977960357.html?wid=1349303

Mountain Crest Farm says:

Will this lift a GoPro style camera?

Abdul jabbar Laghari says:

Bugs 5w or this one which is better?

Pramey Wadibhasme says:

How to buy battery for this drone

Jandale Daleon says:

Can you do aerial mapping with this drone?

mauricio torres says:

Where can I order a landing pad like yours.

telephony says:

I’ve got one of these babies on the way — looks like I chose correctly with no small thanks to your video!!! 🙂
‘*THANK YOU EVER SO VERY MUCH* for your having published this video and for positively influencing my purchase decision!!! 😀

ex5tube says:

Just unboxed my new JJRC X5 EPIK drone from GearBest. After powering up the drone, I used the gimbal button to adjust the camera up and down. After the camera adjusted down, IT IS STUCK! The motor just hums if I attempt to adjust it. I am returning this defective product.

Mountain Crest Farm says:

A couple of questions:

1. Do RTH drones, either in manual RTH or low battery RTH or lost signal RTH “hop” obstacles on the way home? Say, if you go out 150 meters and on the way fly 150 feet altitude to get over some 100 ft trees, then fly lower to do a pan of something at 25 ft, if you hit the RTH button or the battery gets low and RTH kicks in automatically, does the drone return at the altitude it is at when RTH engages and crashes into the trees you flew over, or does it gain altitude and RTH along the same path and at the same altitude you sent it out on?

2. I forgot the second question…LOL.

EDIT…Remembered the second question…LOL. In Follow Me mode is it following the transmitter or does it recognize the human form? If it recognizes the human form what happens with 2 or more people close by? Also, does it recognize the human form is oddly shaped, like hunched over the handlebars on a motorcycle or ATV?

António Dias says:

Should i buy this one or bugs 5w?

A G says:

much better than dji tello??

Mario Khattar says:

Hey mate thanks for the review, i’m looking to buy this drone, but i am confused as to if my phone will connect, i read somewhere your phone has to be 5g compatible? which i believe is the latest 2018 phones right? What are the requirements for phone to connect?

Brian Arias Gutierrez says:

Hello! I really liked your video and motive to acquire the drone but I have a doubt.
What is the flight altitude and flight distance you have? How much you could raise (your maximum) and how much you could get away from you (your maximum) Thank you! Greetings and hopefully solve my doubt.

João Costa Ribeiro says:

Hi! Great video! What is the resolution of the still photos? 1 megapixel?

Jude Stephen Romanillos says:

i have 208.11n in my phone i don’t know if it would work. its not 208.11ac

Leonardo Coosta says:

Hello dear, between the x5 or b5w, which one do you think is better in terms of fpv distance?

Justin Alfonso says:

I wanted to buy one of those but still picking which one is…
It could be JJPRO X5 Epik, MJX Bugs 5w or Parrot Bebop 2… please reply, I need an advise for this drones
But this video is so detailed and spectacular and fun! cause u look having fun 😀

epson exxon says:

Can the map be set at satellite mode? It would be more realistic as youncan see the objects around the drone…

dennis hill says:

If your phone does not use 802 is there a work around or just get another camera, good review

William Mjema says:

Hello. Your video inspired me to buy this drone. However I do not have fpv on my Xiaomi Mi 5S phone though it has 5G wifi. What am I doing wrong here?

A_Vin says:

Hi, I think to buy JJRC X5. Where is my problem. Correct for today I haven’t 5G 802.11ac protocol on my smartphone. Can you will be so polite explain me what I will lost addition to FPV? Can I connect to drone by means of application on smartphone? Can I connect smartphone to drone for see by means GPS where is my drone now? Can I define GPS fence? Etc I didn’t find answers on internet. After I lost 2 drones, GPS is very important for me. BR AV

Chrille Bäckis says:

Have to ask this. Me and a friend is planning to buy this, but i saw a vid inhere and it was so so shaky. And it doesnt looks like you have that problem?

David Ellis says:

I am waiting for my JJ pro epic to come from china. Surprised no one has made an inspire 2 lookalike, like the inspire 1 lookalike the Q333A  but with  present features. I think it would be a big seller.

Sebastian Reyes says:

hello thanks for your video, it will be able to help me this drone can be paired with these glasses thanks


TecnAlex says:

Meu modelo quando ligo o drone e depois o controle não estão sincronizando, o que posso fazer?

Jude Stephen Romanillos says:

if I fit my bugs5w battery to the x5 will it work? will jjpro fly just like it has same stock battery?

Sky1 says:

not very loud, seems like I could not hear it through your microphone until it was about 10 meters away. My Mavic Air, I can hear it over 100′ up

TecnAlex says:

@Quadcopter 101
Friend, can you give me one last help, my videos are saving, but I can not post to any social network, and even the preview does not work, it’s like a corrupted file, what can I do to solve it?

Dan Theman says:

I have one of these drones. Do you have any idea where I can obtain a case for it? Thanks…

Khairul Azhar says:

how many drones does you have..? can you give me one..

C says:

It has a bullshit attitude restriction of 150 meters. Deal breaker for me

Tattoo Billy Von says:

I will stick with my phantom 3 standard

Edmundo Dante says:



hi thank you for your video, this drone works with 4G thanks

lillenbengtsson says:

Like your reviews!.
Is this the best dront in this Prise range ?

Wing Nut says:

I have stiff motor pls help
1 of it is not moving free

Jerome Salar says:

nice review, but i still like the dji spark

The Quarantined says:

What should i buy? The jjpro x5 or the tello? Which one is better in terms of video and pictures?

M.s. MaLik says:

If jjpro x5 and bugs 5w are same, then why is so much price difference?

David Ellis says:

My samsung mega picks up the 5g signall but its to old for the app very annoying.

Rendi W says:

Some.. Some this and bugs5w, camera some, design transmitter some.. Whether 1product?

George Balas says:

Is there anything you can do to extend the range?

Haikal cimol miaw says:

Flagiat bugs 5w

spaniard camp says:

iphone 5 can do fpv?

Deer flute says:

How can i pair my aircraft to it’s remote control?

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